State Rep Phil King Offers Critique of Proposed Constitutional Amendments



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State Representative Phil King supports each of the seven proposed amendments.


One response

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Prop # 1 is a trap- VOTE NO !

    this proposed amendment offers a pathetic little reduction in exchange for a PERMANENT ban on ever being able to charge Sales Tax on real estate transactions – stay with me here,

    The only viable way to EVER totally end the onerous property tax scheme , which makes all of use mere ” renters”, is to charge a one-time sales tax on a property transaction.

    The Texas Assoc of Realtors seems to think that a sales tax would damage their comfy income structure, so they oppose YOU & I ever being able to truly OWN our property.

    Their mass mailout states ” Prop 1 Prevents A New Tax From Coming To Texas ”

    ” Prop 1 permanently bans real estate sales taxes by constitutionally prohibiting them from ever coming to Texas “.

    So, you friendly neighbor real estate agent and their collective OPPOSE you and I ever being able to truly OWN our homes, ranches and properties, while throwing you a few crumbs in a pathetic “tax relief” scam.

    It is easy to see why Phil King is for this. His campaign contributions from realtors, home builders and related add up to HUNDREDS of Thousands of dollars.

    VOTE NO on Prop 1………..I will try to examine the others as time permits. If in doubt, always vote NO

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