King to chair Article V hearing



I know that many of you have followed the growing movement on issues relating to Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Today in the Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility we will hear testimony by national experts both for and against this effort to amend the Constitution.

I have included a witness list and a link to view the hearing online.

Witness List:

  • Nick Dranias, President & Executive Director, Compact for America
  • Mike Stern, Member, Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
  • Mike Farris, Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies, Convention of States Project
  • Senator Tom Coburn, Senior Adviser, Convention of States Project
  • Pat Carlson, Environmental Chairman, Texas Eagle Forum
  • Roman Buhler, National Director, Madison Coalition

Hearing Details:

When: Thursday, February 26

Time: 10:30am or upon adjournment of the House floor *we estimate that will be 11:30 am*

Watch online here

State Representative Phil King represents Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.

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  1. Senator Tom Coburn will be joing Michel Farris , founder of Convention of States Movement in this testimony. Texas has legislation ready to go but the legislation is not exactly in the format and form that COS wants to make all the states applying consistent but at least it is a move forward. We can see clearly that even with control of both Houses of Congress, the Republicans for the most part are too frightened to take on the President and their Democrat comrades. This is appalling. It should put to rest once and for the argument against COS that “if we get control” we can fix things. We cant with the people currently there with rare exceptions and a media and Democrat leadership that can outmaneuver at every turn.

    Please add your support to this movement.

  2. […] of States movement which have caused concern for many. In the last few weeks, some of the main architects of this movement testified before a Texas legislative committee, including Michael Farris, Sen. Tom Coburn, Nick […]

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