Who or what is revcom.us?


Who or what is revcom.us? read on – very interesting!!

Where did signs used in the Ferguson riots came from?      

Now things in Ferguson make a little more sense. But not all can be explained  by this.

If you were watching the news broadcast from Ferguson, Missouri before the indictment decision was announced, you undoubtedly saw many people holding up signs reflecting their sentiments.

Those people did not print the signs themselves. 

On the bottom of the signs is the inscription: revcom.us

Go to: www.revcom.us

Draw your own conclusions.  

FYI – it is the website for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. 


2 responses

  1. Isn’t it nice that they made the website in Spanish also….

  2. They were distributing at the Women’s March on the CPW today, too. 1/19/19. Junk! Trouble makers. This is the same organization at Ferguson…Communist. Putin. Dividers.

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