Call it the stupidity of Weatherford voters…

Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber

UPDATE: For your convenience,

Weatherford Democrat’s article:

After defeat, Downtown Action Plan being discussed

Many of the statements made in this article are a reflection of my personal opinion, and are not verbatim statements made by anyone. Please read the Weatherford Democrat article and judge for yourself.


by Lenny Leatherman –

Jonathan Gruber has been quoted many times recently as saying, “Call it the stupidity of American voters….”

After reading a Weatherford Democrat article written by Tyler Mask, dated November 25, 2014, it sounds as if Weatherford has some Jonathan Gruber clones!

Carter Ivey

In that article Craig Farmer, the Director of Planning and Development made statements that leave readers with the distinct impression that it does not matter what ‘the stupid tax paying Weatherford voters want’, the dictatorial smarter than thou city leaders are going to proceed with their $16 million ‘downtown plan’ even after the tax payers voted down!

Where will they get the money?

No problem… Farmer suggests that they plan to take the money from the general fund, Weatherford Electric funds, Empowerment Zone funds and other sources.

But isn’t this the same city government that spent $5 million more in 2013 than they took in in taxes? Not a problem for these geniuses.

It's your money

It’s your money

They simply moved $7 million from utilities to the general fund to make up the shortage. What’s the problem with that you may ask when they netted almost $13 million that year in utilities? Does that not mean we were over charged by $13 million in utilities? Did someone say something about a utilities rate increase?

I suppose if you want to create a false impression that your city ‘leaders’ are looking out for residents by keeping taxes low as possible, this false perception is one means by which that can be achieved.

If you are interested in a much broader view of the manipulation, you may find the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to be interesting reading.

Question: How long has it been since Weatherford’s last recall election?





11 responses

  1. This is the Gruber attitude.

  2. What arrogance! Lets just do what we want to and find a back door to obtain the money. The voters were pretty clear. We need some investigative reporting and we need to hold some feet o the fire!

  3. Some people just can’t wait to re-make Weatherford in the image of Arlington. I remember when there were still locally owned businesses, now we have walmart and chili’s. It never fails, those who move here to escape “the city” and all it’s shortcomings immediately demand that their new home be rebuilt exactly like “the city”. Because they can’t get their Venti Caramel Macchiato Half-caf with extra foam. on the way to work in downtown Fort Worth.

  4. Now we know why our Electric Bills are extremely ridiculous and where the money is going!

  5. Yes, because our square needs expansion and maintenance much more than our OVERLY crowded schools. Priorities.

  6. Senator_Blutarsky

    Is there still a TEA Party in Weatherford ?

    A petition drive, a recall election , lambasting the City council meetings with loads of angry citizens – all needed.

    “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
    – Harriet Tubman

    1. Yeah but it’s like every other organization, no one wants to actually show up for anything…every time I ask for Volunteers everyone’s hand goes up….on the day of action maybe one out 15 show up.

      1. Senator_Blutarsky

        I feel your pain – I could not recount the number of activist projects I have been involved with over several decades.

        Most “sunshine patriots” become no-shows when it actually requires some presence and effort.

        Most groups are nothing but ” meet-eat-&-retreat ” and never go for the throat of a traitorous office holder , or even his/her staff rep who might show up. Just little pattycake nicey nice garbage.

        Let me know if King & Estes ever decide to do a 180 – they are Democrats-in-drag. See how they stack up to this philosophy=

        “My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden.”
        Barry Goldwater

  7. Lenny, it seems to me your concerns are well justified. The very fact that an important city employee would make such outlandish statements must surely raise the question of why a person with questionable public appreciation is assigned to an important function. I believe it is incumbent on Mr. Farmer to explain his comments to the taxpayers or else cause the Weatherford Democrat to print a correction nullifying his alleged statements.

    It is clear to me that Weatherford has had some difficulty in settling on a strategic plan for the city that makes sense to a majority of interested parties. This obviously puts the Planning Director under some pressure. He should be given the opportunity to set this matter straight by taking one of the actions I have suggested.
    As an additional note I would like to comment on the Auditor’s Report included as part of the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended September 30, 2013.

    Before I make my comments with respect to the report I should make it clear that I do not have any formal accounting or audit training. I was in the business world for many years and I do have quite a bit of experience with the process conducted by independent outside auditors. From this experience I sense a strictly business audit likely varies significantly from a municipal audit, even though some municipalities, such as Weatherford, are heavily engaged in business activity through the function of their various city owned and operated services.

    Firstly, I find it unusual that the outside audit report was not actually signed by one of the principal partners of Pattillo, Brown & Hill, LLP. I am told this general signature is standard for municipal audit reports but I can assure you it would not be accepted in the report of a business involving many millions of dollars in cash flow every year. Also the names and qualifications of those persons conducting the audit would be listed. The times and places of the audit should also be made a matter of record.

    This audit report, while mostly filled with necessary boilerplate, does make a couple of points:
    The responsibilities of city management with respect to preparation of the report are made clear.
    The auditors are required to make a reasonable determination that the report is free from any material misstatement.

    This determination is made solely on the basis of the auditor(s) doing the review, using their judgment of what is important. One must at least wonder a little if this audit could have been conducted within the offices of PB&H solely on the basis of documentation offered by the city.

    However, the city did get a clean report and it should be noted that the city does enjoy a very good debt rating by Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s.

    The audit is not intended to, and does not; offer any opinion on the economy, effectiveness and efficiency of the collection and deployment of city funds. This is the great weakness of such a limited financial report. I would hope the city will conduct a performance audit in addition to the financial audit. Such an audit is not a government requirement but it should be a taxpayer requirement. It might also help dispel some of the concerns raised by careless statements such as the ones alleged to Mr. Farmer.

  8. why can’t they use the money to pay the employees, they don’t get raises, they lost holidays and they don’t get a lot of respect. Should we be wiser to keep the good employees we have instead of losing them to other cities? Shouldn’t we be protesting LOUD!!!!!!!

  9. I you like your downtown and want to keep your downtown…tough luck, we are going to do what we want to anyway….typical politics these days.

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