Not comfortable saying yes to a high cost project about which so little is known.

Carter IveyBy Frank Williford –

I have looked at the Weatherford Bond Website and what I see is to me more a dream than reality. All Weatherford citizens would love to avoid some of the traffic tie-ups we experience but we do have some questions. Is the money being spent to improve traffic flow, enhance the esthetic appeal of the downtown area, provide more parking spaces, and/or help mask the decrepit buildings surrounding the downtown area?
Will those property owners who have not yet done anything to improve the appearance of their structures be motivated to do so?

Will proper trash collection areas be provided so the expected influx of pedestrians will not have to dodge around trash on the sidewalks as they do now? Will the lawyers who as a group occupy a very large portion of the immediate downtown space be motivated to move away from the square because of improved traffic flow and parking, and allow retail businesses reoccupy the spaces? Will the increased angle parking on all of the main streets reduce the through traffic to one lane in either direction? If so will this make the streets at rush hour look like Walmart parking lot traffic flow which is totally blocked at times by people parking and un-parking their autos. If so would it not be worse than the present situation? What will the traffic situation be like during the many months it will take to realize the proposal? Will the city wish to install parking meters on all of the newly created parking spaces?

In short my questions can be simplified to the following:
How will the proposed changes actually improve the functioning of the city center commensurate with the high project cost while not introducing any unintended consequences?

Perhaps these points have all been answered in a positive manner and I am unaware of that fact. All I know is the answers are obscure to me and I don’t feel comfortable saying yes to a high cost project about which so little seems to be known.

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  1. Those points have not been discussed and they will never be discussed. This is a pipe dream of some City Council member who either knows someone or themselves own property downtown. There is no problem for Pedestrians downtown, there are hardly any pedestrians there. This is uncontrolled Government looking to solve a problem that does not exist. We need to all be at City and County Commissioner’s meetings and voice our opposition to more and more spending. I think sometimes they just come up with new spending ideas cause they don’t have anything else to do.

  2. Habitual budget busting…a democratic tradition / republican aspiration. Sad.
    It kinda reminds me of the 80’s – 90’s when they decided to tear down all the gyms in town and refuse access to the remaining school gyms for little kids soccer practice…no forethought at all. There is still no public gymnasium in town, two decades later…

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