Accountability in Education: Who is responsible


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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Cutting away the B-S, I have a novel idea – How about PARENTS being ultimately responsible for their kids’ education ? The article hints at it but falls short –

    Parents who meet with teachers and are proactive and interactive in curriculum and daily activities.

    Parents who demand a high quality core studies who teach kids about our heritage, the competitive free enterprise system, and a solid foundation in language, literature, mathematics, art, drama, and even hone good manners and social skills .

    Parents who are dispassionate overseers of school boards and administrators and do not allow “ambitious” superintendents WASTE taxpayers funds on grandiose plans and unneeded edifices ?

    I guess I am out of touch – the last 2 generations of parents prefer to dump kids on a school system to “educate”, dump kids on some mindless church to “spiritualize”, and then camp them at a TV or a computer to “entertain” them.

    And become true ” INDEPENDENT ” School districts again – fire Austin & DC. keep decisions and finance locally.

    Brock or Aledo or so on “independent” school district – what a laugh…….independent to do what ? choose the school colors or maybe which day the lunchroom serves pizza?

  2. Local Schools, local funding and local admin…School districts are laughable, they have 3 to 4 administrators making 6 figure salaries for every teacher that makes sub standard wages. They are more worried about the turnout at Friday night’s football game than what the kids learned that week. Responsibility is the Parents obligation…meanwhile while we try to place the blame, kids are graduating high school with about a 5th grade education.

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