Who Gets to Define Marriage


by Lenny Leatherman

Which of the three branches of government actually has the authority to define marriage -legislative, executive, or judicial?

Should that question be settled before the Supreme Court weighs in on same sex marriage?

If federal courts actually have the authority to “un-define” marriage by ruling that individual states cannot define marriage as being between ‘one man and one woman’, do they in fact have the authority to define marriage?

So…what is marriage?  The voters in Texas answered the question of marriage (between one man and one woman) long ago in our State Constitution.

If the authority to define marriage lies within the legislative branch (and I believe it does), have federal courts overstepped their authority by stripping the legislative branch of its responsibility on this issue?

Until there is an official definition of marriage, who can say what a marriage is not? Until that question is settled, how can government at any level refuse to let John Doe marry a horse or a tree if he so chooses?

I have a simple suggestion for the courts … mind your own business. Actually, we are not all that interested in your “opinion” on marriage or on any other issue that is not clearly delegated to the federal government by the 10th Amendment!

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