King named chair of major national conservative group

Texas state Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford


AUSTIN — State Rep. Phil King has been named next year’s national chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council, an assignment that will put the Weatherford Republican atop one of most influential and controversial national groups focused on state policy.

King, who joined the state House in 1999, is a longtime ALEC member who currently serves as the organization’s first vice chair. He will succeed the current chair, Iowa House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer.

The group headed by more than 2,000 conservative state lawmakers connects politicians with business leaders, conducts research projects and, most notably, comes up with model legislation of conservative policies. In recent years, as some of the model policies have been adopted by a variety of state Legislatures, ALEC has become controversial in some parts of the country.

“The American Legislative Exchange Council provides state legislators with the opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the country and to hear unique perspectives on policy from the private sector,” King said in a statement. “As the incoming National Chair, I look forward to working with ALEC members in Texas and around the country to advance the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism throughout our great county.”

King is seen as one of more conservative members of the state House. He ranked 16th on the latest Young Conservatives of Texas annual scorecard, and he was one of 29 lawmakers to vote against the budget last session.

The only other Texas lawmaker to serve as ALEC chair in recent years was former House Speaker Tom Craddick.

ALEC held its annual meeting in Dallas last week, with Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott addressing attendees.


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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    ALEC is nothing more than a corporatists’ tool for controlling legislation that favors their particular iterests.

    Sort of a ” friendly fascism”, where government and corporations intertwine and comingle.

    ALEC is a ‘quid pro’ as evidenced by the campaiign donations made to their loyal lackies and bagmen, of which King is one.


    “In this area, the supposedly “conservative” ALEC is perfectly in step with the “progressive” Obama administration, which has made public-private partnerships (P3) a centrepiece of its statist program. Many of ALEC’s member corporations are also partners in Obama’s Fedgov/Big Business “Manufacturing Innovation” consortiums and other P3 endeavours. They include such well-known names as Boeing, General Electric, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, ALCOA, and ExxonMobil. Hillary Clinton, while Obama’s secretary of state, launched the administration’s P3 Global Partnership Initiative, spreading hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare to the well-connected.”

    ALEC is in the forefront of spreading the P3 gospel at the state level, along with its progressive partner, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC), which, like ALEC, talks a good game of “free markets” while actually promoting corporate subsidies and economic fascism. Please read Erica Carle’s short three part article on the Chamber of Commerce and the New World Order

    ALEC’s corporate P3 members are well represented by:

    • Big Pharma (Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Genetech, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer);
    • Big Farm (Altria Group, Archer Daniels Midland, Kraft Food, J.R. Simplot, -Monsanto);
    • Big Oil (Shell, BP, Peabody, Marathon, Texaco, Tenneco, Chevron, ExxonMobil);
    • Big Banking (Bank of America, Coldwell Banker, Wells Fargo, First Chicago NBD);
    • Big Gambling (Hollywood Casino Corp., Argosy Gaming Co., Boyd Gaming Corp., GTECH Corp.);
    • Big Media (Cox Communications, Comcast, the Wall Street Journal, News Corp., Thompson Reuters, Time Warner Cable);
    • Big Insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Farmers Group, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Travelers);
    • Big Tech (Yahoo, Face book, Google, AT&T, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Sony);
    • Big Soda (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group);
    • Big Liquor (Seagram & Sons, Hiram Walker, Miller-Coors);
    • Big Box Stores (Best Buy, Home Depot, JC Penney, Lowe’s);
    • Big Auto (Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler).

    ALEC’s critics on the Left erroneously cite these cosy corporate ties as evidence of the corruption inherent in “free market” capitalism. But the ALEC/Obama P3 “partnerships” are the antithesis of genuine free markets, in which entrepreneurs risk their own capital — not that of the captive taxpayers — to build businesses that provide goods and services consumers freely choose to purchase, not those determined for them by politicians and government planners. This information all came from Bill Jasper’s amazing article, check it out here.

    Here is the full article, with copious imbedded links

  2. Phil King voted for the bill that gives illegals instate tuition to attend college, and admits he didn’t read it before he signed it. Am I impressed with our state rep.? Yes, but not very favorably. As for Federalism and free market being compatible, I don’t think so.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      He, King ( & Estes) voted for the TransTexasCorridor and the entire toll road schemes.

      According to Terri Hall at Texas TURF , a grassroots organization against toll roads, the incurred debt for all of them in Texas now stands at 41 BILLION . King claims to recant on that issue (once the furor of public opinion came to light) , but I see no evidence of him “doing” anything about them.

      And King is the poster boy for the water scam, he and the other FAUX conservatives pulled off – rip 2 Billion from the Rainy Day Fund, put it in the hands of an APPOINTED “board” , and just watch a scam that exceeds the Toll Road scam !

      King is nothing but a low-level globalist flunky, who pawns himself to the highest bidders among corporate interests. He is anything BUT a genuine conservative.

      Sad thing is, most “Republicans” are worse than Democrats… wit-

      The Republican Party claims to be the party of the Constitution, limited government, fiscal conservatism, economic freedom, government reform, free enterprise, private property, and the free market.

      Is it?

      The latest edition of the Freedom Index was just published in The New American. The Freedom Index is “a congressional scoreboard based on the U.S. Constitution” that “rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.” This edition of the Freedom Index is the third for the 113th Congress. The previous editions of the Freedom Index for the 113th Congress can be seen here and here.

      Looking at this latest version of the Freedom Index, there is only one conclusion we can draw about Republicans: they are enemies of freedom.

      This edition of the Freedom Index tracks congressional votes in the Senate on the following: budget agreement, Yellen nomination, omnibus appropriations, farm and food programs, debt limit suspension, child care, Ukraine aid, unemployment benefits extension, minimum wage, Burwell nomination. In the House, it tracks votes on the following: budget agreement, omnibus appropriations, abortion funding, farm and food programs, debt limit suspension, EPA regulations, enforcing existing laws, Ukraine aid, indefinite military detention, use of military force.

      The average Senate score was 28 percent; the average House score was 39 percent.

      No senator received a perfect score. The highest score in the Senate was the 89 of Jim Inhofe (OK), Mike Lee (UT), and Rand Paul (KY). Inhofe and Lee would have had a perfect score had they not voted for aid to Ukraine—something that is clearly unconstitutional. Paul would have had a perfect score had he not voted to reauthorize the Child Care and Development Block Grant program—an unconstitutional welfare program.

      Seven representatives in the House achieved a perfect score: Justin Amash (MI), Paul Broun (GA), John Duncan (TN), Tim Huelskamp (KS), Walter Jones (NC), Mark Sanford (SC), Steve Stockman (TX).

      So, why are Republicans enemies of freedom?

      In the Senate, 9 Republicans scored between 80 and 89 (a B), 6 scored between 70 and 79 (a C), 12 scored between 60 and 69 (a D), and a whopping 18 received a failing score of 59 or less. This means that 40 percent of Senate Republicans are absolute failures when it comes to freedom while only 5 percent can be termed above average. John McCain of Arizona, whom Republican voters thought was an alternative to Barack Obama, scored a 56. Incorrigible warmonger Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who recently won a Republican primary, only scored a 44.

      In the House, 7 Republicans, as mentioned above, received a perfect score, 4 scored between 90 and 99 (an A), 14 scored between 80 and 89 (a B), 16 scored between 70 and 79 (a C), 26 scored between 60 and 69 (a D), and incredibly, 164 receiving a failing score of 59 or less. This means that 71 percent of House Republicans are failures when it comes to freedom while only 11 percent can be termed above average. The head of the Budget Committee and Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, scored a 40. The former House Majority Leader Eric Canton scored even worse, a 30.

      The only thing the Republicans have going for them is that they oppose Obamacare. But even that is only because it is not a Republican health care plan. Back in 2003 the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, the largest expansion of Medicare since LBJ’s Great Society, was instituted by a Republican-controlled Congress with the full support of the Republican leadership and signed into law by a Republican president. Only 9 Republicans in the Senate and 25 in the House joined the vast majority of Democrats in both Houses in voting against “Bushcare.”

      Republicans don’t believe in real medical freedom. They don’t support a free market in medical care, medical treatment, medical devices, medical drugs, medical licensing, medical education, medical insurance, medical facilities, medical records, medical research, or alternative medicine. They didn’t then and they don’t now.

      And Republicans don’t believe in any other kind of freedom either. They are not an alternative to Democrats. They are not the lesser of two evils. They are not “better” than the Democrats. They are not “libertarian leaning.” They are not our allies. They are not more constitutional than the Democrats. They are not “our friends on the Right.” They are not “liberty minded.” They are not our best hope. They are not our only chance. They are not improving. They are not our only option. They are not the best we have to work with. They will not be better this election.

      The Republican Party is the party of lies, hypocrisy, crony capitalism, government regulation, the drug war, foreign wars, torture, empire, foreign aid, the welfare state, the warfare state, the national security state, and the police state. The GOP, as my friend Tom DiLorenzo describes it, is nothing but a Gang of Plunderers.

      Republicans are worse than Democrats because of how they use libertarian rhetoric to deceive conservatives and libertarians into thinking that they actually believe in the Constitution, limited government, fiscal conservatism, economic freedom, government reform, free enterprise, private property, and the free market.

      It is not that they are Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). They are Republicans. And they are enemies of freedom.

  3. I have repudiated the Republican Party and all that they do as RSM—Republican Smoke and Mirrors. They are what the Democrats used to be, and neither give a Damn about us or our country.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      And that makes todays Repugs the worst traitors of all……….worse than Obamanoids or the mindless rabble that always support the Dims.

      The Repugnant Party uses rhetoric to placate the low-info voters back home, and humor them with Bible verses and prayer rallies and talk about how pro-life and pro-family they are. Then they support every globalist and totalitarian policy that comes down the pipeline.

      The Dims should be rightly called the Communist Party and Repugs the Fascist-Nazi party. Both are totalitarian socialist, with minor differences in style points.

      Congress is absolutely letting a blatantly lawless ” Resident-in-Chief ” do whatever his regime wants. Impeachment was overdue after his first month in office.

      Did you see a Republican challenge Barry Soetoros’ executive order to SEAL his birth-passport-college and other records? No………the handful who would knew they would be murdered. The rest are too blackmailed or bought off to say anything.

      We live in the last days of a lawless ” banana republic “, and jackals and charlatans like King & Estes, Granger, Cornyn, Boehner etc et al ad nauseum, are in it for what they can plunder. Every one an amoral cretin. And a few have the unmitigated gall to attend Tea Party meetings ( totally coopted by the RNC Quislings) and spew their hubris.

      “There is no difference in principle, between the economic philosophy of Nazism, socialism, communism, and fascism and that of the American welfare state and regulated economy.”
      Jacob Hornberger, professor at the University of Dallas

      Fascism will come at the hands of perfectly authentic Americans who have been working to commit this country to the rule of the bureaucratic state; interfering in the affairs of the states and cities; taking part in the management of industry and finance and agriculture; assuming the role of great national banker and investor, borrowing billions every year and spending them on all sorts of projects through which such a government can paralyze opposition and command public support; marshaling great armies and navies at crushing costs to support the industry of war and preparation for war which will become our nation’s greatest industry; and adding to all this the most romantic adventures in global planning, regeneration, and domination, all to be done under the authority of a powerfully centralized government in which the executive will hold in effect all the powers, with Congress reduced to the role of a debating society.

      – John T. Flynn, As We Go Marching [1944]

      we have been creeping towards fascism for some time now, as Bertram Gross foretold
      some thirty years ago. Writing in his insightful book Friendly Fascism,
      he predicted, “The new fascism will be colored by national and cultural heritage,
      ethnic and religious composition, formal structure, and geopolitical environment.” He continues: Anyone looking for black shirts, mass parties or men on horseback will miss the telltale clues of creeping fascism. In America, it would be supermodern and multi-ethnic–as American as Madison Avenue, executive luncheons, credit cards, and apple pie. It would be fascism with a smile. As a warning against its cosmetic façade, subtle manipulation, and velvet gloves, I call it friendly fascism. What scares me most is its subtle appeal.”

      The Tea Party will just keep on cheering and bleating about Red state nonsense , as they have succumbed to that ” subtle appeal” as Gross defines it.

      ALEC is a clear corporatist ” dating service ” for assorted politicians wanting to be picked up by a rich sugardaddy………..a pimp, we might call ALEC.

      “The government consists of a Gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with the another , no special talent for the business of government. They have only a talent for getting and holding office, the principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. 9 times of 10 the promise is worthless, the 10th time it is made good
      by Looting A to satisfy B. In other words government is a Broker of Pillage, and every election is an advance sale of stolen goods.”
      – H.L. Mencken 1956

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