Does TDLR’s fall short of its commitment?

John Cavenah

John Cavenah

From: John Cavenah <>

To: executive.director <>

Cc: mary.Winston <>

Subject: PTP20140002495

Date: Sun, Jul 27, 2014 9:03 am




The following statements are copied from the TDLR website as written there.  I think they are a bad joke.

Our Goal

Just as Governor Rick Perry wants Texas to be a “beacon” state, our goal is to be the model agency for “licensing excellence in the nation.” TDLR strives to achieve this goal by relying on our greatest asset – our employees – and by applying five customer service principles to all aspects of our organization: AccuracyAccountabilityConsistency,Responsiveness, and Timeliness.

How We Measure Customer Service

Some of the performance measures serve the dual purpose of measuring the agency’s performance for budgeting purposes and assessing the customer service that TDLR provides.

These performance/customer service related measures are:

TDLR’s commitment to resolve 71% of documented complaints in six months.

TDLR’s commitment to resolve complaints on average in 140 days.

My complaint was filed on 10/10/2013, which is a lot longer than 140 days ago.  I would suspect that if it were against a barber or nail salon for unkempt premises or another mundane reason, it would have been resolved long ago.

I think that the violation of the laws regulating agricultural exemptions, and their cost to county revenue needed to support fire, police, roads, bridges and educational facilities is a lot more important than the aforementioned endeavors.  I have researched and provided your people with more than enough verifiable evidence to warrant suspension or revocation of the licenses of the Parker County Chief Appraiser and his deputy, and NOTHING has been done.  Please look at the information in the attached files and tell me it is a small matter and unworthy of immediate action.  I am regretful that I bothered to file a complaint with a State Agency, due to the fact that most of them have such dismal records of any action being taken against lawbreakers.  We pay your salaries, give you safe, comfortable places to work, and great benefits for little or no service from you when needed.

I will continue to pursue this cause on my own in spite of no help from TDLR.  Please see fit to leave my complaint in your open case file, maybe someday someone who gives a damn may decide to act on it.  At 76 years of age, I am sure I won’t be here to see it.

Page 10 of the Comptroller’s Manual for Appraising Agricultural land prohibits awarding ag. exemptions on property inside city limits of towns and cities.  Every property in the file ‘City Limit AG’ is in the city limits and should never have been awarded an ag. exemption, and several were made in 2014.

I realize I am beating a dead horse here so I’ll just leave with this note.  I hope someday you will need MY help.  It will be as forthcoming as yours has been.


John E. Cavenah Sr.

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