Are ‘hobby farmers’ paying their fair share?

Jack Cavenah

Jack Cavenah

by Jack Cavenah

Simple solution: Convince PCAD Board of Directors to institute reasonable requirements for ag exemptions to eliminate “hobby farmers. Join me at their board meeting on the 19th of August at 2:30 pm, and state your case along with me.

Here is some research I just completed:

Data from PCAD

11,076 Properties under 20 acres in size with Agriculture Exemptions broken down as follows:

425 under 1.0 acres—Random sample of 193 =loss of $30,527.0 in taxes

779 1.0 to 1.99 acres—Random sample of 42=loss of $13,971.9 in taxes

637 2.0 to 2.99 acres—Random sample of 34=loss of $28,853.5 in taxes

560 3.0 to 3.99 acres—Random sample of 33=loss of $40,154.9 in taxes

755 4.0 to 4.99 acres—Random sample of 40=loss of $49,058.5 in taxes

759 5.0 to 5.99 acres—Random sample of 43=loss of $57,890.7 in taxes

510 6.0 to 6.99 acres—Random sample of 34=loss of $63,126.6 in taxes

440 7.0 to 7.99 acres—Random sample of 27=loss of $63,515.7 in taxes

470 8.0 to 8.99 acres—Random sample of 39=loss of $93,035.7 in taxes

759 9.0 to 9.99 acres—Random sample of 32=loss of $73,054.2 in taxes

567 10.0 to 10.99 acres—Random sample of 31=loss of $91,465.8in taxes

370 11.0 to 11.99 acres—Random sample of 33=loss of $101,895.6 in taxes

358 12.0 to 12.99 acres—Random sample of 17=loss of 58,993.2 in taxes

226 13.0 to 13.99 acres—Random sample of 14=loss of $63,635.4 in taxes

325 14.0 to 14.99 acres—Random sample of 17=loss of $56,919.5 in taxes

219 15.0 to 15.99 acres—Random sample of 16=loss of $64,492.6in taxes

239 16.0 to 16.99 acres—Random sample of 14=loss of $59,044.5 in taxes

187 17.0 to 17.99 acres—Random sample of 13=loss of $48,854.0 in taxes

213 18.0 to 18.99 acres—Random sample of 12=loss of $59,618.1 in taxes

266 19.0 to 19.99 acres—Random sample of 16=loss of $60,118.2 in taxes

These random samples are a mere 6% of the 11,000 plus properties under 20 acres in size, yet they equal a property tax loss to Parker County of $1,178,585.7

With the Weatherford College anticipating floating another costly bond issue, which incurs years of debt for all citizens of Parker County, would it not behoove this Board of Directors of PCAD to institute additional agricultural exemption requirements as 20 other Texas counties have done to collect fair taxes from “hobby farmers”, and eliminate the need for a bond issue? The Board of Directors has the power to enact these additional requirements without going to the Texas Legislature for permission.

What do you think? Do you agree with Mr. Cavenah?


Let fellow tax payers know what you think!

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  1. I don’t think I got the attention of anyone but you Lenny. Further research and a 6% sampling average indicates a revenue loss of $19,156,368.88 on the properties under 20 acres with ag exemptions. I’ll bet that figure won’t faze the average tax payer either. They are just to damned scared or lazy to care or get involved. I’ll go it alone, if I must.

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    I trust there will be a reminder of this date-time as it draws nearer. I have it marked on my calendar

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    Jack- they may try this on you-


    Dozens of people attended the meeting, and Overholt claims regular citizens were set too far away from the moderation table to hear what was being said.

    ‘The board met up at the front of the room at a big table, had us roped off, and they were talking so low nobody could hear,’ Overholt told the station a few days after the arrest.

    Overholt insists he only asked the board to speak louder and was accused of disrupting the meeting before being cuffed and walked out.

    The septuagenarian was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, he said he plans to fight the charges.
    – See more at:

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