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This image of Bill Powers is courtesy of the Texas Tribune.

Image of Bill Powers is courtesy of the Texas Tribune.

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By AgendaWiseReports, July 11, 2014 – This week we looked into the saga of Bill Powers resigning from UT, how the Tribune has protected Powers, and why grassroots can consistently outlast the ruling class cronies. For those of you unfamiliar with Bill Powers, he is the embattled President of UT who has for several years fought against growing demand for higher education accountability and reform. Emails proved that Powers has been anything but a neutral liaison between the Board of Regents and the anti-transparent University.

The Texas Tribune has protected Powers reputation from the day he was sworn in. They are also helping soften the blow from his recent firing by focusing on the one-year stay of execution he has received. The good news is, we see in this ordeal how grassroots perseverance defeats the ruling class.  We also see how the media does a good job of making their wounded warriors appear strong even when they are not. The bottom line is grassroots perseverance is very bad for the corrupt ruling class but very good for sustainable government.

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  1. Frank Williford

    I don’t see this as a good thing. When someone needs to be fired they should be fired. Although I do not have any details to support my contention, I bet Powers gains a lot by staying on the job for another year. A resignation in the far future is actually a pat on the back when working for the State University System. Retirement and other benefits are greatly enhanced after a certain period of time. The public should at least be told how much Powers will benefit from the grace period in addition to his straight salary. It could be a surprisingly large amount.

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