Tsunami of Foreign Minors to Hit Public Schools, Texas Officials Silent


DALLAS, Texas–Nerves are starting to fray. Texans want answers about the tsunami of undocumented and unaccompanied minors that may well hit public school classrooms this Fall. Breitbart Texas reported that the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) voiced strong concerns about how these minors will be absorbed into classrooms across the state. Locally, it stands to tax Texans in more ways than one and how schools prepare comes with a surprising answer.

Breitbart Texas asked Texas Education Agency (TEA) Director of Media Relations Debbie Ratcliffe who said, “We are monitoring the situation but, at this point, we have no districts report any issues to us.”

Ratcliffe stated that this may be, in part, because districts haven’t been impacted during the summer break months.

However, the actual impact may be very difficult to account for because “the courts have told us that we can’t ask what their citizenship status is. If they are living in a Texas district, they can attend a Texas public schools,” Ratcliffe added.

CLTP may want to know if a local ISD is adequately funded or has sufficient security or staff for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), counselors, mental health professionals, free lunches programs, or just plain available classroom space and teacher staffing, but those questions may go unanswered.

This is because of the 1982 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Plyler v. Doe,which struck down the 1975 Texas statute that withheld state funds for the education of children who were not legally admitted into the United States and authorized local school districts to deny enrollment to such children.

The decision also ended the practice of illegal immigrant parents in Texas having to pay tuition as a way to compensate for lost tax dollars in educating their non-citizen children.

In a vote of 5-to-4, the Court found the Plyler v. Doe in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, ruling that undocumented immigrant children had protection from discrimination unless a substantial state interest could be shown to justify it.

The dissenting justices wrote an opinion in which they pointed out that the “Constitution does not provide a cure for every social ill, nor does it vest judges with a mandate to try to remedy every social problem.”

This is not just the law in Texas.  This is federal law and it provides protections against discrimination to all K-12 undocumented minors illegally being schooled in the United States.

In fact, on May 8, 2014, the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice issued a joint “Dear Colleague” letter to public education admistration offices as a friendly reminder of the 32 year old U.S. Supreme Court decision, including the TEA.

The TEA legal department explained in a statement to Breitbart Texasthat in this letter “the federal Departments of Justice and Education have gone further, warning against practices that might discourage enrollment based on immigrations status such as requiring a Social Security Number.”
The letter was full of warnings — against requiring a Social Security Number or a birth certificate to enroll a child into a local public school or “prohibiting” a child from attending a school because the parents or guardians couldn’t prove their own legal status.

“As Plyler makes clear,” the letter states, “the undocumented or non-citizen status of a student (or his parent or guardian) is irrelevant to the student’s entitlement to an elementary and secondary public education.”

“Dear Colleague” credits the Plyler decision as the reason why “a State may not deny access to a basic public education to any child and that denying “innocent children” access to a public education was explained by the Court as something that would impose “a lifetime hardship on a discrete class of children not accountable for their disabling status…”

The letter also indicated that it sent because the two federal government agencies said they became aware of “recent incidences of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, of students based on their  parents’ or guardians’ actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status. These practices contravene Federal law.”

Tucson-based teacher and “The Cult of Common Core” author Brad McQueen noted the “psychic hotline moment” of the letter in the Arizona Daily Independent. He suggested that this was eerie timing for a letter to come “just before the current humanitarian current humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied children illegally arriving at our borders.”

By the way, this letter is not new. “Dear Colleague” was originally issued on May 6, 2011 and it’s a virtual dead ringer for its replacement. It, too, included the identical verbiage about “recent incidences”.  Both letters were penned on the Obama Administration’s watch.

As the TEA legal department noted, the two joint federal departments have gone further and the letter isn’t only Plyler-based. It Plyler-plus, citing the protections of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Titles IV and VI, and the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education, anti-discrimination protections for American minorities, as part of the undocumented students civil rights mix.

This letter was issued by the Civil Rights Division (U.S. Department of Justice) and Office for Civil Rights (U.S. Department of Education). Title IV prohibits discrimination on bases of race, color or national creed while Title VI stops discrimination against welfare recipients, which also applies to K-12 schooled students who enter the United States illegally.

“Dear Colleague” asserts that by denying a child regardless of legal status to live “within the structure of our civic institutions,” essentially forecloses on their futures and any “realistic possibility that they will contribute in even the smallest way to the progress of our Nation.”

The letter also tells schools what they can do — like ask parents to present a utility bill or rent stub as proof of residential status upon school enrollment. This means, residency is determined by living within a school district.

In 2011, the Dallas Morning News asked, “How many illegal immigrants attend the state’s public schools, supported by taxpayer money?” The answer given was “unknown because schools do not track students’ legal status.” That’s not necessarily so.

“Dear Colleague” clearly acknowledges collection of this data: “Moreover, we recognize that districts have Federal obligations, and in some instances State obligations, to report certain data such as the race and ethnicity of their student population. While the Department of Education requires districts to collect and report such information, districts cannot use the acquired data to discriminate against students; nor should a parent or guardian’s refusal to respond to a request for this data lead to a denial of his or her child enrollment.”

Ratcliffe told Breitbart Texas that it’s not that they don’t know, but schools cannot assign any consequences to an answer or a refusal to answer.

All U.S. public schools report these statistics to the U.S. Department of Education on the same longitudinal data-base systems that have come under fire because of the Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Common Core State Standards as Breitbart News reported.

In Texas schools, Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) includes all data requested and received by TEA about public education, including student demographic and academic performance, personnel, financial, and organizational information, according to the TEA.
Breitbart Texas reported on 8th graders being tracked by PEIMS for higher education data. Information is also collected by the federal government from public schools to comply with accountability requirements as part of the No Child Left Behind waiver.  Federally funded programs like Title I free lunch and welfare are also tracked.
“We have had a growth in the number of economically disadvantaged students over the years but we don’t have a way to tell whether those are native Texas kids, other native Americans or foreign immigrants,” Ratcliffe told Breitbart Texas.
“In Texas, nobody asks, nobody tells, but a whole lot of people would sure like to know, the Dallas Morning News wrote in their 2011 article but now, Texans are asking; however, the re-upped “Dear Colleague” letter is telling why nobody is talking.
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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Tejano schools will just have the so-called “teachers” continue to lower the standards to the THIRD WORLD majority we will soon enumerate.

    Perry Dewhurst and Strauss rode to the border to save us, just in time, didnt they ? John Cornyman, Kay Granger, Hutchinson ad nauseum all deserve medals ffor protecting our border over the last decade , right ?

    Phil King and Craig Estes have been real proactive as well……….surely ??

    You just THINK your city-county-state-school taxes are bad now, wait for the new burdens placed on all property owners, and watch the funds for health care , housing, and every “social service” just explode.

    How soon will we just see a Mexican flag fly over our buildings ? The Alamo will just become a taqueria .

    Thanks George Bush, John Mccain, Romney and all the so-called Republican “leaders” , who deliberately intervened to stop every legitimate effort to control the borders for the last decade, beginning with candidate DUBYA saying ” family values dont stop at the border ” and doing a chacha over the fence. Then Mccain co-authoring the 2006 Amnesty attempt with his evil twin Ted Kennedy, and Romneys widely professed desire for open borders.

    Sure glad I knew better than to ever vote for any of these traitors. If you did, the blood of Texas is on YOUR hands. You must really hate your kids and grandkids by your benign ignorance, childlike naivete, and intellectual denial.

    I recall quite vividly sitting in a “republican” meeting 2 years ago after the state convention, and listen to some has-been local sow pontificate in horror that some delegates had been too rowdy, and angry, instead of being a little sheep like herself. Perish the thought that some activists were protesting the “business as usual” attitude of the statist Republican leadership.

    I LMAO every time I see that silliness ” Keep Texas Red “….its’ RED all right.

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    I love the tag line at the top-

    ” Texas Officials Silent “…………..as-

    1. Your state elected office holders have not known about the ramifications of the blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL Plyler decision – ? Are these supposed intelligent and wise Solons so oblivious to potential problems that they are only “reactive” instead of PROACTIVE ?
    2. Your pampered and assorted ” Honorable Rep or Senator so&so ” has been fully aware of the expanded possibilities since Reagan’s little “wink wink” AMNESTY in 1986. – What have they done to address this problem ?
    3. The elected Texas legislative body and statewide elected officials have utterly and totally FAILED in their supposed “stewardship” to the honest citizens and taxpayers of this state, with precious few exceptions over the last 30 years.
    4. Has everyone been clueless as to laws on the books for –

    The Law Against Hiring or Harboring Illegal Aliens (1999)

    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization or local government) commits a federal felony when he:

    assists an alien whom he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him to obtain employment,
    encourages that alien to remain in the U.S., by referring him to an employer, by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or
    knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.

    Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

    Anyone employing or contracting with an illegal alien without verifying his work authorization status is guilty of a misdemeanor. Aliens and employers violating immigration laws are subject to arrest, detention, and seizure of their vehicles or property. In addition, individuals or entities who engage in racketeering enterprises that commit (or conspire to commit) immigration-related felonies are subject to private civil suits for treble damages and injunctive relief.

    It is illegal for non-profit and religious organizations to knowingly assist an employer to violate employment sanctions, regardless of claims that their convictions require them to assist aliens.13 Harboring or aiding illegal aliens is not protected by the First Amendment.14

    It is a felony to establish a commercial enterprise for the purpose of evading any provision of federal immigration law. Violators may be fined or imprisoned for up to 5 years.15


    Know any local employers – lawn services, roofing contractors, restaurants, concrete companies, etc etc , who have flippantly committed daily FELONIES by violating the above ?

    Know any church organizations who have harbored any ? And you still support them and attend their “services”, huh ?

    Welcome to the Karma Cafe……………..it has no menu………..you will get served what you have deserved. It looks like Texas will in to 2nd world status, and additional oppressive taxation and debt because you as a voter were too lazy to do any homework. Your kids and granddkids will sure thank you for being a ” nice Republican”, emphasis on NICE.

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    Here is more from the Karma Cafe to serve your kids and grandkids-

    The Experts Speak but Nobody Is Listening

    In the same interview with Breitbart, Dr. Jane Orient stated that, “Tuberculosis (TB) is the single most dangerous disease because it is highly contagious and can be easily picked up at the mall, at a school, or on the bus… Cases coming from south of the U.S. border can be very resistant to medications. They don’t respond to traditional antibiotics, and the few drugs they may respond to are often toxic, with lots of side effects… Legal immigrants have always been required to undergo health screenings Orient continued, “but these kids coming have no medical screenings… They’re likely coming here with a number of infectious diseases that will spread like wildfire.”

    Interviewed by The Monitor, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, stated that the immigrants coming across the U.S. border, from countries which have third world health care and primitive screening, we will find many immigrants carrying the highly contagious and deadly TB as well as measles. She also expects to see a multitude of hepatitis, malaria, Chagas disease, a parasitic infection, and dengue fever cases. Dr. Vliet conclusively stated that “A public health crisis, the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime, is looming”.

    Border Patrol agent, Chris Cabrera heightens the health concerns when he describes the quarantine procedures at the detention centers. He told ABC that the symptomatic people are moved to one side of the facility and they are only separated by a yellow tape from the so-called healthy immigrants. Cabrera also stated that SEVERAL Border Patrol agents are often infected with scabies. The spread of these pandemics has likely already begun. Meanwhile, these immigrants, meaning no harm to America, are being transported by DHS and ICE all across the country. This is how one creates asymptomatic carriers of deadly diseases.

    Phoenix’s ABC affiliate, Channel 15, ran a story on June 6, 2014 in which the producers reported from McCallen, Texas. The news story expressed a serious and growing concern with regard to illegal immigrants crossing into the United States and the potential deadly health concerns associated with this mass migration. The report interviewed several U.S. Border Patrol agents who are gravely concerned about what’s coming over the border. What is coming according to Border Patrol agents are not just immigrants, but pathogens, constituted in the form of a viral outbreak, which could cause serious harm in the United States.

    The Channel 15 report quoted Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent, who stated “We are sending people everywhere. The average person doesn’t know what’s going on down here”. Cabrera stated that Border Patrol agents are seeing illegal immigrants come over the border “with contagious infections”. Specifically Cabrera stated that “There’s been an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for the past month”.
    Dr. Jane Orient

    Dr. Jane Orient

    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Dr. Jane Orient, an internal medicine specialist and the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), stated that by admitting these huge groups of children who come from countries where medical screenings are minimal and hygiene is poor, the United States is at risk for epidemics of serious diseases and viruses that the nation has not seen in years and for which we have no immunity.

    Well, this is America and of course we are screening these people right? Not according to Border Patrol agent Cabrera where he again told Channel 15 “..the sickness doesn’t stop at scabies… We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections and we are starting to see different viruses.” In other words, the Border Patrol does not understand what they are dealing with. This is an unmitigated disaster in the making.


    I am sure marxist toadie Cornyn will address this tonight

  4. Senator_Blutarsky

    Here is an update from San Antonio-


    By Todd Starnes
    Published July 02, 2014
    Facebook2116 Twitter698 livefyre5641

    A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

    In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

    My sources say Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps.

    “There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

    The sources said workers were guarded by a security force from the Baptist Family & Children’s Services, which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp.

    The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”

    “It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”

    She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.

    “Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

    She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues.

    “It was not a good atmosphere in terms of health,” she said. “I would be talking to children and lice would just be climbing down their hair.”

    A former nurse at the camp told me she was horrified by what she saw.

    “We have so many kids coming in that there was no way to control all of the sickness – all this stuff coming into the country,” she said. “We were very concerned at one point about strep going around the base.”

    Both the counselor and the nurse said their superiors tried to cover up the extent of the illnesses.

    “When they found out the kids had scabies, the charge nurse was adamant – ‘Don’t mention that. Don’t say scabies,’” the nurse recounted. “But everybody knew they had scabies. Some of the workers were very concerned about touching things and picking things up. They asked if they should be concerned, but they were told don’t worry about it.”

    The nurse said the lice issue was epidemic – but everything was kept “hush-hush.”

    “You could see the bugs crawling through their hair,” she said. “After we would rinse out their hair, the sink would be loaded with black bugs.”

    The nurse told me she became especially alarmed because their files indicated the children had been transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes.

    “That’s what alerted me,” she said. “Oh, my God. They’re flying these kids around. Nobody knows that these children have scabies and lice. To tell you the truth, there’s no way to control it.”

    I don’t mean to upset anyone’s Independence Day vacation plans, but were these kids transported to the camps before or after they were deloused? Anyone who flies the friendly skies could be facing a public health concern.

    The counselor told me the refugee camp resembled a giant emergency room – off limits to the public.

    “They did not want the community to know,” she said. “I initially spoke out at Lackland because I had a concern the children’s mental health care was not being taken care of.”

    She said the breaking point came when camp officials refused to hospitalize several children who were suicidal.

    “I made a recommendation that a child needed to be sent to a psychiatric unit,” the counselor told me. “He was reaching psychosis. He was suicidal. Instead of treating him, they sent him off to a family in the United States.”

    She said she filed a Child Protective Services report and quit her job.

    “I didn’t want to lose my license if this kid committed suicide,” she told me. “I was done.”

    The counselor kept a detailed journal about what happened during her tenure at the facility.

    “When people read that journal they are going to be astonished,” she said. ‘I don’t think they will believe what is going on in America.”

    So it was not a great surprise, she said, when she received a call from federal agents demanding that she return to the military base and hand over her journal.

    She said she declined to do so.

    “I didn’t go back to Lackland,” she said.

    Both workers told me while they have no regrets, they want to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

    “They’re going to crush the system,” the nurse told me. “We can’t sustain this. They are overwhelming the system and I think it’s a travesty.”

    Baptist Family & Childen’s Services spokeswoman Krista Piferrer tells me the agency takes “any allegation of malfeasance or inappropriate care of a child very seriously.”

    “There are a number of checks and balances to ensure children are receiving appropriate and adequate mental health care,” she said.

    Piferrer said the clinicians are supervised by a federal field specialist from HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement. She also said BFCS have 58 medical professionals serving at Lackland.

    “Every illness, whether it is a headache or something more serious, is recorded in a child’s electronic medical record and posted on WebEOC – a real-time, web-based platform that is visible to not only BFCS but the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” she said.

    As for those brown shirts, the BFCS said they are “incident management team personnel” – who happen to wear tan shirts.

    My sources say Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps.

    “This is just the beginning,” one source told me. “It is a long-term financial responsibility.”

    Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations.

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