Election Administrator Appointment; wisdom or cronyism

 Update: Don Markum chosen as the Parker County Elections Administrator.

Votes were cast by County Judge Mark Riley, County Clerk Jeane Brunson, GOP Chair Zan Prince, County Tax Assessor Collector Marjorie King and Democrat Party Chair Penny McCool.

Those in opposition to this appointment were given an opportunity to express their dissention. Duly elected officials acted within the scope of their authority and voted. It is time to move on…but we should never let  elected officials forget that we are watching.


by Lenny Leatherman

Parker County Courthouse

Parker County Government

Are we seeing cronyism at work again right here in Parker County? As you may know, the Elections Commission is scheduled to vote Monday to appoint the next County Elections Administrator.

The Elections Commission is made up of Judge Mark Riley, County Clerk Jeane Brunson, Tax Assessor Collector Marjorie King, the Democrat Party Chair Penny McCool and the Republican Party Chair Zan Prince.

Riley and Prince are trying to slip Don Markum into that position. Don Markum’s wife is Evon Markum who works for Zan Prince! Markum has absolutely ZERO experience that would qualify him for that position. What makes this attempted appointment even more troubling is that one of the applicants for this position is the acting Elections Administrator – a highly qualified person with six years of experience as Deputy Elections Administrator.


I’m not suggesting Markum is not capable of learning the job. He is likely a good man or he would not have been recommend for this job. Ironically, if he is appointed to the Election Administrator position, he will be trained by the acting Elections Administrator; the applicant with six years experience in Election Administration! That doesn’t pass the smell test!?

It is time to sound off and let each member of the Election Commission know that we are watching, and that we vehemently oppose attempts by members of the Elections Commission to slip an unqualified person into that position when a highly qualified person applied for the position!

We as CONSERVATIVE tax paying citizens of Parker County view this act of favoritism to be highly offensive, and insist that sound judgment and common sense be administered in the appointment of the next Elections Administrator.

Perception is a powerful instrument that often works against voter turn-out. Many times out of disgust for the cronyism and back-room ‘deals’ voters become convinced all politicians are the same and that their vote doesn’t matter.

Please contact the commission members and express your concern about this appointment. You cannot make a difference by remaining silent.

Contact information is shown below:

Judge Mark Riley – Email: judge.riley@parkercountytx.com Phone: (cell) 817-584-8902 (Office) 817-599-5607

Jeane Brunson – Email: jeane.brunson@parkercountytx.com Phone: 817-594-7461

Marjorie King – Email: marjorie.king@parkercountytx.com Phone: 817-598-6139

Penny McCool – Phone: 214-385-3662

Zan Prince Email: zan@zanprince.com, Phone: 817-549-5029


13 responses

  1. Show up and raise Hell. Penny McCool should recuse herself for conflict of interest.

  2. There is a major conflict of interest, All the way around this! I don’t usually agree with Mr. Leatherman but he hit the nail on the head with this one! If Mr. Markum is appointed to this position, then it will be just as corrupt as Zan Prince, Mark Riley and half of the other elected officials in this County. Citizens of Parker County might as well not even have a vote at all, because they will not count! We do not need anymore uneducated people in offices that can change the outcome of votes!

    Everyone should be furious with how business is being handled and how We as CONSERVATIVE tax paying citizens of Parker County view this act of favoritism to be highly offensive. Insist that sound judgment and common sense be administered in the appointment of the next Elections Administrator.

  3. You know it’s not like I think the past elections have been on the up and up…..and now this, really makes me suspicious.

  4. This type of cronyism is why Parker County is known as Hazzard County with Boss Hogg and his minions.

  5. I would say that this is all following in line with the Obama Administration, they just do what they want and make up their own laws. Now this really makes me question the outcome of the run-off for JP#3. They supported and backed Vinson who does not pay Parker County Taxes, does NOT own Property in PC, Has Farm Tags on a truck that he used for his campaign, lied about the Church he goes to, lied about his experience and so much more. My point of bringing this up is that Zan Prince, who has proven to be a liar, was overseeing the elections! We need an honest person on the side of the Parker County Citizens! Not another “YES MAN”! Mark Riley and Zan Prince are two of the most dishonest people and DO NOT do what’s right for our County and the People! There is enough unethical people running this county including the Sheriff and his Administration (who has a hand in everything). Lets get someone in there that is actually for the people and will follow the law and not be afraid!

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Steve…….we live in a lawless Banana republic, from the top down

      With ” electronic ” voting machines, it is much easier to shift election outcomes, right down to total theft. George Bush did so in 2000 & in 2004.

      The Ghost of Rigged Elections Past: New Revelations on the Death …

      http://www.opednews.com/ articles/ The-ghost-of-rigged-electi-by-Bob-Fitrakis-2004-Election_Election-Cri me_Election-Cyber-Fraud_Election-Fraud-131224-409.html

      They ( the globalist powers who own the Repug & Dim leadership) stole enough primaries in 2008 & 2012 to derail Ron Paul-

      And it is not limited to Diebold – any electronic voting mechanism can be rigged and/or hacked – national, state, and local elections……or she we say SELECTIONS

  6. Mr Markham list being a teacher and coach as part of his work history, question Please, he has only limited undergrad studies, how could he be considered a teacher/coach without a B A or B S.
    How can a citizen think the Election Office Administrator can be “fair” when his statement, as in the Weatherford Democrat, says it is his job to protect the Republican Party.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      He sounds like the perfect little toadie, for the Zan Prince cartel

  7. He can’t be fair!

  8. Why has this entry been deleted?

    John E. Cavenah Sr. jecavenah@aol.com

  9. Jack Cavenah Sr
    4 hrs ·
    Once again, Zan Prince and Mark Riley have shown the good people of Parker County Texas that it is not what you know, but who you know that determines appointment to public office. In this case appointment to the important position of County Election Administrator went to the highest bidder, Zan and Riley. Oh, I guess that Mr. Markum didn’t have a leg up by being the spouse of one of Zan’s bank employees and his pledge to support the Republican Party which Zan controls with an iron fist. As for Riley, he is so busy trying to be a big duck in a little pond over at NCTCOG, that he has forgotten who pays his salary. I just wonder what is the next County function he will turn over to his friends at Freese & Nichols, like he did with road repairs and transportation of all type in Parker County. My commissioner won’t discuss the sorry condition of White Settlement Road, Riley won’t discuss it and Freese &Nichols won’t discuss it. Citizens of this county have exactly ZERO say in its operation.
    It seems to me we are being told to just shut the Hell up and pay your taxes. (Unless you have a “hobby farm” ag exemption) In that case others will pay your share. This County government is a shameful bunch of lying connivers and I exclude very few from that description.

  10. All I can say is we had a good person running for Judge, and not enough people showed up at the polls to elect him, with that being said 80% of the people in Parker County don’t even know who Judge Riley or Zan Prince are. They get away with cronyism and private deals behind our backs because of the fact they fly below the radar. I know many of the people commenting on this have been the County Commissioners meetings so there is no reason to preach to the Choir, but until we get enough people interested enough in what is going on to attend the meetings they will keep on doing this crap. Zan needs to go, Riley needs to go, and Fowler needs to go because he is their hired gun. I have very big doubts in the results of the primary now…Did McKay really lose by that big of a margin….and how come? He only lost by 200 votes the last time. Jack is right that Freese & Nichols run this county and get what they want more than the citizens do. Don’t worry though, soon we’ll have light rail and green spaces to go along with the Bicycle paths along our roads and the new development at 820 and I-20 will be taking all our water…but hey like Riley says, the County has no authority on water rights.

  11. Dear Weatherford and Parker County voters. I have given a lot of overseeing time to help clean up litter and dumping, over the last 20 years in the two above districts. i have received zero compensation, for my efforts.
    I resent the fact that our Democracy has been stolen by Zan Prince, out of the First National Bank. I am a Democrat, but I agree with many of my middle class Republican friends about our taxpayers voices being silenced, by those supposedly elected. This problem exist in counties in many states, over a decade now. Some states have made changes.
    I wish both Republicans and Democrats would ban together, and demand accountability in our voting system. Hart-Intercivic electronic voting machines have been in progress here since 2002. Stolen elections have occurred over 12 years now. Evidence over the last several years have seen violations in the Voting Rights Act, These are privatized corporate vendors, of these machines. Whether it be computers with electronics inside being hacked, the same is happening with these electronic voting machines. They can also be pre- programed, even hours before an election cycle.
    I will never forget how our American Democracy was good in the 1960’s. Unless the people become educated and informed about what has been happening since the year 2000, it will not change.
    Everyone concerned needs to stands up, get off the couch, and organize in protest against the fraud we are having to live with here.

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