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June 19, 2014

Shop owner holds intruder for police, Valley News Live, Fargo, N.D. 06/16/14

Kert and VeAnn Wright where inside their home, which is in the downstairs of a consignment shop they own, when they heard a suspicious noise. Armed with a .22-caliber pistol, Kert went to investigate and happened upon a burglar inside the store. Kert forced the intruder to the floor and held him at gunpoint until police could arrive.


June 13, 2014

Parents defend daughter during violent home invasion, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo. 06/11/14

A teenager was outside her home in St. Louis, Mo. when two armed men came up to her and forced her inside her home at gunpoint. The teenager’s parents were inside the home at the time, and both parents responded by retrieving firearms. The teenager’s father fired at the home invaders, killing one and wounding the other. The injured criminal fled, but was captured by police a short time later. The surviving home invader has been charged with murder, in the death of his accomplice, burglary, and kidnapping.

June 11, 2014

Resident halts burglary, Mlive, Michigan, 06/05/14

Mark A. Blehm arrived at his home in Gibson Township, Mich., found one of his screen windows broken into and an ATV outside the house. In response, Blehm retrieved a shotgun, positioned himself on the ATV and yelled to the criminal inside his house. After Blehm fired a shot into the air, the intruder eventually left the house. Police captured the intruder outside Blehm’s home shortly thereafter.

June 6, 2014

22-year-old woman scares off mace-wielding robber, KCCI, Des Moines, Iowa 05/23/14

22-year-old Jessica McDonald, an employee of Discount Textbooks in Fort Dodge, Iowa, had just opened up the store when a man entered and demanded that she hand over the cash in the register. McDonald responded by showing the robber that the register was empty, at which point the man threatened her with mace. Following the threat, McDonald retrieved a handgun from a safe under the counter and pointed it at the criminal, causing him to flee. Store Manager Paul Tigges told a local media outlet that the pistol is kept under the counter for employees to use. In an interview after the incident, McDonald told the media outlet, “It was shocking to me when I started here that there is a gun and I always thought it was over the top and we didn’t need it, but I’m very glad that we have it.”

June 5, 2014

College student defends housemate from robber, (NBC Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. 06/04/14, WPVI, Philadelphia, Pa. 06/04/14)

Around 7:00 a.m. a burglar broke into a home inhabited by several college students in Philadelphia, Pa. The intruder got into a struggle with one of the residents, at which point another of the home’s inhabitants retrieved a gun and shot the criminal. Upon being shot, the home invader fled the house, but collapsed nearby. The burglar was taken to a hospital where he is reported to be in stable condition.

June 2, 2014

Homeowner frightens off armed home invaders, KSL, Salt Lake City, Utah 05/27/14

A pair of men, at least one of whom was armed with a handgun, broke into a home in Salt Lake City, Utah and began threatening those inside. Earlier in the day, the duo threatened the homeowner’s daughter over the phone. The homeowner responded to the break in by retrieving a handgun and confronting the men, causing the intruders to flee. The home invaders were captured by police a short time later. Following the incident, Salt Lake City Police Detective Veronica Montoya told a local media outlet, “I think the two suspects are very lucky they weren’t hurt, because I think most people would agree if somebody comes kicking your door in and is armed and you’re armed – I’m really surprised he didn’t hurt them.”

May 30, 2014

Veteran kills armed robber, KPRC, Houston, Texas, 05/29/14

A 28-year-old veteran was having lunch at a Quiznos in Houston, Texas when he spotted two men mask themselves and then enter a GameStop. The veteran retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and went to confront the criminals as they exited the store. One of the robbers aimed a firearm at the veteran, prompting the armed citizen to fire. During an exchange of gunfire, one of the robbers was struck and killed, while the other fled the scene. The deceased robber’s accomplice was captured by police a short time later.

May 29, 2014

Convenience store clerk shoots armed robber, WKBN, Youngstown, Ohio, May 22, 2014

Two men, one of whom was armed with a rifle, entered Sami Quick Stop in Youngstown, Ohio and attempted to rob the store. The clerk on duty retrieved a gun and fired it at the criminals, striking one and causing both to flee. Police captured the robbers a short time later. A local media outlet has reported that the police have called the shooting justified.

May 23, 2014

Man defends himself against armed robber in parking lot, KPRC, Houston, Texas 05/22/14

While walking through the parking lot of an apartment complex in Houston, Texas a man was confronted by an armed robber who demanded his belongings. The man responded by drawing a gun and shooting the robber twice, causing the thief to flee. Police captured the criminal a short time later at a local hospital.

May 20, 2014

Donut shop thief shot, The Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas, Nev. 05/15/14, KVVU, Las Vegas, Nev. 05/16/14

An armed man wearing a bandana entered the Donut Hut in Las Vegas, Nev. and attempted to rob the store and the customers inside. The store’s owner, Sothy Seang, got into an altercation with the criminal, during which he directed his girlfriend to retrieve a gun. The girlfriend complied, and as the robber tried to wrest control of the gun, a shot was fired, striking the thief and causing him to flee. The thief was later captured by police when he sought treatment for his wound. Seang purchased a firearm for his business following an earlier robbery. The criminal’s choice of target was a poor one; in the 1970s Seang fought the Viet Cong while serving with the Cambodian army.

May 15, 2014

Elderly man fells intruder, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo. 05/08/14, KTVI, St. Louis, Mo. 05/08/14

An elderly resident of St. Clair County, Ill. was inside his home when he heard the sound of breaking glass. The homeowner called police, retrieved a pistol and went to investigate. Upon discovering the intruder, the homeowner shot the criminal once. The intruder fled, but collapsed and died in the home’s driveway.

May 13, 2014

Man uses AR-15 to fight off armed home invader, WRAL, Raleigh, N.C. 05/11/14

Jonathan Haith was asleep at his home in Henderson, N.C. when he awakened to a knock at his door. Haith initially ignored the knock, but when it was followed by a loud bang, he retrieved an AR-15 rifle and went to investigate. As Haith moved through his hallway, he spotted an intruder armed with a gun. The intruder fired at Haith, who responded by shooting the criminal in the stomach. The home invader fled the home, but collapsed nearby. Police captured the wounded intruder, along with an accomplice that was acting as the getaway driver.

May 12, 2014

Woman fends off violent home invader, KSAZ, Phoenix, Ariz. 05/06/14

A recently widowed woman was home alone in Phoenix, Ariz. when a man broke into her house through a back door. Once inside, the criminal attacked the woman with that may have been a garden tool. The woman responded by retrieving a gun and shooting the home invader, ending the attack. Following the incident, Phoenix Police Spokesman Tommy Thompson told a local news outlet, “”I would say that anytime someone is in your house, they’ve assaulted you, broken into your house, and assaulted you, you would say she appears to have been in the right at this point.”

May 9, 2014

Detroit grandmother defends herself from armed attackers, WDIV, Detroit, Mich. 05/06/14

Paris Ainsworth had just arrived at her Detroit, Mich. home after working two shifts, when she spotted two men approach. Ainsworth retrieved a .45 caliber pistol and put it into her pocket. One of the men said to Ainsworth, “Don’t pull it,” and fired at the grandmother, striking her three times. Ainsworth responded by drawing her pistol and firing at the men, striking at least one. The men were captured while seeking medical attention at a local hospital. Ainsworth’s also received medical attention and has been released from the hospital. Following the incident, Ainsworth told a local media outlet, “If I wouldn’t have had my gun I would be dead today.”

May 7, 2014

Store owner fells armed criminal, robber’s accomplice charged with murder, The Monitor, McAllen, Texas 05/02/14

Three armed men entered Duece’s Smoke Shop in Pharr, Texas and attempted to rob the store. An owner responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the others to flee. Police captured one of the suspects shortly after the shooting and have charged him with murder in the death of his accomplice. Pharr Police chief Ruben Villescas told local media that he does not expect the store owner to be charged.

May 6, 2014

Neighbor fells vicious dog, WFMZ, Allentown, Pa. 05/01/14

After a woman arrived home with her pet pit bull in Exeter Township, Pa., she was attacked by the dog as she tried to remove it from her car. The woman’s partner came to her aid, but was also attacked by the dog. One neighbor described the scene to a local news outlet by stating, “The dog would not let [him] go.” Other neighbors came to help the couple. When the dog failed to stop after one neighbor hit it with a metal bar, another neighbor shot the dog, ending the attack. The wounded couple was taken to a local hospital.

May 1, 2014

Passerby halts purse-snatching, KHOU, Houston, Texas 04/28/14

A mother was in the parking lot of a Family Dollar store in Houston, Texas when a pair of purse snatchers grabbed her bag and dragged the woman, who was still holding the purse, into the middle of the parking lot. A man in the parking lot witnessed the attack, retrieved a handgun, and confronted the criminals, forcing them out of the car and onto the ground. The armed passerby then held the pair at gunpoint until police arrived. Following the incident, a local media outlet interviewed the manager of the Family Dollar store, who said of the armed citizen, “The guy is something else… He’s a hero.”

April 29, 2014

Citizen kills abductor, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio 04/27/14

An armed robber in Columbus, Ohio forced Kenneth Owens to hand over his wallet then forced Owens to accompany him by car to an ATM. As Owens was in a vehicle headed to the ATM, he drew a gun and shot his attacker, killing him.

April 25, 2014

Jewelry store owner fires at armed robber,, Michigan, 04/23/14

David Medawar, owner of Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry in Plainfield Township, Mich., was at his store when he spotted a group of four men near the front door. Medawar ordered his employees to a back room, as the armed robbers entered the store. Medawar and his father then armed themselves with handguns and retreated to the back room with the employees. From a surveillance system in the secure room, Medawar spotted one of the thieves approaching. Medawar warned the criminal, “We have a gun. We will shoot you. Leave.” Undeterred, the robber continued into the room, prompting Medawar and his father to open fire. After meeting the armed resistance all of the criminals fled. Medawar purchased firearms for the store following a robbery in 2010. The owner told a local media outlet, “We had taken measures to ensure that would not happen again… We were prepared when they came in, But God also protected us. He was watching over us.”

April 24, 2014

Clerk fights off armed criminal, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 04/22/14

An armed robber entered Lisa’s Beer and Wine convenience store in Dallas, Texas and ordered the clerk to hand over some money. The clerk complied by giving roughly $300 to the criminal. The robber then ordered the clerk to get on his knees, as the thief took a pack of cigarettes. The clerk responded to this command by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, striking him once in the hand and causing him to flee.

April 22, 2014

Husband defends wife and home from intruder, KPRC, Houston, Texas, 04/21/14

A husband and wife were asleep at home in Houston, Texas when they were awakened by someone attempting to break in through their front door. The husband responded by retrieving a gun, as his wife called the authorities. When the home invader managed to get into the home through a back door, the husband shot the criminal. The wounded home invader then moved in a way that made the husband believe he was reaching for something, prompting the husband to shoot the intruder again. The home invader later died at a nearby hospital.

April 18, 2014

Man fells vicious dog, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Daytona, Fla. 04/15/14

Robert Powell was out walking his dog in DeBary, Fla. when a pit bull leashed outside a home broke free and began to attack his pet. Powell, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, drew a .40 caliber pistol and shot the pit bull, killing it. A report by local law enforcement documented the bite marks on Powell’s dog.

April 16, 2014

Homeowner shoots burglar, KSBW, Santa Cruz, Calif. 04/14/14, KION, Monterey, Calif. 04/14/14

A homeowner was asleep at home in Salinas, Calif. when he was awakened to a noise coming from outside the home. The homeowner then spotted someone near his garage. After arming himself, the homeowner went to the garage to investigate and found a burglar. The homeowner shot the burglar, who was then transported to a local hospital. According to news outlet KSBW, police told reporters that “it appears the homeowner was protecting life and property and was in his legal right to use deadly force.”

April 15, 2014

Jewelry store owner fells robber, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif. 04/12/14, The San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, Calif. 04/11/14

A group of masked and armed men entered Hardy Nix Jewelers in Antioch, Calif. and attempted to rob the store. The store’s owner responded by obtaining a gun and exchanging gunfire with the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the others to flee. One customer was wounded during the incident, but her injuries are described as non-life-threatening.

April 11, 2014

Knife-wielding robber targets the wrong store, Fox2now, St. Louis, Mo. 04/08/14

A 24-year-old man drove a stolen truck to Cobb’s Grocery in Richwoods, Mo., entered the store, drew a canister of mace and knife, and demanded money. Kenny Cobb was inside the store at the time, and responded to the situation by drawing a gun and firing at the criminal, striking him in the abdomen. The robber fled the scene in the stolen truck, but was captured by police a short time later. The armed robber should have known not to attempt to rob Cobb’s Grocery, as the store proudly displays signs about the Second Amendment and armed self-defense in a front window. A neighbor shared a similar sentiment while speaking with a local news outlet about Ron Cobb, Kenny’s father and owner of the store, stating, “Everybody knows he’s got weapons and that… You don’t rob that man. No one around here, they know better for years, He’s been a retired police officer and firefighter.”

April 9, 2014

Gun carrying woman halts violent mob, The Detroit News, Detroit, Mich. 04/08/14, WJBK, Detroit, Mich. 04/08/14, WXYZ, Detroit, Mich. 04/07/14

Steve Utash was driving in Detroit, Mich. when he accidentally struck a 10-year-old boy with his vehicle. Retired nurse Deborah Hughes was inside her nearby home at the time, and once she became aware of the accident, she retrieved a .38-caliber pistol and went to see if she could help. While she was trying to comfort the injured boy, a mob began to attack Utash, who had stopped and gotten out of his vehicle. As the beating was taking place, Hughes rushed over to the crowd and told the mob, “Don’t kick him anymore, don’t hit him anymore, get back,” halting the attack. Hughes later told a local media outlet, “I had a gun in my pocket, I was ready to do some damage if I had to.” Following the incident, Detroit Police Chief James Craig referred to Hughes as a “Detroit hero.” Hughes made clear to a reporter that she is often armed stating, “You have to carry a gun around here… This neighborhood is terrible. I don’t walk around without my gun.”

April 8, 2014

Store employee fights off armed robber, WAFB, Baton Rouge, La. 04/06/14

A masked man armed with a gun entered the H & C Food Mart in Lafayette, La., demanded money from an employee, and fired a shot. The employee responded by retrieving a gun and returning fire, which caused the criminal to flee empty-handed.

April 7, 2014

83-year-old homeowner shoots home invader, WAFF, Huntsville, Ala. 04/05/14

An 83-year-old man was at home in Huntsville, Ala. when there was a knock at his backdoor from a man claiming to need help. When the elderly homeowner did not immediately open the door, the man forced his way inside the home by kicking in the door. The homeowner responded to the threat by retrieving a handgun and shooting the home invader in the chest. Upon being struck, the criminal fled.

April 4, 2014

Woman scares off fugitive, Access North Georgia, Ga. 04/02/14

A fugitive on the run from the law in Stephens County, Ga. broke into a store and approached a woman inside. The woman responded to the threat by retrieving a handgun and firing it at the wanted man, causing him to flee. Following the encounter with the armed citizen, the fugitive was captured by law enforcement. Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said of the armed woman, “Good job to the brave female who was on her property minding her business.”

April 1, 2014

Armed homeowner fights off armed home invaders, The Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, N.D. 03/31/14

Jeff Gegelman was at home in Golden Valley, N.D. when three men in a car drove onto his property, then knocked on his door. Suspicious, Gegelman retrieved a .22-caliber pistol and watched as the men returned to the vehicle, and then as two of the men returned to the house. The pair of men then forced open the door, at which point Gegelman leveled his gun at the intruders and told them, “You came to the wrong house today.” Gegelman and the home invaders exchanged fire, resulting in wounds to both Gegelman and one of the intruders. Following the exchange, the criminals fled, but not before Gegelman was able to record the license plate of the car they were driving. Police captured the wounded home invader a short time later, as he was seeking medical attention. Gegelman has been released from the hospital, and has told a local news outlet that he intends to acquire “a bigger gun and more bullets.”

March 25, 2014

Armed customer halts syringe-wielding attacker, The Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Mich. 03/25/14

An admitted heroin addict was confronted outside a Home Depot in Roseville, Mich. by two loss prevention officers that suspected him of shoplifting. When the employees tried to apprehend the man, he responded by drawing a syringe from his jacket and slashing at the personnel, striking one of the employees several times. A customer, and Right-to-Carry permit holder, witnessed the incident, drew a gun and ordered the addict to halt his attack. The attacker initially complied, then attempted to flee as police approached, but was captured by law enforcement shortly after.   Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told a local new outlet that the Right-to-Carry permit holder will be put up for a citizen’s award.

March 21, 2014

Clerks fight off armed robber, KTRK, Houston, Texas, 03/15/14

An armed robber entered a Phillips 66 gas station in Houston, Texas and demanded money from the clerks on duty. The clerks responded by retrieving firearms and exchanging gunfire with the criminal. Following an initial shootout, the robber retreated to the rear of the store and started throwing motor oil and windshield wiper fluid all over the store. The standoff between the clerks and gunman lasted for almost an hour, until one of the clerks shot the robber when he came out from behind an aisle. Not yet finished with his crime spree, the wounded criminal then started a fire in the store. Eventually police arrived at the store and captured the criminal. The owner of the store estimated that the robber caused close to $100,000 in damage to the store. Neither clerk was injured during the incident.

March 20, 2014

Property owner defends himself against dog attack, KOIN, Portland, Ore. 03/18/14

A homeowner in Washington County, Ore. was walking his dog along his property when his neighbor’s Doberman Pinscher approached him and began to attack. The homeowner was carrying a shotgun at the time of the incident, and used it to fell the vicious dog. Following the shooting, Cpl. Nick Markos of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told a local news outlet, “As a citizen you have the right to protect yourself from injury or harm, even death,… In this situation he carried a shotgun with him because he was working on his property and the dog chased after him, attempted to attack him and he ended up shooting him.”

March 18, 2014

Pizza delivery driver frightens off armed robber, The Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, N.C. 03/14/14

26-year-old pizza delivery driver Ashley Marie Hurd was delivering a pizza in to an address in Fayetteville, N.C. when an armed robber confronted her from behind. The criminal put a gun to Hurd’s head and demanded cash. Hurt responded by drawing her own gun, which prompted the robber to flee.

March 14, 2014

Indiana lawmakers sign Right-to-Carry legislation

The measure, supported by the National Rifle Association, cleared the Senate on a 38-10 vote. The House followed suit, voting 75-24 and sending the measure to Gov. Mike Pence for consideration.

March 14, 2014

Michigan: House passes gun records confidentiality bills

The House moved to broaden gun owners’ rights Thursday by voting to reaffirm the confidential status of gun records, clarify the definition of “brandishing” a gun and lift a ban on short-barreled rifles.A Republican package of bills passed by a wide margin, with 81-28 being the closest vote. The bills would codify a 1999 Michigan Supreme Court decision that found the disclosure of gun registry records to be “a clearly unwarranted invasion of an individual’s privacy.”

March 14, 2014

New Jersey: Gun advocates, foes debate magazine limits

To gun-rights advocates, the legislation at best represented a misguided attempt to stem violence that would only embolden criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizens. At worst, they detected a ruse whose end game was to confiscate all guns.

February 25, 2014

Right-to-Carry permit holder fells robber, My Fox Detroit, Detroit, Mich. 02/22/14, WXYZ, Detroit, Mich. 02/22/14, The Detroit News, 01/31/14

A woman was heading inside after pulling her car into the garage at her Detroit, Mich. home when a man armed with a gun attempted to rob her. In response, the resident, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, drew a gun and shot the attacker, killing him. The shooting marked the third recorded incident in a week in which armed Detroit residents defended themselves from criminal attack. This string of defensive gun uses follows a late-January statement by Detroit Police Chief James Craig, in which the he noted, “I did, in fact, say that good Americans, good Detroiters, if responsible, could get CPLs, and that it could — emphasis on the word ‘could’ — be a deterrent to violent crime. I said that because of my experience in four cities, having seen good Americans and good Detroiters that have CCWs, and what effect it has had on deterring violent crime.”

February 24, 2014

Armed woman defends family from home invaders, KMOV, St. Louis, Mo. February 21, 2014

A woman and her family were sleeping in the upstairs of their Fenton, Mo. home when the woman awakened to the sound of the front door being opened. The woman retrieved a gun and went to the top of the stairs, where she spotted to intruders. The woman then fired at the criminals, causing them to flee.

February 20, 2014

Mother uses semi-automatic rifle to protect her children, WXYZ, Detroit, Mich. 02/18/14

A mother was at home with her children in Detroit, Mich. when three men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, broke into the house. The mother responded by retrieving a semi-automatic rifle and warning the intruders that she was armed. When the criminals persisted despite the warning, the mother fired at the home invaders. At first, all three intruders retreated outside the home, but the one armed with a pistol decided to try to enter the home again. The criminal’s reentry prompted another round of gunfire from the mother, at which point the armed home invader fled for good. Police captured the trio a short time later.


One response

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Here is an armed citizen in Killeen Texas protecting his home from masked invaders who busted through his doors in the wee hours.

    This is NOT whether the ACCUSED was a nice guy or not. This is about the ACCUSER (police) using an ambush method in order to make an arrest. The tactic is almost always bound to cause an adverse reaction, one in which I think certain people on the force want. After all…the now can say, see, they want us dead.

    I feel bad his superiors put him in that position but he should have been smarter and said NO.

    The “no-knock” tactic should be called ambushing and when you ambush people they are startled and prone to act out of normal human behavior of self preservation.

    On the scale of stupidity the no-knock ambush is probably a 9.

    Lets not forget the official fairytale that people in this country are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ambushing a pot-smoker at 5:30 in the morning damaging his house and risking the lives of everyone involved is not presuming innocence, its presuming guilt. This guy did not have the codes to a nuclear bomb…he was an “alleged” common drug dealer.

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