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pharisee-1Darwin Yeary commented on Parker County TEA Party May Meeting

The Parker County TEA Party will hold its monthly meeting: WHEN: Thursday, May 8th Meet & Greet, 6:30 – 7:00 Meeting, …

I have been a member of Victory Baptist Church for five years now. I cannot believe the leadership of Victory, to allow such contempt to our American Democracy, such as this far right wing racist and radical group. They should not be allowed to hold “any” voice in any building on Church property. They are not only twisting the meaning of the Constitution to benefit their billionaire supporters, but denying in their meetings ministering or helping the poor.

The 24th and 25th Chapters of Matthew seems to be completely ignored, although they profess that mixing religion with politics is the thing to do. Remember what Jesus said about the Roman coin ! The members of Victory need to be aware of the dark money of the Koch Brothers, are the primary funders of the Tea Party, in which is tearing the traditional Republican Party apart. Taking from the mouths of babies and the widows and the disabled and the poor, is a goal of this radical group. The teachings of Christ are not found in this Clan. Nor, is the reaching out to the least of these, that Christ proclaimed for the Christian to do.This is what this group is all about. They are totally in the pocket of the Corporations, the Oil Companies, most Billionaires, and the Lobby on K Street, in Washington. I hate to tell you fellow Church members, but if you are not wealthy, and are concerned about the quality of your future life, you need to be wary of this corporate polluter bought off group, that is supporting the sale of your Democracy, to the highest bidder. I love many of the members of VBC. Someone needs to tell the truth here…


Darwin Yeary


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Well Cammille, It is obvious your discrimination and bigotry views is something that you either inherited from being raised in such an atmosphere, or you are a Tea Party member, in which their derangement of the Constitution and denial of the right for every American to have “Liberty and Justice for All.” You also need to read the 25th Chapter of Matthew and try to understand the message for caring and ministering to the least of these, that also God gave life to. You, judging others that are in minorities groups, when the Bible says to Judge not, is something I would fear to answer for, on the Judgement Day, before God. You might also pray for Him to remove your homophobia.


Darwin Yeary commented on Ask Phil!

What Phil Believes about Government “What I believe about government and elected office: Don’t let government compete …

You Republicans, and Tea Party members need to have a disaster like the town of West, down on I 35. Texas is one of the worst in regulating protections aganst such a disaster. Protecting the Soil, water, and air quality should be an automatic given, for the sake of all of us, here in Texas.


Mr. Yeary,

With all due respect, I support your First Amend right to spew your “holier than thou” psychobabble.  After years of skimming superficially over your rants in the Weatherford Democrat, we have grown accustom to your inclination to look down your judgmental nose and point your bony finger of condemnation at the decent people who earnestly try to keep Parker County from falling into the cesspool of social stagnation that you seem to crave.

Many years ago true patriots secured your right to display in public your pharisaical condemnation of any and all with whom you disagree. Many of the decent people toward whom you level your sophomoric accusations are my friends…TEA Party people whom I hold in high regard because they are busy trying to make our community a better place.

Before you crawl back upon your self-appointed judgment seat and start quoting scripture, there is a verse in Matthew to which you alluded, that perhaps you should read again:

Judge not, that ye be not judged. – Matthew 7:1-3


Respectfully Submitted,

Lenny Leatherman

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  1. Mr. Yeary,
    You make a lot of accusations in your claims. Have you ever been to one of our meetings? I can promise you that the Parker County Tea Party has no “Billionaire” benefactors giving us any instructions. We are cut of the same cloth as David Barton and Rick Green, people who believe our Country was founded by Christians who used Christian values to come up with our form of Government. We show no comtempt for our American Democratic Republic…which is how you should have stated it. For we are not a Democracy, the founders new that a Democracy never works. All we do is educate ourselves about history and the issues of today. Including I might add the atrocity of Abortion. We have done many civic minded things such has collecting and taking water and supplies up the Firefighters on PK during the bad fires last year, we have held several rallies to honor our military and public service workers such as firefighters and police, we hold candidate forums for citizens to get to know the people running for office, we have never endorsed a candidate, we never collect money, we don’t even have a bank account. I propose before you slander our name any longer you come to a meeting and see what we are really about. Stop listening to the mainstream media who is feeding you propaganda and wake up, because big change is coming in this Country and we need as many people as possible to be awake. I’m not sure what you are so angry about, but before condemning someone you should first at least see for yourself what they are about.

  2. I sympathize with your concern for this country, but may I ask if your efforts in the Tea Party are noble, and do anything to restore the Constitution, the way it was in Americas founding? look at what we all see and hear about todays dispair of the weakest and most needy among all of us. If you read in the scriptures who did this back then, it was similar to the Pharisees, and their picture, which headed my first post on this blog, which I did not put there !
    One does not have to see what greed for the elitist is in this country. The Tea Party I admit had a good beginning, fighting higher taxes, and wanting representation by Congress. However it morphed into the Republican Party, which disparaged the middle class as well as the poor, especially after it started receiving support from billionaires. Ronald Reagan became President in the early 1980s. and I was there. He was the one who deregulated Wall Street, let the bulls loose, as he called it, and ended the wall between Banks, and Investment Corporations, which Republicans also promoted, These actions together which Republicans supported, allowed the combining of peoples home buying contracts with securities, and allowed toxic hedge funds to be sold by Wall Street. The collapse our economy in 2007 and 2008, after George W. Bush gave Tax cuts for the rich, plus the unpaid for illegal Iraq war, and an unfunded prescription drug program, all on the National credit card, left our country economy in broken pieces.
    President Obama was left with with all of this, and the American people elected him, because of the wreckage done under G W. Bush, and Wall Street.
    The Tea Party could not resist those millions of dark money dollars, and promoted the same policies that caused our country and it’s peoples to suffer, under unregulated Insurance companies, unregulated coal plants, we had to breathe, and gas prices
    out of the roof. Natural Gas was and is still unaffordable, for many Americans.
    No wonder 40,000,000 people are still on food stamps in this country. No wonder it has taken 6 years to begin to repair this economy. Although everything is still way to high, the people themselves, Republicans and Democrats and Independents need to demand accountability for all of these CEO’s walking away with millions, while the middle class and the poor pay out the nose.
    Darwin Yeary

  3. You are totally mistaken on the Tea Party nothing you say is true, the Tea Party is not a party…it’s a movement, and we did not approve of Bush’s handling with the bailouts and unfortunately the Crony Capitalism continues with Obama. The most transparent Administration ever , has more scandals and cannot seem to solve any problems and 6 years into this ordeal still blames George Bush for everything that happens…it’s getting old my friend. You site unregulated industries, yet it’s the very regulations on these industries that are making people unemployed and on food stamps. I volunteer at a Food bank and I donate money to the poor, tell me Mr. Yeary what do you do for them? Under your wonderful President, people are now mandated by law to purchase a product, no time in the History of the United States has this been done…and the healthcare product you are buying is crappy. I know of more than one person who cannot get a Doctors appointment now because if this Healthcare ordeal, we had the DOJ, running guns to drug smugglers in Mexico…they will not shore up our borders and stop illegals from coming in. We had an ambassador killed in Benghazi, during a botched trade for weapons and were lied to about it saying it was about a Youtube video, the IRS is illegally targeting people of the opposite party for political reasons, the VA is letting vets die on waiting lists instead of treating them, we just traded a traitor for 5 high level Taliban figures and you want to blame Bush? The traitor is sitting the White house and should be prosecuted for all of these infractions. Obama is not a leader, and couldn’t lead his way out of a paper sack. Go ahead though, that’s the left’s playbook, blame others and claim you are a victim…that’ s what ya’ll are good for.

  4. If your Tea Party group is doing all the good things in the community that the above writer says, I commend you. But your name “The Tea Party, “Is ruining your efforts by their policies in Red states, especially in the Deep South. Their Rally movements with President O’bama in white face, and their racist signs! No doubt racism is in this clan, which does not want to accept the fact that America is larger than the original 13 States. My God, America has over three hundred and twenty million people now, from every where in the world. You like many are disturbed about the illegal crossings from Mexico. But not too many years ago, all there was on the border was a bobbed wire fence. Both Democrats and Republicans tried to build a fence to stop the flow of Mexicans from crossing. Many died in the desert trying for a better life. Hundreds of thousands of deportations have occurred under President O’bama. But dividing a family has an inhumane feature that America has never praised.The only solution is a legal pathway to citizenship, deporting proven criminals, and end the exploiting of employers by using illegals for profit and low pay.
    By the way, how about your group begin supporting a living wage. I personally believe it should be more than $10.10 an hour. How about $15. an hour where a family can buy the necessities they basically need, and will help to pay these high utility providers that receive tax breaks, your Republican politician friends promote. Also how about Corporations that support your Tea Party movements, pay their fair share of Taxes, so America may regain it’s respect in the world again, like it once had. I am tired of all of this right wing greed, with a purple passion. Look Out, Texas may go purple soon ! Educate yourself about what your National Tea Party represents, you might want to change your mind about the name your group wears.

  5. You make old dried up arguments like all progressives, open ended so they can’t be answered. Nope against amnesty and against the minimum wage. In reality the minimum wage doesn’t really exist, people get paid what they are worth and by their own initiative and work ethic. Try a little personal responsibility…quit being the victim. I’ve never heard anyone on the left being positive about any situation…only whine and cry about being a victim. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get over it, life isn’t fair and luckily no one ever told me it would be. You my friend is who needs to educate yourself, your party and your idealism has been taken over by Socialists and Communists. You quote the Bible, but your party took God out of their platform to a round of applause by the audience…..I pity you actually and will pray for you also.

  6. Mr. Yeary, I find it sad that you as a member of the church would make all kinds of accusations about the Parker County Tea Party before you even attended a meeting or found out what was going on in the group.
    It appears that you have more of a problem with the Republican Party and therefore assumed that the Parker County Tea Party was an extension of them. It might help you to know that the Parker County Republican Party leaders despise the Parker County Tea Party because we put up candidates who want to work for the people and not just the rich and connected in the county.

    You also fail to understand the idea of the Tea Party. It is not a national group at all. While a few politicians may have hijacked the name for their own personal agendas, if you go to any of the local meetings, those people and their influence are not at those meetings. You will not find billionaires at the local tea party meetings.

    Saying that the local tea party should change their name because of a reputation given by a liberal media would be like saying that the local democrat group should change their name because of the reputation they are given by Fox News. You should be informed on how a group operates before casting insults and blame. Otherwise, you are bearing false witness which I am sure the members of Victory Baptist Church do not condone.

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