Why I am voting for Tiffany Branson – WISD Board of Trustees, Place 6

UPDATE: Congratulations Tiffany on your successful campaign for WISD Board of Trustees, Place 6!


by Lenny Leatherman –


Election for WISD Board of Trustees – May 10th.


Tiffany Branson says she is a Christian conservative.

Her life is a demonstration of those conservative principles.

Branson demonstrated the importance of education in her own life by earning a BBA in Finance from UNT in 2000 and J.D. from SMU in 2003.

Unlike her opponent – Branson has a vested interest in the decisions made by the WISD board, because she pays property taxes in Parker County!

Unlike her opponent – Branson exercises her civic duty to vote! How could she ask for your vote if she doesn’t vote herself?

When asked in an interview by a reporter for the Weatherford Democrat why she is running for a place on the WISD Board of Trustees, Branson responded by saying, “I have a firm belief in children and family.  Children are the most precious commodity in our community.  They are our future leaders, parents, school teachers and so much more.  We all have a direct interest in making certain that every child receives a great education and a good foundation in life.  To do so, we must ensure that each child here in Weatherford ISD has every opportunity at success that we are able provide.  It takes so many to make this happen.  No one person alone could set out and accomplish such a feat.  I believe in our kids and want to pull up my sleeves and work to make all possible for them.”

The following are additional comments from that Weatherford Democrat interview:

What are your thoughts on House Bill 5 and its impact on education standards?

I am very excited that House Bill 5 gives students an opportunity to begin thinking about their future and set some goals.  However, I also like the flexibility that is built into House Bill 5 so that a student can change their mind and change paths.  I love the fact that House Bill 5 requires the parents to be involved in that process with their children.  The most exciting news is that Weatherford ISD will be offering all of the endorsements to students right away.  Not all schools are able to that.  My only concern was whether we currently have enough counselors at WISD to handle this massive undertaking of meeting with each student and counseling them through their plan.

Would you be in favor of putting a bond election before voters, and, if so, what specific needs would you feel should be addressed?

As we all know bonds are a way to raise funds to address needs that can’t be met through the usual budgetary process.  I don’t know if the bond will be readdressed and presented to voters within my term if I am elected.  I can tell you that my approach when considering a proposed bond will be a conservative one.  I will ask many questions and not relent until all of my questions are answered.  As a property owner here in Weatherford, I understand the direct burden a tax increase presents to land owners.  I will not take this issue lightly.  My husband and I have an anti-debt approach within our household and it runs on a tight budget.  Also as a business owner I have learned to pinch pennies to make dollars.  As far as needs to be addressed, I would cite safety as a concern for our children.  Many of our schools here in Weatherford have no barrier to entry.

Why are you the best candidate for Place 6?

I have owned my own business here in Weatherford since 2009.  During the past five years, I have successfully run that business and it continues to grow.  It is my belief that a school board must be run like a business.  Secondly, I have a heart for children.  I have two of my own and serve many here in Parker County and surrounding counties as their attorney ad litem and/or guardian ad litem when they are removed from their families due to abuse or neglect.  I have always had a heart for children and family and wish to serve and better them in any way that I can.   Also through my legal training, I have learned to read research and ask questions.  It is my opinion that these tasks are the main functions of anyone serving on a school board.  Lastly, I have a solid reputation of loyalty and hard-work and maintain a driven approach to problem-solving.

Why am I voting for Tiffany Branson for WISD Board of Trustees –

Not only does she ‘talk the talk’, Branson’s life is a reflection of her Christian conservative principles, and I believe each vote she casts will be based on the principles to which her life is anchored.

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