Parker County Republican Women to Welcome Matt Krause


Join us for lunch ~

GUEST SPEAKER: State Representative Matt Krause

WHERE:  The Doss Center

WHEN: Thursday, April 10th at 11:30

You can make your reservation by calling Sonja Davis at 817-443-3870 or by email to

If you don’t think you can come but you find out on Thursday morning you can, please come. We always have plenty.

 The guest speaker for April is Representative Matt Krause. Rep. Krause was born in Tyler, Tx, where his father was a youth pastor at Green Acres Baptist Church. He is a constitutional attorney, college professor of American history and government, and public speaker on America’s Founding Fathers.

Rep. Krause is also the executive director of the Torch of Freedom Foundation, where the next generation of leaders is trained through Patriot Academy. Patriot Academy is held at the Texas Capitol and other states every summer where students learn the political process and how to make a difference in the culture whether through politics, the law, the media, or whatever area into which they have been called.

He has received an A+ rating from Empower Texans, 100% from Texas Eagle Forum, and a “Top 5″ Courageous Conservative Award from Texas Conservative Coalition during his Freshman Session.”

The vision of Patriot Academy is to equip a new generation of young people to become leaders in Federal, State, and local governments and to help bring our nation back to the principles of liberty on which we were founded.

Our goals are to:

  1. Train students to develop government policy with a conservative worldview like that of the Founding Fathers of America.
  2. Teach the political process through hands-on training that prepares these leaders to win in the arena of ideas.
  3. Motivate students to be leaders in politics, business, entertainment, media, and all areas of the culture.

President Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Unless we motivate and equip the rising generation to take up the torch of freedom and carry it forward, it will become extinguished forever. We desire to help students become agents of positive change and to give them the tools they need to successfully engage in the political process.

Our desire is that every young person who attends Patriot Academy will understand that it is their duty and the privilege to guard the precious legacy of freedom.

Erna Scchnebly


Campaign & P.R.

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