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April 3, 2014

Representative Phil King named to the Joint Interim Committee to Study Water Desalination

AUSTIN, TX – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) was named to the Joint Interim Committee to Study Water Desalination.  The committee is charged with examining the status of seawater and groundwater desalination in Texas, as well as ways that expanded use of desalinated water could help meet Texas’ needs.

“Water continues to remain a top priority for Texas and for our community,” King stated.  “Looking at alternative solutions to address our future water needs is critical for ensuring a strong Texas economy.”

During the 83rd Legislative Session, HB 4 was passed and signed into law by Governor Perry. This legislation established the SWIFT account to pay for needed water supply and conservation projects across Texas. Last November, Texans voted by a three-to-one margin to dedicate funding for those projects in the Texas Constitution.

The appointees will work to ensure that efforts to improve the state’s water supply are properly and effectively implemented.  They will also help the full House prepare to address water matters in the next legislative session, which begins in January 2015.


State Representative Phil King represents Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.


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5 responses

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    King was one of Joe Straus water PAC toadies and lap dogs to put Texas water in to private hands.

    Statists, like King and Estes, Straus, Perry & T Boone Pickens, will not be content until you have to beg them, and PAY DEARLY, for water.

    Cute wording – “State Representative Phil King represents Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.”

    Reality – he represents numerous PACs and lobbyists, as an attack dog when called upon…..he definitely does not represent the average citizen

    Rep. Phil King (R-61), ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Alternate[25], received $163,000 in campaign contributions from ALEC corporate members from 2004-2011

    You can go here and find out just how “pimped out” your elected prostitutes truly are-

    And these good little corporate soldiers, freshly elected with overwhelming donations from ALEC and others, wave the flag, post pictures of their family, and tell you what good “Christians” they are. And they condemn any attacks on them as originating from “evil liberals!” All of you who know me, would laugh at that label !

    King accepts $$$$ from energy companies, and its no coincidence we have such high utility rates.

    Cable Tv companies, oil-gas, homebuilders,, Okalahoma casinos, payday loan vultures… any dog that will hunt- Phil King & Craig Estes are your pimps on the floor in Austin !

    Your principle has placed these words above the entrance of the legislative chamber:
    “whosoever acquires any influence here can obtain his share of legal plunder.”
    And what has been the result? All classes have flung themselves upon the doors of
    the chamber crying: “A share of the plunder for me, for me!”

    – Frederic Bastiat, “Plunder and Law”

  2. There is an endless sea of saline water beneath our very feet if we will only use it, by desalinating it and making it potable. This is “off the shelf” technology which is being used by almost every ship in the U.S. Navy and by Saudi Arabia for almost all its fresh water needs. This endless supply of water which is easily desalinated is called The Ellenberger formation and is well known by the gas well drillers now busily drilling holes all over Texas. This is where maps of it can be found. has maps of most of the geological formations in the midwest and Texas.

    Our federal government has these desalination units on the shelf for spares when needed and they are readily available if they wish to allow you to use them. Since we are NOT a 3rd world country, that is more than likely beyond the realm of possibility.

    Jack Cavenah

  3. The State has approved and appropriated a very large funding package to be applied to Texas water resource development. Future water resource supply is a serious issue for Texas and it deserves some serious thought and action. It should be an interesting exercise to watch how many flies are attracted to this new honey pot.

    This is not to say a lack serious efforts will be directed toward reasonable projects. What should concern every taxpayer is the trajectory all too often followed in a politicized process. You can bet this time it will be no different. I am certain there is already a que forming to try and direct funding towards real or imaginary projects which will enhance the profile of elected representatives who will someday seek re-election.

    What does an interim committee really do? How are the members selected and what is the charge given to them? Will this committee be composed of only politicians and probably an academic or two? Since it is an interim committee one should wonder whether or not any serious authorities will be on the committee or at least have the opportunity to transfer useful desalination knowledge to the committee members. There are not many really experienced authorities on desalination, authorities that have industry experience and are not just equipment peddlers which is what you most often find without needing to scratch the surface of many of the “experts” very deeply.

    Most desalination equipment is expensive to operate, consumes substantial power relative to the quantity of product produced, and is high maintenance. There are several desalination techniques in use today. Each fits a particular set of circumstances. For example the desalination system on board a nuclear powered warship is aimed at volume of production not the cost of power supplied by a captive reactor. This would not be the case in the public arena. A good place to start the learning process about desalination would be to contact the appropriate individuals at Monsanto Chemical ( a true authority ) or the right research and implementation group in Israel. These folks know what they are doing.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Frank – look what just popped up today –

      snip – full article in link below-

      In order to acquire the water and expand his control over the Ogllala Aquifer, Pickens needed more political power. In 2006, Pickens bought off the Texas State Legislature for $1.2 billion. This purchase of water-related law making power has allowed Pickens the ability to accomplish four goals: (1) He created an eight-acre town and an accompanying local government, and subsequently made his tiny municipality into a powerful Water Supply District; (2) As such, Pickens automatically acquired the right to issue tax-free bonds and thereby, giving himself the lucrative benefit of borrowing at a tremendous discount; (3) Now operating as a public entity, Pickens is armed with the power of eminent domain which will allow him to expand his water acquisition potential in which he bullies local residents, along the aquifer, to sell their properties for pennies on the dollar; (4) Pickens used his 1.2 billion dollar bribe money to get the Texas legislature to pay for a 250 foot wide water pipeline corridor all the way to Dallas where Pickens will make an estimated yearly profit of $165 million at taxpayer expense. According to Business Week, Pickens is now the number one owner of water in the United States. He will soon possess the ability to create a waterless wasteland through the heartland of America and who is going to stop him, Obama or the corrupt Texas State Legislature? Pickens isn’t content with his new found power over Texas water supplies. Pickens is in the process of greatly expanding his control over water as he petitioned congress and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to expand his private/public water district’s power of eminent domain and right-of-way, so that he can operate across state lines as well. As this is fully granted, Pickens will control all water between Texas and South Dakota. Pickens is also in the process of doubling down as he has added his previous wind projects to the water district by proposing a vast $12-billion wind farm, to sit on the same land he is acquiring for his water pipeline. The cost of the water pipeline is estimated at $1.5 billion, which is being financed at taxpayers’ expense through bonds and low interest loans.

      Pickens has become the poster child for the phrase “crony capitalism,” and crony capitalism is the least of our worries. The net effect of the Pickens venture is that he will soon control a vast portion of the nation’s water. Pickens plays for the bad guys (i.e. the globalist banksters) and he is being allowed to enrich himself as he furthers the cause of the Agenda 21 takeover of the United States’ most precious resource, water.

      full article-

    2. Frank, the money in the new “honey pot” will go where it always goes: to the politicians first, their cronies second, and if any is left over, it will go for further study. Keep your well in good working order and pray for rain. It the US government can bankrupt the famous/infamous Bunny Ranch, what is the chance they can improve the availability of water? Slim and none, I’d bet.

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