Facts are stubborn things-

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We believe the good folks in Parker County want to believe the things they hear candidates for office say. Apparently that is no longer possible. Anne Hollis states on her website (www.annehollis.com) and other places that “…. I have been with my husband for 18 years….” Approximately 100 people at the TEA Party Forum heard Hollis make the same assertion. That means Hollis would have been married to her husband since 1996 – right? The Parker County Appraisal District records show her current address as 990 Harmony Circle, Weatherford, TX 76087. Did Hollis commit voter fraud in years 2000, 2004, and in 2006 when she voted using the name Anne Marie Garner, address 990 Harmony Circle, Weatherford, or is she lying when she says she has “been with her husband 18 years”?

Hollis’ voting record clearly shows her name, address, birth date and even the date she registered to vote. She was clearly registered to vote as Anne Marie Garner.

Hollis’ voting record –

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To understand data in this image, look for VTR_PRI04 in column “N”. The “3” indicates a Republican vote in the ’04 Primary election. The “3” in column “P” indicates a Republican vote in the ’02 Republican Primary. In an earlier post we stated, “Anne M. Hollis – No record of any vote cast between 2000 and 2012 when she voted in the Republican Primary.” See We deserve the government we elect. That is because we were unaware at the time that Hollis had been voting using the name Anne Marie Garner. Why is it important to the success of her campaign to be dishonest about the length of time she has been married? Making the same claim in several places at different times suggests a deliberate intent to deceive… why? Your standards are not what you say they are, they are what you demonstrate by your actions. Why would we elect someone who has not demonstrated by her actions that she is trustworthy and honest? Wonder how long it will be before someone attacks the messenger again? Facts are stubborn things.

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  1. Jack C Pickard

    Didn’t it say she had been with her husband for 18 years? That is a clear distinction from I have been married to my husband for 18 years. This smells of character assassnation to me what is the source of this story? Her record of service to this community is what is important here, I would say don’t be so quick to judge or impune someone and research the quote unquote facts completely before reporting a story, then give a complete, unbiased and accurate assessment of the story in a truthful articulate manner. I know that is not the standard set by the big guys i.e., NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX … but this media form must start cleaning itself up to be real and accurate vice gossup, or it loses all value to me.

  2. parkercountyblog

    I value your judgment, but I’m surprised you can’t see the problem here. If Hollis has been ‘with her husband for 18 years’, then why is her last name Garner for about half that time? Her address hasn’t changed. It is the same as the address she had when she voted using the name Anne Marie Garner. She was Anne Marie Garner from at least 1996 until at least 2006 according to court records that anyone can look up. Her name changed to Hollis some time after 2006. The voting record posted in the article is a copy of the official Parker County voter data from that period.

    I have a problem with her statement, “I have lived in Weatherford for 33 years, a 22 year member of Greenwood Baptist Church and am a strong believer in God. I went to Weatherford Schools and Weatherford College. I been with my husband for 18 years and have high Family values.”

    People are certainly free to live as they choose, but I believe when you decide you want to become an elected official, especially a judge, the folks you are asking to vote for you deserve facts that have not been manipulated. I believe ‘intent to deceive’ is synonymous with lying!

    You are correct when you say, “I been with my husband for 18 years” is not the same as “I have been married to my husband for 18 years”. We do know she was married to another man eight years ago.

    Those who do not see the problem here may certainly vote for whomever they choose. I just keep reminding myself, we deserve the government we elect.

  3. With all the information the Weatherford democrate has provided our community about the election and the candidates I thought you might like another true fact to print.
    The day after the election when Paula Hawkins Durant arrived to work at the county clerks office she was greated by a vase of dead roses which were displayed on her desk at 8:00am. Are we to assume a resident of Parker county was so upset at Mrs Durant for running in the election that they placed the roses there or do we assume that someone in her office did it?
    Maybe if you print this an investigation will take place and the uninformed voter might figure out the kind of person they just re elected for their county clerk!!

    1. Wow Kelly, sorry to hear that about the roses. At the courthouse forum Mrs. Durant certainly appeared to have a commanding knowledge of the daily activities of the clerks functions…from memory! Nobody deserves that kind of low blow. Its very courageous of anyone to even run for office and when you lose, well…it sucks. It sounds like you see her often enough. Would you please let her know she still has a lot of fans and I think she did a fine job. Having never met, heard or even seen Mrs. Durant, I left the courthouse thinking about how well she handled the questions and had all the facts right there in memory. It stuck me how passionately she wanted this position. I was certain others saw the same. Please let her know we are very proud of her. Thanks, The Jordans

  4. parkercountyblog

    Mr. Jordan, you may be right about Anne Hollis. She may be the great person you believe she is. Unfortunately, most folks never get to know the individuals behind their campaign face. All the public has to help them form an opinion are official records, statements candidates say about themselves, and opinion of those in whom they have confidence. I think you will agree that it is wise to question and VERIFY everything you hear a politician say.
    You are obviously very passionate about the campaign you support. We have the freedom we enjoy today (what little there is left) because the framers of our Constitution were equally passionate about the cause they supported. I admire you for that and I hope in the future we can find common ground on which to stand.

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