We deserve the government we elect

by Lenny Leatherman –


Candidates for public office typically craft their message to form a positive perception in our minds.

That’s understandable. We have a tendency to repeat behavior that achieves a desired outcome.  Our local candidates generally follow the same pattern. They each try to convince prospective voters that they are the best candidate.

Unfortunately, most voters do not search beyond superficial campaign rhetoric, and develop a profile of each candidate by listening to what they are saying and asking questions about issues that are relative to the office being sought.

Before you vote, ask around. Talk to co-workers and business associates. I think you will begin to form an accurate perception of the person behind the rhetoric.

We actually have some good folks running for local offices this time. Although some may be better suited than others for the office they seek, I believe each candidate could carry out the duties of their office.

As a resident in Precinct 3, I have done precisely as I suggested, and researched the backgrounds of the candidates. By doing an objective comparison, it was easy to identify Dusty Vinson as the candidate best suited for the office of Justice of the Peace.

How an individual votes I believe is an important factor to be considered. It indicates whether or not a candidate is actively participating in the selection of truly conservative citizens for public office. If he or she is a non-voter, that suggests to me that the individual is comfortable with our socialist trending government and does not care enough to become involved in reversing the downward spiral by selecting better public servants.  Actually, I believe we may be better served if they do not cast an uninformed vote!

A quick check of voting records show each JP3 candidate’s voting history:

1. Anne M. Hollis – No record of any vote cast between 2000 and 2012 when she voted in the Republican Primary.

2. Darrell (Dusty) Vinson – Voted early in every Republican Primary since 2000.

3. Greg Martin – No record of voting in any election since 2000.

4. Jerry L. Hataway – Voted in the 2004 and 2008 Democrat Primary elections and voted in the 2012 Republican Primary.

Records of other candidates also show apathy toward our system of selecting citizens to serve in public office. One example is Bernard Suchocki, candidate for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4. The only time he cast a vote since year 2000 was in 2008 when he voted in the Democrat Primary.

Certainly other factors should be considered when determining the best candidate. But I believe if, and how he/she votes speaks volumes about a candidate’s character.

Please do not settle for ‘also qualified’. Vote for the person who is ‘best qualified’.

We deserve the government we elect.

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  1. Your post does give insight into the way a candidate, or potential voter, may think in regards to his/her past voting record. And, as you point out, it is important for each and everyone of us as Americans to do our homework and decide who we feel will be the best candidate for public office. Let us not be jaded by individuals (Senator Bluto comes to mind) who have an overinflated value of self worth and give their two cents worth and just won’t vote for someone based on their tenure in office or whether they are former LE. I guess Bluto got a ticket when he was 16 years old for going 65 in a 40 zone, but swears he was only going 62. It sounds like he would (and may) have voted for someone from the “outside ” because we need “fresh blood”. Well, Bluto, with your thought process (which is reminiscent of Hope and Change in 2008 and 2012) you would elect an individual who hasn’t voted much or voted in some Democratic primaries.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      You got me Dean………….I am “jaded”, and likely still on double secret probation.

      I am “jaded” by the so-called “Republican” Party turning more and more statist-socialist-fascist- corporatist in my lifetime. Patriot ACt, Warner Defense ACT, DHS, and more Stasi-like bills all approved-signed for by “Republicans”.

      I am jaded by pattycake pansy “Republicans” who allow liars to run for, and remain in office, and who laugh at their lemmings’ request to vote for-against issues when they are blatantly bought and paid for by lobbyist and special interest groups

      You cannot spell ” Phil King ” without AT&T and Verizon, among others –

      ALEC writes any significant bills, and these are dumped on an “elected official” desk to then introduce. The Left has their assorted similar organizations, and really , nothing is what we were taught in government or civics classes in high school or even at dear old Faber…..goes on in Austin as blatantly as it does in DC.

      I guess I am jaded by SWAT teams who cold-bloodedly murder Derek hale, and Jose Guerena – Consider, for example, the sad scenario that played out when a SWAT team kicked open the door of ex-Marine Jose Guerena’s home during a drug raid and opened fire. Thinking his home was being invaded by criminals, Guerena told his wife and child to hide in a closet, grabbed a gun and waited in the hallway to confront the intruders. He never fired his weapon. In fact, the safety was still on his gun when he was killed. The SWAT officers, however, not as restrained, fired 70 rounds of ammunition at Guerena — 23 of those bullets made contact. Guerena had had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home…..

      Or drug task force teams who conveniently neglect to get a proper search warrant, right HERE i n Parker county. Or who go to the wrong address and murder a home owner who comes out to investigate noise, as in Ft Worth recently.

      or knock down and arrest joggers-

      or steal money from travelers –

      yep- guilty of being jaded about so-called “christian conservative Repubs” wwho have left our borders WIDE OPEN, helped send our manufacturing base overseas to please their corporate sponsors, and helped unleash Obamacare and crippling debt. as well as a useless pile of US dead corpses all over Iraq and Afghanistan, all based on total lies.

      “This passage is a near-perfect description of the mechanics of political perception
      in our day, especially in the land that Gore Vidal famously dubbed the United States of Amnesia.
      And how could it be otherwise? For almost all of us, politics exists largely (if not solely) on the screen — the television, the computer, the Blackberry, the iPhone. The electorate is almost entirely an “audience,” and nothing else; actual political engagement is left to the “experts”: the vicious in-fighters of power-gaming factions (and the witless sycophants who dance attendance on them in the media,
      the think tanks and academia), and the handful of “cranks,” on both right and left,
      who still raise hell at public hearings and sometimes even take to the streets
      — where they are invariably herded into nice, neat “free speech zones,” far from
      any point where their “unserious” opinions might inflict discomfort on the powerful.”
      Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque

      PS – we always enjoyed MRS Dean Wormer attending our frat parties !

  2. From Anne Hollis :
    I used to be one of those people who didn’t care about who got elected to what position. I just wanted to stay out of politics because there are so many mean people involved. I voted here and there and when I was in town but didn’t realize that I needed to do research, I just voted for the person If I knew them or their name.

    I didn’t have the luxury to grow up around a political family and was never taught anything about politics or how they worked, except what I learned in school, many many years ago. I thought it would never affect me. But I was I wrong!

    I became involved with some political organizations so I could learn more, so yes… I am fairly new to the political world! That’s why I am not a politician, I’m a dedicated hard worker who cares about my community and society,

    There are still some very mean people who try to drag others down to their level, but I made a promise to God and to myself that I would not become one of them and I hope you don’t either.

    I will not tell you what you want to hear or lie to you. I know what needs to be done and I will get it done!

    I have 2 very good co-candidates and no matter what happens with this election, they are my friends.

    For so many years, my husband and I have been the ones who people call if they ever needed anything, that is who we are and will continue to be.

    I am a lot more educated on politics now and will continue to grow my knowledge on it. I will be voting in every election from this point forward.

    If there is ever any doubt on what you hear and you get that feeling that it doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not.

    Feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions you may have. And if there are any perfect people out there, please contact me because I want to meet you.

  3. If your going to vote for Mr. Vinson, then do so! But why do you have to be one of those BULLY’s (I bet you were a Bully in school too) and you believe that you are perfect, which I assure you that you are NOT and neither is he.

    I do believe that Voting history is partially important along with a combination of honesty and dedication to family, employer and community. How many jobs has Dusty had? I did research on him and found out that he bounced around and had 5 separate Law Enforcement jobs in the past 20 years. Which 2 have confirmed that they will not hire him back!

    Did you know he doesn’t really have 4 kids, he actually has none! When you give up your child and sign over your parental rights, then you no longer get to call that child yours! Maybe you should ask him why he gave up his son when he was 7 years old! Ask him how he met his most current wife!

    You really think Dusty is all that perfect to be a Judge!

    What community involvement has Mr. Vinson had? What has he done for anyone, other then himself?

    Mr. Hataway was a Democrat, Well he converted to a Republican, which says a lot for him. Read his webpage and he clearly explains his choices.

    Maybe you should do some more research on Mr. Vinson instead of focusing on why Mr. Hataway isn’t a Democrat anymore. Talk to some of Mr. Vinson past employers and people he worked with, I bet you will find out the truth on how Lazy and what a follower he is and NOT a leader.

    Mr. Hataway made it a point to come to my house and talk with me, A note was left on my door by Mrs. Hollis, who I did call and spoke with her. I have not received any communication from Mr. Vinson! I heard he was lazy and expects everyone else to do his job. I have not made up my mind on who has my vote, but it will not be Mr. Vinson!

    1. Steve,

      I find it nearly humorous, and slightly disgusting how very hypocritical you are in postings. You read this blog, which is one man’s opinion based off of verifiable facts dealing with these candidate’s political backgrounds. Then you act as if you’re appalled that the author would “slander” (I think you mean libel) the candidates, so you take it upon yourself to spout off a string of unverifiable accusations against Mr. Vinson’s personal life – even dragging his family into it?? That sir, IS appalling. And although I will refrain from name calling, you definitely have no right to be calling the author of this article a bully.

      I will venture to say, that the information you have on Mr. Vinson – as unfounded as it is – is NOT the kind of information one gets from doing some “research” on a political candidate. It sounds more like information gathered at a quilting circle full of hearsay and vicious rumors. One could easily assume, based by the harsh and personal nature of your post, you are not a concerned voter, and merely someone with a personal vendetta against Mr. Vinson – I will not venture to make assumptions one way or the other. Although I am aware that men and women in law enforcement (who are good at their jobs) always make enemies…usually those who feel they were wronged by the justice system, perhaps including the citizens who make a living on the other side of the law. Perhaps.

      If you really are concerned about having a “Campaign where you focus on the good qualities”, I would challenge you to begin by practicing what you preach. If you are confused by what it actually means to focus on the good, it would entail touting the nominee you stand behind (once you find one to stand behind) and not dragging another through the mud – Mr. Vinson or otherwise.

      Now, all that being said, (I hope you read down this far) in regards to Mr. Vinson’s political and employment records, I would love for you to provide us with some references. I understand you could find people in Parker County who have a poor opinion of any one of the candidates, and I know an abundance of Mr. Vinson’s associates who think he is an outstanding candidate, so I’m not so concerned about that…mainly I am interested to know if those who told you he would never be hired back to one of his old jobs had the authority to make such a decision. I’m sure you will say yes, that they did…and as much as I would love to take your word for it, I would much rather you give us their information and allow us to contact them ourselves and verify your accusations. You know, for the sake of being an informed voter (and helping me clear up some of my information that conflicts with yours).

      I myself have not decided on a JP candidate to vote for, but I do feel passionate about standing against libel just as you do. And I must say I agree with you on one other note: The author who wrote this blog is not perfect, and no, Mr. Vinson is surely not perfect. But don’t forget, neither are you. Neither am I. And God knows, neither are any of the other candidates. Unfortunately for us, no man is “perfect” to be a judge. That is why we have elections, and look back on the candidate’s professional lives as an indication of what is to be expected from them in the future. Support your candidate, and make your voice heard! Just attempt to focus on the issues and keep from posting in such a libelous way in the future. Maybe then we can have a campaign where everyone truly focuses on the good.

  4. parkercountyblog

    Steve, this may be redundant but I don’t understand how attacking me helps you or your candidate. Attacking the messenger does not negte verifiable facts. The truth is its own defense. Sounds like you have done as I suggested and researched the background of at least one of the candidtes. I wish everyone would do that.

    As for my faults, Steve, I have many more that you are not aware of. I have frequent discussions with Jesus about them. Sorry if you are offended by something I said, but exercising my 1st Amendment rights is not one of my many faults, and I shall continue to say the things I believe.

  5. I’m not offended, I only see you pointing out the negative on two candidates but not on Yours, so I wanted to point out what your Candidates faults were. I very much believe in exercising the 1st Amendment Right and I appreciate you doing so. But if your going to blast them, when it appears that each of the candidates of all done well for their communities, why slander them?

    How about trying something a little different and making this a Campaign where you focus on the good qualities of your guy and let others focus on the good qualities of their candidates. Out of all the blogs I have read, yours seems to be the only one that makes this election a negative one.

    I don’t have a candidate yet and am still doing research on all three of them for JP 3. (Yes, I know there is 4 but Mr. Martin has not made himself known, so I will not even waste my time on him).

    I am not wanting to point out your faults, due to myself having my share of them too. I have talked to people who know you and they say you are a Christian and go to church, that is great but your words are not reflecting that of a Godly Man. I also contacted the Voters registration Office and your information is not correct, it appears that you have altered it and that some of the candidates have actually voted more then what you have written.

    Have you spoke with the other candidates? How well do you really know your candidate?
    What are your candidates plan for the Courts future and how can he make improvements?

    I have made several phone calls and left messages to your candidate but I haven’t received a call back from him.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I dont know about Dusty. However I have spent time asking Anne Hollis about why she,s is running and what her plans are if elected. I have spoken to Mr. Hataway as well and I have come to the conclsuusion thatMrs. Hollis is running for all the right reasons and she is better qualified for this position. The JP is supposed to be the peoples court because it is a court of the local people. Not only County local but divided into precinct level. Hataway is a very nice man and all kinds of experience with narcotics investigations etc. I looked at them all and asked ok, who here is best qualified for THIS position? Which has the skills that are APPLICABLE to this job? Mrs.Hollis and her husband have succesfully started several small businesses which gives her unique experience when hearing cases where a small business owner is involved. She also has lived HERE. Not just the County but the exact presinct she is running in. Community problems in Arlington are noy the same as in Parker. She also has put kids through school HERE and has great plans to help our young citizens have quality opportunities to not only pass in school but to excell. Please give Anne a call for info because she cant do it without all of us.

      1. Please excuse the typos…fat fingers and bad eyes!

    2. In response to Steve M. or Cindy D. It would be wise to practice what you preach. I could say “go ask Mr. Hataway how many times he was arrested for beating his wife or how many times has Ms. Hollis been arrested for lewdness”. I can tell you the answer is undoubtedly NONE for either candidate. I have no direct knowledge of either of these incidents, but the fact that they are even mentioned is a negative. If you have any proof of your allegations then name names. Say what 5 agencies Mr. Vinson worked for and which 2 did YOU contacted and WHO did YOU speak with when they allegedly told YOU they wouldn’t hire him back. I believe all the candidates possess good qualities and you should vote for the one that you think will do the best job. In this anonymous world no one benefits from meaningless rhetoric and innuendo from anonymous sources.

  6. parkercountyblog

    In reference to your statement: “I also contacted the Voters registration Office and your information is not correct, it appears that you have altered it and that some of the candidates have actually voted more then what you have written.”

    You accused me of altering voter information. That’s a little harsh don’t you think? I have copies of Parker County voter data from 1996 through 2012. It is quite possible that I may have overlooked something. I will check again, but it is unlikely that I missed anyone; unless someone voted using a different name. I will check divorce records and court records to see if that is a possibility.

    My purpose in posting this article was to draw attention to the importance of each candidate’s voting record. I believe how a person votes says much about the person. I didn’t criticize anyone. I posted factual verifiable information about all four of the JP3 candidates.

    Steve, facts are stubborn things. Sometimes they are not my friend – but they are what they are.

  7. Well we can all agree on one thing, this is one of the most heated election in years…lot’s of candidates with lot’s of different ideas. Let’s just pray we pick the right ones.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      I have tried repeatedly to find out if Vinson was part of that shamefull abuse of the 4th amenndment, back in 2010….in Parker County, Texas, staked out Michael Fred Wehrenberg’s house for a month after getting a tip that he was making methamphetamine. Without a warrant, officers entered his home and made arrests of those inside, including Wehrenberg.

      Parker County L-E sought the warrant to confiscate the meth-making material in the home after they had already searched it without a warrant. But on the search warrant application, they failed to mention that they had been in the home before.

      This cost taxpayers $$$ to fight through the appeals process so they could get a kangaroo court to rubber stamp this illegal activity, and never mind the “future crime” can of worms this “ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS” MENTALITY of the L-E involved.

      If Vinson was a part of this he needs to withdraw from the race and find an entirely different line of work than the “justice” system in any capacity, as should everyone involved, IMO

  8. […] record of any vote cast between 2000 and 2012 when she voted in the Republican Primary.” See We deserve the government we elect. That is because we were unaware at the time that Hollis had been voting using the name Anne Marie […]

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