Preparing to vote in the 2014 Primary Election?


by Lenny Leatherman –

Early voting in the 2014 Primary Election starts February 18th and runs through February 28th.

Do you know for whom you are going to vote … Why?

On what criteria do you base your decision when determining which candidate to support? Here are some questions you may want to consider:

1. Why is this person running for office?

2. What sets a candidate apart from the other candidates? A candidate may have an impressive résumé, but are his qualifications germane to the office for which he is a candidate?

3.  For County level offices, does the candidate have a verifiable record of community/civic involvement in Parker County? Is there a history of success or failure that can be verified?

4. Has the race become a ‘popularity contest’? Are candidates using criticism of those in office to divert attention from their own failures and lack of accomplishments?

5. Candidates for office are applying for a job. If two candidates competing for an office appear to be equally qualified, which candidate should you hire with your vote; a candidate who has lived in, paid taxes in and raised his family in Parker County, or someone who likes what Parker County has become, and moves here upon retirement?

6. Is voting for a candidate because he is your friend, or because he goes to your Church a valid reason to vote for a candidate? I think not! I have two brothers with totally different skill sets. If I need assistance with a task, I will call upon the brother with the skills that match the task. That doesn’t mean I love the other brother less.

Finally, having been a voter for many years, I have come to expect candidates to tell me what they believe I want to hear.  Some are truthful and some are not. I believe it is my responsibility to see beyond what a candidate is saying, and to verify a record of accomplishments or lack thereof.

For detailed information about the Primary Election, go to the Parker County Government  website. There you will find:

Early Voting Sites and Hours

Election Day Poll Sites

Sample Ballots:

Precinct 1 (Republican)
Precinct 2 (Republican)
Precinct 3 (Republican)
Precinct 4 (Republican)
Precinct 410 (Republican Precinct Chair)

Precinct 1 (Democrat)
Precinct 2 (Democrat)
Precinct 215 (Democrat Precinct Chair)
Precinct 3 (Democrat)
Precinct 4 (Democrat)

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    I will comment on # 3 above.

    For a County-level office , what vast experience is needed for any of these jobs? No one will be controlling a nuclear bomb switch, no one will deciding the fate and future of millions of people, etc.

    I think “experience” is highly overrated , as are absolutely MEANINGLESS awards from CoC or assorted local groups. Rileys little cute “mailer” last week was boasting of empty flacid recognition of him. All it did was reinforce my support of Cary Mckay

    Any county would be bbenefitted from fresh ideas from the “outside”….new ideas, different approaches to problems. I do not see where the current county judge brought much to the table with radio station experience.

    And if we had TERM LIMITS and RECALL procedures in place, we would not have to deal with entrenched political hacks, election after election. We need “fresh blood ” and fresh ideas and approaches at every level of government

    We might even end up with a government ” OF, BY, & FOR the people….” and not by the agenda-driven cliques, now entrenched.

    Just my 2 cents

    “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.”
    – H.L. Mencken

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    One more thing about “experience”……I read in the Bible about this dude named Jesse who had several sons……..his least of which, in human eyes, was named David who was nothing but a lowly sheepherder and not one of the camp followers and minions of King Saul

    David became King of Israel without attending charm school for wannabe politicians….seems he did okay without plaques and commendations from CoC and the usual little pandering groups around the Israeli Brushveld.

    Parker county does not have too many elected positions that require extensive experience and backgrounds and credentials of a particular discipline – just look at the requirements for a JP = 1. have a pulse 2. be a resident for a year

    I tend to think character is more important than “experience” since we are not electing neurosurgeons or astro physicists.

    Personally I would like to see NEW faces in every possible position and will not vote for any incumbent.

    Looks like my JP 3 race will be among 3 career L-E , or some guy on the outside who will get my vote, just like McKay will for judge ( how could he be worse than Riley…does he have a bad knee ? )

    The very reason for the First Amendment is to make the
    people of this country free to think, speak, write and worship
    as they wish, not as the Government commands.
    ~~ Justice Hugo L. Black ~~

    1. I agree with you that McKay is by far the best man for the job when it comes to C.J. but man you got J.P 3 completely backwards. You would vote for a guy that threw a dart at a map 23 months ago to retire to and then when he got bored decides to run for JP as a hobby. You are voting out the” establishment” C.J. and voting in the establishment JP! So Hollis has spent her life working iton the pricinct, put her kids through school here. Started several small businesses and now wants to spend the immediate future making sure her family and friends get the best representation by running for this position while working 12 hour shifts ? Thats just great. Dont complain about the yoyos in office when you are the one who put him there.

      1. Senator_Blutarsky

        Thanks for clarifying the JP3 issue – I will definitely vote for tyhe “outsider” rather than the 2 active and 1 retired career cops.

        Do you or anyone else really think that a former cop-deputy as JP will just not be a little bit inclined to side with a fellow “brother in blue” , and certainly among 2 who worked for the same department ? You tell me that is not part of the “establishment” – ???

        I had hoped Vinson or one of his camp followers might answer the question I posed here 2-3 weeks ago – was he a participant or maybe even a ring-leader of the infamous drug raid on Wehrenberg in 2010, since he proudly claims to be a member of aan area drug “task force ” ? unfairpark/ 2013/ 12/ parker_county_meth_search_warr.php?page=all – 2013/ 12/ 20/ texas-police-enter-home-without-warrant-force-everyone-to-leave-then- conceal-the-raid-from-judge-in-obtaining-a-post-search-warrant-found- to-be-entirely-permissible-by-texas-court/

    2. I wasn’t advocating an “outsider” as being involved in the field so much as I was advocating the right person for the specific job. *see #5 above* Here’s an earlier post:

      If Mr. H represents a “Pillar of the community” in Parker County where he has lived for only 2 years, then by this measurement Mrs. H represents the “Foundation of Parker County.”
      Mr. H says to be effective the JP must develop partnerships with the community. Anne has been building these partnerships right here in Parker County for over 33 years.
      Also regarding job duties as a JP:
      One of these is hearing cases from Small Business owners who are trying to collect from some dead-beat who has taken the merchandise but will not pay. These cases are very personal because its your livelihood and somebody basically stole from you and you are almost out of options. If this were you and you went to court before a judge, wouldn’t you want somebody who has stood on your side of the bench listening to your case? Anne Hollis for JP#3 has started several small businesses from scratch and has been successful. She knows the frustrations and challenges. She will be there for you.
      The closest I find to real world, hands on experience is from Mr.H BIO – “As Commander for the narcotics and organized crime division I supervised up to 35 employees and had oversight of a budget exceeding a million dollars.” While this experience is substantial to say the least. It simply is not *applicable* for this position.
      Another essential function is handling truancy and juvenile related cases. What can I say? Having raised 2 boys right here I am sure somewhere down the line there was something.
      From Annes BIO –
      “Ninety percent of the Parker County schools are in Precinct No. 3, which means a higher number of truancy cases will be heard in this court. I have experience working with juveniles in the schools, as a School Resource Officer and as a Juvenile Investigator. I believe that Juveniles should be held accountable for their own actions, and this is where the Teen Court could help. The Teens are put in front of a jury of their own peers, instead of adults which makes their actions a learning process for everyone involved.”
      There was no specific mention in Mr. H BIO with any juvenile issues that I saw but this experience was listed.
      Quote “27 years of law enforcement experience, primarily in criminal investigations. I have had the opportunity to work closely with legal advisors addressing search, seizure, and arrest warrant policies.”
      Last, in reference to the “establishment reference. Mrs. H for JP #3 is the ONLY candidate who has signed a pledge to uphold the TEXAS Constitution specifically article 1, sections 1 and 2 – Mr. H was given the opportunity to pledge his candidacy to hold the Texas Constitution paramount, however due to political winds he DECLINED. Mrs. H has stated openly she would support giving ALL Texans a change to vote on a non binding referendum that states “Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation” FOR or AGAINST. Now, if THAT is not establishment, I don’t know what is!! She supports the Texas Nationalist in the “political, economic and cultural independence of Texas” I ask you, have you seen another candidate with the …. nerve….to openly declare that? The other 2 candidates are old school establishment republicans and the last one is a no-show. Mrs. H has my vote and I only wish I could clone her.

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    Well buckaroos……….look what just hit my email box-

    The Texas TURF voters guide

    Estes gets an “F” of course, PKing the crafty one gets a “C”

  4. Senator_Blutarsky

    The Peter Morrison Report

    These are my recommendations for the current Republican Primary

    U.S. Senator: Steve Stockman
    Governor: SECEDE Kilgore
    Lieutenant Governor: Dan Patrick
    Attorney General: Barry Smitherman
    Comptroller of Public Accounts: Debra Medina
    Commissioner of the General Land Office: David Watts
    Commissioner of Agriculture: Sid Miller
    Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian
    Chief Justice, Supreme Court: Robert Talton
    Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6: Joe Pool
    Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8: Phil Johnson
    Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals: Bert Richardson
    Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4: Kevin Patrick Yeary
    Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9: David Newell

    Ballot Propositions:
    No. 1: Religious Freedom: YES
    No. 2: Second Amendment: YES
    No. 3: State Franchise Tax: YES
    No. 4: Drug Testing for Welfare Benefits: YES
    No. 5: Laws Apply to Elected Officials: YES
    No. 6: Affordable Care Act: YES

    Note that not all of these are strong recommendations. There are
    other good candidates in some of these races.

    If you live in Hardin County and are interested in my local
    recommendations, please email me and I will let you know what they

    The Peter Morrison Report

    PO Box 8742, Lumberton, TX 77657, USA

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