Is past performance a reliable predictor of future performance?

County CourthouseBy Max Arneson –

Does anyone know if it is true that Ann Hollis has through the years started up several businesses only to see each of them fail? I think I heard her say at the TEA Party forum last week that in addition to a full time job with the Sheriffs Office, she is a “business owner” – did I hear that right?

So let me get this straight. All of Hollis’ businesses have been failures – right? She is now the owner of another business and is trying to get elected to a FULL TIME position with the county as Justice of the Peace?

Does Hollis really expect voters to believe that if elected, she would be a FULL TIME judge? Maybe her “business interests” are the reason why she wants to start holding court sessions at night – hmmm!

I bet I’m not the only voter that has a problem with the potential for a serious conflict of interest, or at the very least, the perception of a blatant conflict. I’m just glad she is not our only choice for JP in precinct 3.

I think Rush Limbaugh is right. You can’t just listen to what they are saying about themselves, what have they actually done that makes a difference, and what are the chances that their future performance would be any better?

So who am I going to vote for – at this point I have no Idea, but I know now who I am NOT voting for!

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  1. Some of these local races remind me of satellite TV. 300 channels, but nothing worth watching.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Damon – I wish you were running for something. Parker County sure needs some fresh faces and new blood and energy.

      Hope you and family are well

      to Max –

      Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them
      Matt 7:20

  2. What she said was that she and her husband have started several small businesses and once established sold them to others who wanted to have their own business. Did her and her husband ever have one fail? I don’t know, do you? Or are you simply implicating and creating a “there, there”.
    So, in answer to your question that “all her businesses have been failures, right?” The answer is no. Not right.
    You sly dog you. Clever way to seed doubt about her idea to open night court, if it will help citizens and reduce costs. You say her “business interests” are why she may want to have night court…”hmmmmmm”. Here I thought maybe there was some honest blog about reality but then I read this. You interjected that you may have heard something then took it to “blatant conflict of interest” in a matter of only a few sentences. I hear they are writing books now about how awefull it was back in the 80’s when Reagan was President, being a racist womanizer, they wrote. It’s a good thing we who were there are here to set them straight.
    I just hope those who read the same fiction you just wrote don’t actually believe it. The last time I was so close to someone misleading the pubic, he was saying “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

  3. I’m not sure which candidate you are supporting Mr. Arneson, however, if I were that candidate, I would be embarrassed. Your blog regarding Mrs. Hollis is completely unfactual and misleading at the least, and quite possibly slanderous at the worst. Those, by the way, are the tactics we expect from the Liberal agenda. As Republicans, we need to set the bar for fair and factual campaigning. Mrs. Hollis and her husband, John, have started several businesses which became successful and were sold for a profit – that’s capitalism and strong business management at it’s best. That business experience adds to her already steller qualifications for this position. She suggested possible evening and/or Saturday court as ADDED duties to the JP court – she also suggested 2 or 3 more day court times per month in addition to Teen Court. She would be ADDING to her full time hours, not subtracting from them. And, if her current business conflicted with her full time JP duties, she would probably sell it for a profit, just like her other successful businesses. No conflict of interest here, just good common sense from a well rounded and qualified candidate. It’s perfectly ok to support another candidate and to vote for the candidate of your choice, but to publish false statements in order to malign and cast doubt over an opposing candidate is the kind of mudslinging and dirty campaigning the Republican Party and Parker County can do without. We are better than this Mr. Arneson.

  4. I do believe that Mr. Arneson likes to falsify statements. I researched Mrs. Hollis and found that everything she stated at each of her speaking’s and in her writings, have been accurate. She has not had ANY failed businesses and does donate her services and supplies to those people and organizations who are in need.

    Unlike Mr. Vinson who does NOT attend the Church in Dennis and I know this because I visited that church in hopes to talk with Mr. Vinson. When I asked the members about him, I was told that he does not attend that church, he had only been there as a guest 1 time. So do you really want a LIAR in that office? Not only is he lying, he lies about God’s house! I went to Mrs. Hollis’s church and located her on the front row. I spoke with her pastor and other members of her church, who all confirmed that she is dedicated to her church, family and career, she has a sincere concern and care for people and our community.

    Mr. Hataway has not stated which church he goes to. He has done nothing for the community in the 2 years that he has lived here, he says that the JP 3 needs to be a person who is a “Pillar of the Community” which he nor Mr. Vinson is that.

    Many of Mr. Vinson’s past and current co-workers were also talked with, they all said the same thing, Mr. Vinson is lazy and does NOT like to work and he could not be reached when it was time to work, his work ethics are undesirable and he would not do anything for anyone unless he benefitted from doing it.

    So Mr. Arneson, before you make false accusations, then why don’t you personally talk with each of the Candidates, before you give your false information. You are just as ignorant as the person your getting your false information from.

    I have made up my mind and will say that Mrs. Hollis is the best Candidate for JP #3. She is the only one who has given her information accurately and said what she wants to do for the citizens and the future of our community.

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