State Senator Dan Patrick Speaks at Parker County TEA Party Candidate Forum

State Senator Dan Patrick

State Senator Dan Patrick

Parker County TEA Party leader, Dawn King, hosted an event last night in which State Senator Dan Patrick was guest of honor. Those in attendance heard Patrick explain many of the most important issues facing Texans in the years ahead, and steps he proposed to minimize their potentially devastating impact.

Patrick addressed a friendly audience of approximately 100 TEA Party citizens whose support for him appeared to be unanimous. I think it is safe to say Parker County TEA Party members are in ‘lock-step’ with Patrick on virtually every major issue. He stressed his determination to end the inane practice of appointing Democrats to Committee Chair positions in a Republican majority Senate. Following Patrick’s discussion, Dawn King proceeded with a Candidate Forum. Candidates in attendance were given an opportunity to make a brief statement about themselves, their qualifications and the reason for their candidacy.

With few exceptions the candidates honored the ‘house rules’ and kept their comments brief and focused. As one would expect, some responded to questions more succinctly than others.

The question and answer period was I believe more helpful than the candidates’ prepared statement.

A candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct 3 was asked what she thought about collecting money for fines and traffic tickets (or words to that effect). Her response was to suggest that it shouldn’t be a JP’s job to collect those funds.  I remember thinking it’s not the JP’s responsibility to determine which laws are good or bad.  What about the next law she disagrees with? Do we want Judges deciding which laws to enforce. We get enough of that from the Obama administration.

After listening to another candidate for PC3 Justice of the Peace, I came away thinking this guy is in love with himself and would  not be opposed to having a SWAT team standing by to subdue an ordinary citizen for “failure to appear” or some equally heinous crime.

After a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct 4 finished stating his qualifications in a quite boastful manner, about being some Rocket Scientist and a lawyer, one citizen asked, “Are you sure you are in the right political party?” Another asked, “If you are such a big shot scientist and lawyer, why are you running for JP?”

A visitor to Parker County would surely have learned in that forum that TEA Party folks in Parker County are not impressed with political embellishment and boastful rhetoric.  They may not all be ‘rocket scientists’ but they certainly possess the ability to discern true character, or lack thereof.

I believe it was a productive evening in which attendees were given an opportunity to see first-hand the difference between candidates who genuinely want to serve, and the few who can’t see beyond their own mirror.

Thanks to State Senator Dan Patrick for participating, and thank you Dawn King, for hosting an interesting and important event.  Dawn, you truly are… for such a time as this.

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  1. I felt like everyone went away from the Tea Party meeting Thursday night a little more informed and I think everyone there got something out of it that might help them in deciding their Primary vote. The great thing about the Tea Party candidate forums like this, is the fact that we always have a very educated and well informed audience. That makes the questions a little tougher for the candidates than most gatherings they attend. It has in the past made some candidates mad. I have to agree the candidate for J.P. 3 seemed a little too Gung Ho for me. We aren’t in a war zone, maybe we could tune it down a notch and maybe we don’t need to Swat team storming a kid’s lemon aid stand….just my opinion.

  2. Thanks Rick good comments, I would suggest that all candidates in JP Pct 3 remember that they are the peoples court and are responsible for upholding all the current laws and future laws as written. It is not a place for you to leasurely or loosely interpret and therefore legislate new law. It is a place to administer, enforce and dispense the law as already legislated by legal entities, equally to all citizens within your jurisdiction. Make sure you understand and adhere to your oath of office first and foremost. May the most deserving candidate win and serve this position in honor and respect of those that you serve.

  3. To whomever posted this blog.

    Do you always lie and make up words when blogging? If so, then you have lowered the credibility of this site and the Tea Party. You have some serious issues!

    I was at that Meeting and nothing was ever said or implied about having SWAT in Court, the question was “what do you think about militarizing the police” he was saying that there needs to be uniformity in Law Enforcement. He did not seem that he was in love with himself. He wants his experiences to be known so everyone can make an informed choice. I have talked with him on numerous occasions and he is a very kind man.

    There was no question asked “what she thought about collecting money for fines and traffic tickets (or words to that effect)”. Her response was not to suggest that it shouldn’t be a JP’s job to collect those funds. The question was “What do you think about everyone else raising their revenue.” Her answer was, “Don’t the Tax Payers pay enough money.” She made no comment about not taking money and or not following the laws, the fines are set by the State, not the court. I spoke with this candidate after the meeting and she will make this court for and about the people. Maybe you should talk to her and listen to what she has to say and her ideas.

    You can’t be in Law Enforcement as long as these two candidates have by not following the law, which both would clearly continue to uphold. You obviously have not been a police officer! Neither have I, but I respect both of the candidates for what they have done and accomplished. They are taking a stand for this County and are not afraid to do so. What positive things have you done for this County?

    Where were the other two JP3 candidates? Are they afraid or ashamed to stand and talk in front of the Tea Party? I have done my research on all four JP #3 Candidates and have found out a lot about all of them. None of them are perfect people, but the 2 that were at the Tea Party Meeting are the best of the four candidates. I live in that precinct and still have not made up my mind yet.

    I do agree with you about the candidate for JP4 being over qualified and a rocket scientist. The incumbent is defiantly the best choice for that position.

    Dawn King did a great job heading the meeting. I want to thank her for the invite, it was very informative. Please let me know when the next one is. Thank you.

  4. Mr. McGinnis, perhaps you should read my comment again, “….I came away thinking this guy is in love with himself and would not be opposed to having a SWAT team standing by to subdue an ordinary citizen for “failure to appear” or some equally heinous crime.” Where is the ‘lie’ in that statement?
    You agreed when I expressed my opinion about a candidate for Pct. 4 JP. Is it only when I express my opinion about your candidate that you object? That seems like a perfectly normal reaction to me. But it certainly is not justification for suggesting that I ‘lie’.
    As for your comment….”Do you always lie and make up words when blogging?”
    “I came away thinking….” Again I ask, where is the lie in that statement?

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