Parker County TEA Party welcomes State Senator Dan Patrick

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  1. You are not taxed enough already when you won’t inform people of the extra burden they bear by the PCAD giving out reductions in value and bogus ag exemptions hand over fist. This is definitely NOT a TEA Party. It is a Dawn King social group. Down the steps at 8pm sharp and to Hell with any meaningful discussion about topics that affect us daily.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Jack – I have always understood the wisdom in the ” all politics is local ” point of view.

      And an effective local group closely examining local issues, such as you have diligently researched, should not be ignoring those issues. State and national issues bear tremendous scrutiny, but each is 1-2 steps removed from the local election process.

      Parker County has a sitting judge with full Agenda 21 issues guiding him, and some of the commissioners do not even know (so the claim) what Agenda 21 is.

      I hope the candidate forum of local offices will get tremendous scrutiny, and we might even read a report on it, in some venue.

      Just so you and others know, the original ” TEA ” Party movement was comprised of Ron Paul small-government supporters. It became a popular theme for the “neocons” to co-opt and marginalize, nationwide. Most now are johnny-come-lately types, however well-intended individuals within one may be

  2. Our local commissioners ARE aware of Agenda 21, because I have told them about it.
    They may plead ignorance, but they are lying if they do. Of course that is what they do best.

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