Response to ‘ David Barton voices support of Convention of States in letter’

David Barton

David Barton

The following is Betty Wills‘ response to the previous post: David Barton voices support of Convention of States in letter


The arguments that support an Article V Convention are pure propaganda to cover up the conspiracy that’s driving it.  The progressive movement intends to change our Constitution to better accommodate their needs.

Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah explained it perfectly in the following article:

You can also read her rebuttal to Mark Levin as well as several other fact-based, and meticulously detailed articles at

The goals of a con-con are definitely NOT to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, rather they wish to fundamentally change it in defiance of conservatism, capitalism, the Bill of Rights, and for the primary purpose of destroying our free Republic.  The following list of endorsing organizations speak loudly to a progressive agenda:

Brown v Board of Education, 1957 – a Florida House & Senate Interposition Resolution NULLIFIED a Supreme Court Decision that usurped the Constitution.

Common sense is seriously lacking if you think you can fix the problems by adding or changing amendments in a Constitution that is currently being ignored. NULLIFICATION is the only sensible way to correct the problems, and stop the usurpers.  The risk of a runaway convention is much too high, especially when our country is at stake.

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Eagle Forum has a nice, concise dissection of the problems with a “con-con” –

    Click to access 20Questions.pdf

    Huldah, Dr Edwin Viera and many other Constitutional scholars have correctly rejected the idea of an Article V convention for decades, as too dangerous.

    My contention is that the Constitution as written is flawed, consistent with Lysander Spooner. Couple that with open-ended SCOTUS rulings (which Congress never seems to correct or address or override ) and we now have a functioning oligarchy instead of a Constitutional Republic.

    Just look at John Roberts vote on Obamacare , as how an out-of-control judiciary has fundamentally altered this nation, and tell me how confident you would be with a con-con , which would entail any number of court rulings and interpretations along the way – feelin’ good about that are ya, – Barton, Beck, Levin and other “judas goats” for such a hopeless solution?

    NULLIFICATION is the only real tool the States have at their disposal-

    Too bad the con-con crowd cannot work with something viable, instead of a vague, useless pipe dream.

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