Vinson announces candidacy for Precinct 3, Justice of the Peace

From Weatherford Telegram > Opinions, 01/21/14 –

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Dusty Vinson formally announced his candidacy for Parker County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 on the Republican Party ticket for the March primary election.

With 21 years of experience working for and “faithfully serving” the citizens of Parker County, Vinson asks for your vote and support to realize his vision for a responsive justice system. “The Justice of the Peace Court is the people’s court. Therefore, it is imperative to render competent, fair and ethical justice, and to assure a level playing field for both the defendant and the plaintiff. I assure you that in my court, everybody will be treated equally.”

While Vinson currently serves as the Senior Investigator for the Parker County District Attorney, his cumulative law enforcement expertise will allow him to objectively weigh the facts and apply the law in each individual case. Dusty formerly served as lieutenant at the Parker County Sheriff’s Office where he commanded the Patrol Division and gained invaluable experience creating, maintaining and operating a $1.3 million patrol budget. During this time, he also supervised the Communications Division, the Drug Interdiction Program and the School Resource Officer Program.

Additionally, Vinson is a former Narcotics Agent who served with the Cross Timbers Narcotics Task Force. During his tenure as a Narcotics Agent he became well versed in preparing, obtaining and executing search and arrest warrants. Vinson holds multiple certifications including a Master Peace Officer Certification, is a State certified police instructor, has logged hundreds of training hours throughout the years and was recently recognized by the Texas District and County Attorneys Association as a Professional Investigator.

“A lot happens in JP court. You need to have a working knowledge not only of state laws and criminal procedures but also of how the justice system operates in order to be effective in this position. JPs handle a wide variety of cases including both criminal and civil trials, seized property hearings, search and arrest warrants, traffic court, truancy, evictions and dangerous animal issues. I believe my diverse experience will allow me to provide an efficient and fair forum to rectify disputes and to provide justice for the citizens of Parker County”.

Vinson and his wife, Julie, are the proud parents of four grown boys. He is a member of the Dennis Baptist Church, Howard Payne Alumni Association, and the Texas District and County Attorneys Association. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Freedom House.

“Since 1992, I have dedicated my career to serving the citizens of Parker County, and with your help, I will continue that service as your next Justice of the Peace.”

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Sad………….Pct 3 seems to be flush with government career trough- feeders for this post. And the one who is not , seems to make his living off their exploits.

    Mr Vinson ( I have never heard your name before and do not know you or any other candidates for this post in any personal or even casual basis, whatsoever )…….you state you have been “faithfully serving” Parker County, for x-number of years.

    Does that mean you have blindly obeyed orders from your superiors, regardless of Constitutionality ? Have you ( or the other 2 career L-E in this race ) ever kicked a door in on a rather hazy warrant ? have you ever bullied and intimidated a citizen on the side of the road to search their vehicle ? Do you have ANY understanding of the Bill of Rights, especially the 4th and 5th Amendments? You took an oath at some point to “support and defend the Constitution” ( which, dang , includes the 4th and 5th amendments) at some point in your career – was that just lip service and rhetoric ?

    Have you ever been any part whatsoever of the heinous ” drug forfeiture ” absconding and plunder of property , just because ” they can…” ?

    Please assure us all that those promises of fairness etc would mean you might DENY a search warrant to one of your old buds down at the court house , because it was flimsy as a cheap trash bag ? Really – would you ?……but then, Parker County uniformed actors do not even need search warrants until after-the-fact, it seems…

    But since you are a good Baptist, I am sure you are aware of such scriptures as –

    “Woe to those who decree unjust statutes and to those
    who continually record unjust decisions, to deprive the
    needy of justice, and to rob the poor of My people of
    their rights …
    Isaiah 10:1,2 (NIV)

    Proverbs 22:22-23
    22 Do not exploit the poor because they are poor
    and do not crush the needy in court,
    23 for the LORD will take up their case
    and will plunder those who plunder them.

    So, all of us in Pct 3 look forward to you expounding on your “vision”…

    Chief Justice Marshall, in the course of the debates of the Virginia State Convention of 1829–1830 (pp. 616, 619), used the following strong and frequently quoted language:

    ‘The Judicial Department comes home in its effects to every man’s fireside;
    it passes on his property, his reputation, his life, his all. Is it not, to the last
    degree important, that he should be rendered perfectly and completely independent, with nothing to influence or control him but God and his conscience?

    * * * I have always thought, from my earliest youth till now, that the greatest scourge
    an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people, was an
    ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent Judiciary.’

    And surely you are aware of William Pitts’ examination of the Magna Carta regarding, basically – search warrants –

    “The poorest man in his cottage may bid defiance to all the force of the crown. It
    may be frail — its roof may shake — the wind may blow through it — the storm may enter — but the King of England cannot enter. All his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement.”
    William Pitt

    I look forward to hearing you respond , and enlighten us all on this “vision” of yours.

  2. Dear “Senator Blutarsky” – a citizen who criticizes many but contributes NOTHING:
    In your post you allowed innuendo to conceal any credibility you may have.
    What do you actually know about Mr. Vinson?
    Why don’t you stand up and be responsible for your unjust criticism of a model citizen of this county instead of cowering behind an alias?
    If you have proof of wrong-doing by Mr. Vinson, please bring it forward. If you do not, I suggest you refrain from further slander – implied or otherwise.
    You and so many others find it easy to criticize those who stand up and actually run for public office, but do nothing more than sit on your lazy butt and complain that ‘all politicians’ are corrupt!
    Why don’t you do something about it? If you are the only person left in your precinct who is not corrupt, why didn’t you run for justice of the Peace?

    The man whose reputation you maligned is a man of impeccable character with a rock solid reputation. To do harm to his reputation serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Mr Arneson – perhaps you need to reread what I posted, with a bit more objectivity.

      1. I clearly qualified my post with this – “Mr Vinson ( I have never heard your name before and do not know you or any other candidates for this post in any personal or even casual basis, whatsoever ) ”

      Hence – this post was not ” unjust criticism “.

      2. I raised issue with the phrase he used ” “faithfully serving” the citizens of Parker County ….”.

      Let me clarify the questions I raised – to repeat myself from above , what does faithfully serving , truly entail? Was it the unconstitutional drug raid last year –

      ” A police anti-narcotics unit had been conducting surveillance of a Parker County residence for approximately thirty days when officers received a call from a confidential informant advising them that the occupants were preparing to manufacture methamphetamine that night. Several hours after receiving that call, at approximately 12:30 a.m., officers entered the residence without a search warrant and without consent. Upon entering the residence, the officers encountered several individuals, including appellant, whom they handcuffed and escorted to the front yard. Officers performed a protective sweep of the residence, determined that no methamphetamine was being “cooked” at that time, and then went back outside the residence. Two investigators then prepared the search-warrant affidavit. The affidavit relied only on information provided by the confidential informant and did not mention the officers’ warrantless entry into the residence. ”

      Mr Vinson is/was a member of a drug “Task Force ” , correct ? Was he a party to this warrantless search-?

      “More importantly, the officers concealed from the court that they had already entered the home without a warrant which distinguishes the case from the decision in Murray v. United States…”

      If any candidate for any office is a party to such, I would question the “faithfully serving” phrase, as well as raising that same question on other issues especially dealing with the 4th & 5th amendments. And any prudent reader of my comments would easily understand that my questions, applied to any/all of the candidates who are full-time law enforcement, active or retired……that is 3 of the 4.

      So, maybe Mr Vinson would be enough of a respector of the Bill of Rights (which he swore to uphold and defend) , that he would have had no part to the shameful raid in question. But he does claim to be a drug task force member- ??

      Is it not a fair suspicion for citizens to question status qou when such has been demonstrated to overstep the Bill of Rights ?

      And addressing the typical campaign rhetoric – ” to realize his vision for a responsive justice system ” – what IS that ? 1000’s of individuals , presently and numerous thousands upon thousand have served as a JP in this state – what “vision” does he have that would be a block-busting epiphany from all who had previously held that office in Texas’ long history , or hold that office now ?

      “The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” –Samuel Adams

      1. Mr. Blutarsky, as Si Robertson would say, “Rile number one, When you find yourself in a hole… stop digging”.

  3. You really messed up Max, now Brubaker will malign and personally attack you. Using an alias keeps the door open for denial and you know the old saying, culpable deniability, Good luck with your support for your candidate this type of questioning surely should be face to face, get your answers from the horses mouth. A public forum should be for facts, not innuendo. Senator if you see something say something. Oh yeah, that is not your style. And by the way I neither know any of the candidates running for this office.

    1. Stan, Stan, Stan…I was staying out of this debate…until you dragged me kicking and screaming right into the middle of it. It has been a while, has it not? The good Senator Blutarsky has done a splendid job in maintaining his composure and eloquence in the midst of innuendo and ad hominem attacks from different directions simultaneously.

      Just to clear the record Stan…you mistakenly conclude that I “malign and personally attack” those who consistently take a thumping on the battlefield of critical thinking. Those narrow-minded souls who are still plugged into the Matrix get rather hot under the collar when they are unable to defend the propaganda they eagerly consume from purveyors of such hypnotic drivel…CNN and FAUX News come to mind. But, I digress…on to the subject at hand…

      First, allow me to give you a peek at two of my credentials, Stan. I am employed full-time as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas and hold a Master Peace Officer’s License issued by TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement), the new and shortened version of the former TCLEOSE.

      I proffer two of my credentials not as a debate tactic, but as a prequel to the questions I will answer that Senator Blutarsky has simply asked of a candidate for judicial office in Parker County. Or as the courts (including Justice of the Peace courts) would say, “I have standing.”

      Q: “Does that mean you have blindly obeyed orders from your superiors, regardless of Constitutionality?”
      A: No. I have never violated the Constitutional rights of any citizen of the State of Texas in my capacity as a Peace Officer. And, I will go further…I have never used more force than was absolutely necessary to effect the arrest of any individual (and I have arrested many, many hundreds). And, I have never falsified any government document to include any offense report, any incident report, or any sworn affidavit. Nor have I ever given false testimony in court in order to obtain a conviction of any defendant.

      Q: “Have you ever kicked a door in on a rather hazy warrant?
      A: No. Never.

      Q: “Have you ever bullied and intimidated a citizen on the side of the road to search their vehicle?”
      A: No. And allow me to elaborate briefly Stan. The proper procedure for asking for consent to search on a traffic stop is to “complete the stop” (to the extent that the previously detained motorist is absolutely free to go on their way) PRIOR to the officer asking for the motorist’s voluntary consent to search the vehicle. To seek consent to search PRIOR to completing the traffic stop is a not-so-subtle form of coercion and intimidation since the officer on-scene may attempt to arrest the motorist (who declined the “request” for a voluntary search) for the alleged traffic violation so that a “search incident to arrest” can be conducted on the person and the vehicle (prior to being towed to the impound lot). Even if no illegal contraband is discovered in the “search incident to arrest”, the rogue officer is teaching the motorist a lesson…”Don’t ever decline a request for a ‘voluntary search’…or you go to jail and your car gets towed.”

      Q: “Do you have ANY understanding of the Bill of Rights, especially the 4th and 5th Amendments?”
      A: Yes…absolutely. Not only do I understand the amendments to our Constitution, I have a great deal of respect for them…so much so that I despise any person or any organization, most especially under “color of law”, that violates said Constitution and its hallowed amendments and consider any infringement of said rights to be prima facie Treason with all attendant punishments as prescribed by law up to and including death (I personally prefer hanging). Included in the above statement is any person and any organization that claims that they are trying to “keep me safe” while violating my Natural Rights granted by God above, a few of which were simply codified in the U.S. Constitution and its amendments by our Founding Fathers. And standing out like “a pimple on the end of your nose” is the NSA. (And, yes, Edward Snowden is a whistle-blowing national hero for outing the NSA fascists.)

      Q: “You took an oath at some point to “support and defend the Constitution” (which, dang, includes the 4th and 5th amendments) at some point in your career – was that just lip service and rhetoric?”
      A: No sir. And I have a few “pink slips” in my past employment records to prove it. You see, Stan, in the law enforcement community, if you stand up for folks’ constitutional rights…the people under “color of law”…a large number of chiefs of police and sheriffs…they go after you…and more often than not, they get you. Cause its very, very hard to “fight city hall” Stan. “The good old boys” stick together more often than not…because more often than not, they all have dirt on each other…and they all “either hang together or they hang separately”.

      Now, it’s not real hard to answer the above questions Stan. If I can do it, surely a candidate for judicial office in Parker County can do it. Now, you might respond that everything I wrote above can’t be verified as to its truth or authenticity. I understand your concern. So, why do I write under an alias? Well, I’m not your average “Peace Officer”…my answers above might indicate that.

      You see Stan, I’m also a proud “Oath Keeper”. I plan to stay true to my oath of office “…to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State…”.

      They won’t tell you this on CNN or FAUX News, Stan…but, since I plan on upholding my oath of office, I am a threat to those who would trample your God-given Natural Rights. I’ve taken down a bad officer or two or three…I did help get the job of a corrupt, Mason-ring-wearing, chief of police once…got him real unemployed…Texas Rangers even got involved Stan. I even took a lie detector test to take him down. I passed. I guess he didn’t.

      So, I don’t just “talk the talk”…I’ve “walked the walk” quite a few times over the years…and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it…unfortunately. Trust me when I say that it is much easier to “go along and get along”. But, if our forefathers had taken the path of least resistance, we might still be shouting, “Long live the Queen!!”

      But, speaking of “proof”…Mr. Lenny Leatherman has my e-mail address. If he wants proof of the above, I trust his assurance of confidentiality as a “journalist”. I will gladly provide him with my credentials and can put him in touch with a police captain who will vouch for my honesty and integrity. The captain ought to…the same corrupt, Mason-ring-wearing, chief of police used to make his life miserable too. And he can vouch for the bad officers I helped into other career options…just not voluntarily.

      Folks like me don’t get elected to public office, Stan. Our resumes are way too dirty as a result of all the battles we fought over the years for truth, honesty, and justice…and to uphold the U.S. Constitution come what may. So, beware of anyone in law enforcement or any other government occupation with a sterling resume…they may very well have left a lot of violated God-given Natural Rights in the wake of their bloody climb to the top of the greasy political heap.

      If any candidate for a judicial office is not willing to answer some basic questions from a potential constituent about the U.S. Constitution and whether said candidate has respected said “Supreme law of the land” throughout his/her law enforcement career, or other term of public office, you better hope you never have to seek “justice” in this person’s court. You might be very disappointed.

      Elections shouldn’t be like a “White Elephant Game” at Christmas time…fancy wrapping paper with an old dust mop head inside when we finally own it and open it. If we started looking past the fancy wrappings of our political candidates and their canned political slogans, maybe we could start to elect people to public office who actually have our best interests at heart and we might turn this country in a different direction for a change.

      Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions of candidates for public office…especially the judiciary. And please don’t discourage those citizens with the courage to do so.

      We have lost our sense of outrage in this country. If we ever find it again, maybe we’ll also find the original Constitutional Republic that was lost a long time ago…one incremental, Owellian step at a time.

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