No Tax Increase in Election Year

County Judge Mark Riley

County Judge Mark Riley

By Rick Perry – Riley’s claim to be so knowledgeable about Transportation issues is a crock, he sits on the NCTCOG transportation group and is their lackey in Parker County to push Agenda 21 policies…that’s why he pushes Light Rail in Parker County.

He allowed the engineering firm that built the loop to tell him where it needed to be built…instead of building it on the I-20 side of town first where the traffic is…they built from 51 to the Mineral Wells Highway…hey guys…the traffic is on I-20 and that side of town.

County CourthouseThe budget for the County is always done by him…then he gets the Commissioners to sign off on it…public meetings mean nothing to him because he has already made the decision.  This comes down to public service, who would be the best public servant and be a steward of the County’s assets and for the taxpayers money. At the end of his current term, Riley will have been in County Government for 24 years…that sounds like a career to me. Riley is in this for the power and the notoriety not for public service.

How come every single politician that runs brings up Phil King, makes it sound like he is endorsing that candidate and I don’t believe I’ve heard Phil endorse anyone in this race yet.  Riley only brings up working with Phil King to reduce property taxes because it’s an election year…every other year he proposes we raise property taxes…so what exactly is he doing with Phil to reduce taxes? Perhaps he could enlighten us…because I’ve noticed he raises taxes every time he can get away with it.

Riley’s time is over, career politicians are what has ruined this Country. It’s time for a change and a positive change for our County will be Cary McKay.

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  1. My sentiment exactly, Rick.

    Jack Cavenah

  2. My sentiments exactly, Rick

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    I was the very first to speak at the last 2 budget hearings…….I just wasted my time and vented. Riley sat there, would not look the speakers in the face AND SCRIBBLED OUT HIS SPRING WARDROBE or something, to pass the time as successive speakers protested the increase, after me.

    If there is an honest, legitimate, stewardship-minded candidate for any office, why would they want to be tainted by an endorsement from Phil King ?

    Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them
    Matt 7:20

  4. Yes I was at one of those meetings and watched him pay no attention to the speakers..while he scribbled on his notepad, someone actually called him out on it, but he didn’t stop. The only two Commissioners who seemed to be paying attention were John Roth and Dusty Renfro. Both of them are history now.

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