Vinson one of four GOP candidates vying for vacated Pct. 3 position

Darrell (Dusty) Vinson

Darrell (Dusty) Vinson

From The Weatherford Democrat, 01/09/14 – Dusty Vinson is ramping up his candidacy for Parker County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, on the Republican party ticket for the March 4 primary election.

Vinson is one of four Republican candidates seeking the seat along with Greg Martin, Anne M. Hollis and Jerry L. Hataway. The current seat-holder, Judge Suzie Merkley, decided to not seek re-election.

With 21 years of experience “working for and faithfully serving the citizens of Parker County,” Vinson said he has a vision for a “responsive justice system.”

“The justice of the peace court is the people’s court,” said Vinson. “Therefore, it is imperative to render competent, fair and ethical justice and to assure a level playing field for both the defendant and the plaintiff. I assure you that in my court, everybody will be treated equally.”

While Dusty currently serves as the senior investigator for the Parker County District Attorney, he said his cumulative law enforcement expertise will allow him to “objectively weigh the facts and apply the law in each individual case.”

Vinson formerly served as lieutenant at the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, where he commanded the patrol division and gained experience creating, maintaining and operating a $1.3 million dollar patrol budget. During that time, Vinson also supervised the department’s communications division, the Drug Interdiction Program and the School Resource Officer Program.

He is also a former narcotics agent who served with the Cross Timbers Narcotics Task Force. Vinson said during his tenure as a narcotics agent he became well versed in preparing, obtaining and executing search and arrest warrants.

Vinson claims multiple certifications, including a master peace officer certification and police instructor certification, and says he has logged hundreds of training hours throughout the years. He was recently recognized by the Texas District and County Attorneys Association as a professional investigator.

“A lot happens in JP court. You need to have a working knowledge not only of state laws and criminal procedures but also of how the justice system operates in order to be effective in this position,” Vinson said. “JPs handle a wide variety of cases including both criminal and civil trials, seized property hearings, search and arrest warrants, traffic court, truancy, evictions and dangerous animal issues. I believe my diverse experience will allow me to provide an efficient and fair forum to rectify disputes and to provide justice for the citizens of Parker County.”

Vinson and his wife, Julie, are the parents of four grown boys. He is a member of the Dennis Baptist Church, Howard Payne Alumni Association and the Texas District and County Attorneys Association. He also currently serves on the board of directors for Freedom House.

“Since 1992, I have dedicated my career to serving the citizens of Parker County and, with your help, I will continue that service as your next justice of the peace.”

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Justices of the peace represent the lowest court level in Texas. They function as a small claims court involving recovery of less than $10,000 and also act as ex-officio notary publics. Texas justices of the peace, or JPs, handle small claims court cases, administrative hearings and class C misdemeanors such as bad check and traffic citation cases. They also approve evictions, issue warrants, perform marriage ceremonies.

    There are no requirements for degrees or specialization, and basically any adult resident of 1 year and a non-felon can run for this office

    I have strong reservations against anyone who appears to have been nothing but a tax-fed government employee all his/her professional life, and even worse a “law enforcement” officer of any type. Lets be honest, your claim of how objective you would be, is just self-serving rhetoric at this point.

    Parker County law enforcement has already become a national disgrace by their warrantless search – headline to wit –

    Texas Police Enter Home Without Warrant, Force Everyone To Leave, Then Conceal The Raid From Judge In Obtaining A Post-Search Warrant . . .

    I also found this to be disengenuous – “Vinson said he has a vision for a “responsive justice system.”………..a VISION? Please enlighten us as to the astounding epiphany that has occured for you to make this statement…or is it just more self-serving rhetoric ?

    If this elected post is truly to be ” A PEOPLES’ COURT ” , I will look to support another candidate- one who is not a career tax-fed individual.

    I do not know you or any of the other candidates . Hopefully the other three will be presented here for some scrutiny

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