Vicki’s Story

stacy-lee(200)Those of us who were here in Parker County on December 19, 1998, can recall the horror that was inflicted on our community when a drunk driver took the lives of four young teenage girls.  One of those young ladies was Staci Lee.

The following is the heartbreaking story about Staci’s mom Vicki, as written by her father.


Vicki lost her mother at a young age and her grandmother and father raised her and her siblings.

Nanny taught her everything in life to be a mother and Vicki learned this very well. She was a great mother and a great wife. Everything had to be perfect and was. After she lost Staci, Vicki was lost also.

Her grandmother taught her everything in life but no one can teach you how to deal with grief! Vicki prayed to die and go to heaven with Staci and the girls. She would have killed herself but through her teaching of the faith believed she would not get to heaven that way.

For 12 years Vicki was lost, living on the street, drugs and much hardship she finally turned back to God. Her sisters and brother got her into the church her brother in law preached at. She became very involved and after a year of forgiveness she was with her new church friends and had a heart attack.

I had not seen her in a few years but I went to the hospital and spoke to her. I told her I did not blame her for the way things ended and that I knew that Ricky Carter had caused all this. I told her she had been a great mother and wife and I still loved her. She never woke and passed away that evening.

Vicki’s prayer was finally answered and God took her home to be with Staci.

The preacher always said God can fix a broken heart but first you have to give him all the pieces. Vicki gave him all the pieces and God fixed things and answered her prayer.

Always remember the great things about Vicki – how she loved and was a great mother to Staci.

I still love you Vicki and Staci,

David Lee

4 responses

  1. They are missed and thought of each and every day.
    Love to our Angels.
    Aunt Toma

  2. Melissa (Davis) Hale | Reply

    Vicki was a wonderful Mother to Staci (& me). I remember Staci opening her big mouth, getting n trouble, & I wouldn’t b able to go play for the wknd. I would cry my eyes out!!! I loved Brock! I loved David & Vicki! And ALWAYS wanted to b just like Staci!!! She was so beautiful, smart, & funny as can b. Her personality would light up any room! She was a Daddy’s girl & thought the world of her Dad! I hope David knows & always remembers that. So happy Vicki is at peace & w/ her baby girl! We will never forget & their light will always shine bright n my heart. Hugs & prayers to all of their family & friends! xoxo

    1. Thank you Melissa. You were always as beautiful and smart as Staci and I know how much they both loved you. I do also and they both still do too! Ps and very funny too:)

  3. David,

    Your letter was just perfect. Staci and Vicki are proud of you. Throughout the heartache and pain, you have gained much by the faith you have obtained in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I know your heart continues to ache daily and by God’s grace you are able to continue in this road of life.

    They both know you love them and always will. We will see them again and what a glorious day that will be as we will be able to see God face to face as well. (the one who gave his son so that we may have eternal life). The eternal life we will all acquire will be amazing as nobody will ever shed a tear or be able to hurt. Hallelujah!

    Continue in your faith and May God always hold and keep you. Love you and all the girls!

    Julie (Barnes) Smith

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