Open Letter to the Republican Party and GOP Officials

Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber

From,  Oct 14, 2013 –

Dear RNC and GOP members of Congress,

Another brave telemarketer for the Republican National Committee (RNC) just gave up. We have NOT made a contribution to the RNC in years, if ever, and we have repeatedly and politely asked to be removed from your telephone list. Your callers never listen.

For the umpteenth time, my dollar cannot give the Republicans in Congress any more power than they already have. All the power in the nation rests in the representative votes cast in the House and Senate. If a GOP official is already in office he or she already has a vote. No amount of money can provide a bigger or more weighty vote.

If you want my attention RNC and GOP elected officials, use your vote well today. Why are you concerned about the election next year? If members of the GOP won’t vote their principles today why would I want more of them later? If they stink today more of the same will only smell worse.

First you wanted to take control of the House of Representatives. You said that would change everything. Okay, you got it. Have you stood on conservative constitutional principles? No. What’s the problem? You have a vote. It’s the same vote whether you own the whole House or if you’re the last Republican member with a seat in Congress.

Figure out what you stand for then stand up and be heard. If you don’t really stand for anything then stand down and be quiet. Any member of the GOP who spoke against Mr. Cruz and Mr. Lee is part of the problem, not the solution. You don’t have to agree on strategic specifics, but to denigrate someone who is standing up for a principle proves there is a lesson you need to learn.

Finally, there is a simple truth that you don’t seem to understand. In the last presidential election there is NOTHING Mr. Obama could have done horrible enough to shift many votes to Mr. Romney. The reverse is also true. When voters can’t stomach their own candidate they stay home. They don’t vote for the opposition. Think about it.

Get your own house in order. Until you do QUIT calling me. GOP members of Congress already have a vote. Use it well or it won’t matter if anyone in Congress has an (R) after his or her name. We’re not buying what you’re selling.

Sincerely and sadly,

Lynn Baber / Simple Truth

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  1. Thanks for a breath of fresh air Lynn, I keep getting their contacts also, you would think they would have noticed that I stopped contributing to their garbage several years back, but it seems they have a much shorter attention span and could care less what I the used to be supporting voter cared about. The Republican Party wrote a great platform and promptly abandoned it. Reagan’s Republican Party wrote and platform and lived it. Big difference! I await the next true conservative American Leader to help lead us out of this mess that both parties have uried us in.

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    Good points all by Lynn Baber….but, like dozens of others I have read over the last few months, only 30 years or so too late.

    Did questions not arise, warnings sound etc when 1981-1988 left such hallmarks on the “Reagan years”, as —– being sure MIAs were abandoned, KAL007 flight was abandoned, War on Drugs kicked in high gear, S&L scandals, REX84-FEMA-OllieNorth IranContra scandals, a bill signed which ended mfg of new CL3 weapons, and a total abandonment of genuine free market concepts.

    Who was telling the RNC “NO”, then?

    Or the GHWB globalist policies and casual wars and Justice dept & SEC scandals ? or the Republican establishment cheerleading the GATT-WTO-Nafta outsourcing-offshoring of our manufacturing base with their twins from Clinton administration? In Dallas, Ross Perot must have self-satisfaction for his ” giant sucking sound ” comment on the destruction of our industrial base? Or supporting the end of financial restrictions by the Gramm-Bliley Act ( hello Enron, WorldComm and the total raid on finances of this country by the banking cartel )

    Who was telling the RNC “NO”, then?

    Or, the horrific Bush years of wide open borders, warrantless searches, spying on Americans, the repugnant Patriot Acts, torture, wars everywhere with no justification, telcomm immunity, massive debt increase and fedgov expansion? or appointing East german Stasi chief Markus Wolf and KGB head Primikov to set up Homeland Security, along with DHS, TSA etc? never mind the TARP bailouts and socialism for corporations, No Child Left Undrugged, and socialist Medicare Prescription plan, ad nauseum…

    Who was telling the RNC “NO”, then?

    Or when the RNC ran Dole-like patsys Hanoi John McCain, and socialist healthcare and gun-banner Romney…..

    Has it taken a massive shift to the FAR LEFT by the RNC over 50+ years to get everyones attention ? Is closet socialism-fascism by globalist Republicans a bit more acceptable than open totalitarianism by the Democrats ?

    It is obvious that ” low information” voters are just as numerous in Republican circles as they are in Democrat circles.

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