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John Hayward

John Hayward

John Hayward, HumanEvents.com, 10/10/13  Early Administration excuses about the ObamaCare launch “disaster” – a term even applied by mainstream media outlets CBS News – are not holding up well, as web design experts weigh in on the obvious flaws in site design and programming.

What we have here is a $654 million project – far, far above the original cost estimates for building the site – that wouldn’t even pass beta testing at a reputable software company. For that matter, analysts have been finding sections of the ObamaCare exchange sites that clearly weren’t tested at all.

The President who repeatedly asserted that ObamaCare was necessary to bring coverage to 40 or 50 million uninsured now claims his system only anticipated 50,000 simultaneous users. That’s only a thousand per state! And it’s nothing compared to the traffic load experienced by many commercial sites, including online games that easily handle vastly larger data exchanges with far bigger user communities.

The traffic numbers reported by the Administration – which has yet to be honest about anything pertaining to this debacle – aren’t very impressive. And how can their system immediately produce reliable figures for web hits and unique visitors, but require a month to tell us how many people actually bought insurance policies?

No wonder CNN’s Wolf Blitzer expressed support for Republican proposals to delay ObamaCare for a year… and no wonder he was immediately pressured into walking his comments back. He now claims he thinks the website should go into the shop for a year, but the rest of ObamaCare should be left in place, which would leave Americans completely unable to comply with an individual mandate that will penalize them for non-compliance. That sort of lunacy is perfectly in line with the rest of the Orwellian nightmare Democrats are fighting to protect.

And if you thought the bill for producing this embarrassing failure of an exchange system was stunning, wait until you see the bill for “fixing” it. That’s assuming President Obama is willing to show you the bill, instead of simply demanding you pay it, sight unseen.


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