Cruz filibuster – the end of a struggle, or the beginning?

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cruz-opportunity-conservatism-620x348“Americans don’t want a dignified surrender on ObamaCare,” writes Pat Buchanan, as he calls for Republicans to fix their metaphorical bayonets and charge. “They want someone to drive a stake through ObamaCare.”

Critics of Senator Ted Cruz and his drive to defund ObamaCare would doubtless object that they desire a dignified surrender. They’ll fight… someday. At some point in the future – maybe after the next election, or the one after that; perhaps after the next debt-ceiling showdown, or

the one after that – the odds will look more favorable, a path to victory will emerge from the political mists, and the GOP will call its banners together for war.

Maybe they’ll wait until ObamaCare has puttered along for a few years, or a decade. Everyone will hate it so much by then that Republicans will barely have to lift a finger to repeal it. The American people will not want to ride an insolvent, under-performing Big Government program off a cliff. The “let it burn” strategy has worked wonders with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, hasn’t it? Well, okay, maybe not, but it soon will. The whole entitlement state will collapse soon – that’s a mathematical certainty – and then Republicans can lead a battered electorate out of the ruins.

Or maybe the public will resent people who knew better, but sat on their hands and smugly waited for the whole God-awful mess to come crashing down on their heads. True leadership doesn’t involve sitting around and waiting for ideal conditions to occur. The public remembers grand gestures, not policy papers. The people who actually vote for something receive more credit for their convictions than those who make a bargain with failure and wait for history to move in their direction.

Passion motivates people, which is why President Obama and his minions are running around like maniacs this week, comparing Republicans to anarchists, nihilists, slave owners, and suicide bombers. Republicans can be passionate and convincing without resorting to such hysteria – and they’d better believe the media would savage them for saying the sort of things Democrats routinely get away with.

Why are so many GOP leaders – including solid conservatives – so eager to cast the Cruz filibuster as the end of a struggle, instead of the beginning? Why should they force themselves to pay a price for standing on principle, instead of building political capital? Senator Cruz has warmed up the audience for you, ladies and gentlemen of the Republican Party. Speak up, and make sure the folks in the back row can hear you.

John Hayward
Senior Writer
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