King Says “No” To Benefits For Same-Sex Couples


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September 17, 2013

King Says “No” To Benefits For Same-Sex Couples in Texas National Guard

AUSTIN, TX – Last week, State Representative Phil King signed a letter submitted by the Texas Conservative Coalition to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott supporting Texas Adjutant General John Nichols in his decision to withhold state benefits to same-sex couples who serve in the Texas Military Forces (TXMF).

“The Texas Constitution recognizes only a union between one man and one woman as a lawful marriage,” King stated. “I support and applaud General Nichols in his position to withhold state benefits from same-sex couples who serve in the Texas Military Forces and for upholding our Texas Constitution.”

Recently, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced his directive to extend family and partner benefits to same-sex couples for active US military personnel due to the U.S. Supreme Court decision that found Section II of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.  While TXMF is a state agency that is under federal authority in limited and well-defined circumstances, per the state constitution, the Adjutant General is bound by oath and duty to uphold laws in the State of Texas.  Offering state benefits to same-sex couples who serve in the TXMF would be a direct violation of the Texas Constitution and Texas State Law.

A letter to Attorney General Greg Abbott, signed by Representative King and 48 other legislators, asks that the Attorney General issue an opinion in support of the Texas Constitution, which prohibits state agencies – specifically the Texas Military Forces – from recognizing same-sex marriage.

A copy of the Texas Conservative Coalition letter can be found HERE.

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One response

  1. Senator-Blutarsky

    Typical shallow, meaningless “feel good” posturing on Kings’ part – this will shake loose a few extra $$$ for his (already bloated) reelection coffers.

    Hey Phil – how about coming out on an issue that actually MEANS something. Let me suggest a few !

    Clear legislation providing opt-out for ” smart meters ”

    Unambiguous legislation for a return to 2nd amendment rights

    Staunchly block the UN Agenda 21 applications for our state

    End all red light cameras and toll roads, as well as roadside blood draws and cavity searches by “law enforcement”

    Above is a very short list.

    My favorite redhead – Devvy Kidd , just wrote a great column entitled ” Here’s How To Clean Out Bad Politicians ”

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