Austerity for everyone except government employees

Parker County Courthouseby Senator Blutarsky –

Any employee who feels compelled to leave for higher pay should do so.


Parker County is under no obligation to “keep up” with any other municipality, or county.


The taxpayers here are already overburdened. The national unemployment numbers are appalling. All economic indicators are, as well. Interest is rising in the bond markets, which does not bode well for assorted bond project yields and returns.


If any employee wishes to even possibly join the PRIVATE sector, please – do not let the door hit your (usually) ample behind.


No raises for anyone anywhere. I recommend our judge and commissioners court look very very closely at an austerity plan, and steps to CUT salaries incrementally, across the board. Yes, including THEM.


That is what private businesses have to do in bad economies, along with layoffs, terminations, and permanent downsizing.

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