Survey lists Parker among top growth counties in U.S.

The Weatherford Democrat, From Staff Reports, Fri Sep 06, 2013 –

A study of 750 counties across the U.S. listed Parker County as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.

The results of a survey by the website NerdWallet were released earlier this week. Parker County was listed 11th, narrowly missing the listing’s top 10 by just seven-tenths of a point. Three other Texas counties – Guadalupe, Fort Bend and Williamson – each made the list’s top 10. Topping the ranking was Orleans Parish in Louisiana.

NerdWallet, a website dedicated to helping consumers make smart and informed spending and living choices, analyzed specific U.S. Census Data of 750 counties for the period 2007-2011.

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“County growth is often defined simply by population increases. But at NerdWallet, we employed a more methodical approach to determine U.S. county growth,” a company press release stated. “We based our rankings on a number of factors, including employment, population and income. We sorted through the data to discover which are the fastest growing counties in the U.S.”

The survey looked at:

• Population growth in the working-age population (people ages 16 years and up).

• Growth in the percentage of employed residents (ages 16 years and up).

• Growth in median income for workers.

The survey then used those numbers to devise an overall score used to rank the counties.

County Judge Mark Riley

County Judge Mark Riley

Parker County Judge Mark Riley said he was pleased but not surprised the county was ranked so high in such a listing.

“I am not surprised our growth is positive, but I had no idea we would finally make an important growth ranking,” said Riley. “It speaks highly of what we are accomplishing.”

Riley said the growth survey is an indication that the county must be progressive and continue planning ahead to meet the needs a growing population will place on services and infrastructure.

“The taxpayers have made a solid investment in infrastructure for the future by approving the Parker County Transportation Bond,” said Riley. “There is no better economic engine for a community than good infrastructure. We will soon experience how that works when the Ric Williamson Memorial Highway is completed next year. As we look to future needs, the east loop is a priority for the county. I have been working with our transportation partners to seek funding to begin building the next phase of the loop. The downside to growth is the added strain on the criminal justice system. Courts become overcrowded and jails reach capacity. We will continue to monitor those future needs and how best to address them.”

Riley said Parker County is in a favorable geographic location that offers people a chance to live in communities with good schools but within easy reach of everything the Metroplex has to offer, as well as enjoying the expanding retail, entertainment and dining options within the county.

“We have all the quality of life issues people seek when moving to a smaller environment,” Riley said. “Excellent schools, churches and a choice in living style, be it in a town or in a rural setting. The growth of retail choices across the county are enhancements, as well. I believe when people choose Parker County to live, and I think it is important we are sensitive to the fact they ‘choose’ to live here, they see a community with vision and commitment to our past heritage and future generations.”

Fastest Growing
The website NerdWallet analyzed U.S. census data of 750 counties from across the U.S. for the period 2007-2011 to determine a ranking of the top growth counties  based on adult population growth, employment rate growth and median income growth. The Top 12 counties were:
1. Orleans Parish, La.
2. Guadalupe County, Texas
3. Kendall County, Ill.
4. White County, Ark.
5. Elmore County, Ala.
6. Fort Bend County, Texas
7. Loudoun County, Va.
8. Williamson County, Texas
9. Monongaila County, W. Va.
10. Comanche County, Okla.
11. Parker County, Texas
12. Canadian County, Okla.

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  1. Riley is all for light rail to Weatherford, but absolutely refuses to address existing sub-standards roads which are main thoroughfares, like the East end of Whitesettlement Road. It has 10 times the traffic that the “road to nowhere” Ric Williamson Memorial Highway does, and recieves NO maintainence from county or TEXDOT. More subdivisions are being built in this end of the county and less attention to moving traffic safely is courting disaster. Do you think Riley will accept responsibility for a multi-fatality accident when it happens on Whitesettlement Road? Yeah right.

    How about water for this influx of people? Personal wells are not going to be sufficient for those numbers of people, and everyone knows it. Riley plans for light rail which no one but him wants or needs, and ignores the water situation. That in my opinion is NOT good planning.

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