Persecution of people of faith within the U.S. military


From, by Kelly Shackelford, 07/31/13 –

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As I wrote you earlier this month, religious troops, chaplains and veterans are facing a crisis—and need legal help. The crisis comes from a campaign by high-ranking officials within the Obama administration to silence and intimidate religious expressions of faith in the military. President Obama’s military officials consulted with a military advisor who refers to Christians as “fundamentalist monsters” and evangelism as “rape.”

I know it sounds too horrible to imagine. But the hard truth is that it is part of a growing pattern of persecution of people of faith within the U.S. military. And, frankly, part of a pattern of persecution of people of faith in society in general.

  • Christian chaplains have reported that they are under pressure not to share their faith.
  • The administration attempted to ban Bibles from Walter Reed Hospital… ban prayer at veterans’ funerals… and has allowed secular groups to continue to try to remove crosses, such as the Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial cross in San Diego.
  • The military has even threatened to court-martial Christians who talk openly about their faith.

Liberty Institute needs your help to continue our growing efforts to counter such harassment and intimidation. Our response includes:

  • Our toll-free hotline —1-800-259-9109 — for military personnel to report abuses so that Liberty Institute can provide them with FREE legal representation.
  • Developing a quick guide for military personnel that informs them of their constitutional rights under the law.
  • Communicating with high-ranking military leaders to prevent the systematic censorship of religious service members.

But we need your help now to sustain these efforts and defend military personnel — some are already contacting us for help. General George Washington encouraged faith in the ranks. Our commander-in-chief today does not—so we must step in. We—you and I—must defend the religious liberty of those who risk their lives to defend us.
Please help Liberty Institute’s national network of top attorneys counter the attack on religious freedom in the military. And please pray for our efforts as cases go forward. Sincerely,

Kelly Shackelford, President P.S. It’s our turn to defend the religious freedom of brave service members who are often lonely or in harm’s way—and need the comfort that open, protected faith in God gives them. Join Liberty Institute with a donation now to help give free legal defense to troops, chaplains, veterans and others whose religious freedom is under fire.

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