Primaries Bring Fresh Air to Foul Odor Emanating From GOP Establishment

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

From, By: Daniel Horowitz,  July 22nd, 2013 Conservatives have been ill-served by a prevailing conventional wisdom pertaining to flaccid incumbent Republicans.  The conventional wisdom dictates that every incumbent should automatically enjoy a rubber stamp for 6 more years in the Senate unless he/she is plagued by some egregious scandal or overtly votes with the Democrats on almost every major issue.

If we continue down this path of reauthorizing failure in the primaries, elected Republicans will never have an incentive to represent the ideals of those who elected them.

One of the most underappreciated political dynamics of this cycle is that the entire fight for the Senate will be fought in states Mitt Romney carried by a healthy margin – states like Alaska, Montana, Louisiana, Arkansas,  and South Dakota.  Moreover, almost all of the Republican incumbents up for reelection this cycle are from solid red states.  Presumably, the composition of the electorate in 2014 will be even more favorable for us in these states than in a presidential year.  Perforce, Obama and the Democrats will be on the ropes, especially if they continue to promote an agenda headlined by Obamacare, amnesty, and abortion on demand.

As such, we are confronted with two choices.  We can continue automatically rubber stamping the reelection of every Republican in office or we can use the next few months to encourage competition in the primaries so as to best utilize our most conservative states to elect principled conservatives in the general election next year.  We are now entering a historic period of competitive primaries, and that should be our focus for the remainder of the year.

Now that conservatives have been tantalized by real leadership from conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, there is no turning back.  This is what we should aim for in every primary, especially in the states that are in play this cycle.  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have shown the difference between merely voting conservatively at the very end of the fight vs. giving voice to conservatives before the battle is over.  Every legislative battle is won or lost long before the voting begins.  So all these unprincipled con men in the Senate who vote the right way during the sixth year of the cycle, all the while doing nothing to fight the battle in the media and on the Senate floor, should be forewarned.  As Erick noted earlier today, we must beware the Hatch Effect.

Instead we should look to augment the Cruz effect in the upcoming primaries.

Just ask yourself this question – are you happy with the status quo of the Republican leadership?

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    The vast majority of the “Republican” party have been globalist toadies for 3 decades. At times they have had full control of the 3 branches of federal government. They have repealed no bad legislation…………or undone bad Executive Orders by previous “bad” presidents……or defunded or abolished overreaching programs and agencies. The results ?

    There is no justice in our country, only judicial power and corruption. Our judges don’t follow the Constitution and our police are increasingly corrupt.

    Gangster organizations such as the John Corzine led MF Global, can steal billions from investors and nobody goes to jail.

    Many child protective services, Dyncorps and Goldman Sachs can get caught running child sex slavery rings and nobody goes to jail.

    The five megabanks continue to launder gangster drug cartel money, get busted and nobody goes to jail.

    We have the five megabanks continuing to commit mortgage fraud and theft of personal property through MERS, and nobody goes to jail.

    Our leaders have murdered millions of innocent people, in the Middle East, and nobody goes to jail.

    Goldman Sachs shorted stocks on 9/11, did so on the eve of the housing bubble, did so again on the eve of the Gulf oil explosion and nobody goes to jail.

    Nancy Pelosi admits on 60 Minutes that Congress can engage in insider trading and nobody goes to jail.

    A sitting ambassador and his security team can be murdered and rescue teams can be blocked from saving them and nobody goes to jail.

    Our citizens are increasingly are jailed for filming the police, yet, our government can film us anywhere, anytime for any purpose and nobody from the government goes to jail.

    In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we have over 25% of the world’s prison population because our prisons are being turned into for-profit-criminal enterprise organizations. In Kelo v. New London, the Supreme Court now allows the government to steal your property and give your property to their rich developer friends in violation of the Fifth Amendment. The 7th Circuit Court ruled last spring that the banks can legally steal your money after you deposit it. Federal pensions are being stolen by Jack Lew and the Treasury Department. Starting January 1, 2014, you will have money stolen from you by the IRS for not having healthcare insurance. We have a science adviser that wants to perform post-term delivery abortions (murder) up until the age of three. And we are being conditioned that this is the way that it is supposed to be.

    When a government kills its citizens with drones, permanently detains its citizens without due process. ships guns to foreign narco-terrorists and will bail out Goldman Sachs but not Detroit who declared bankruptcy and is now stealing pensions, we have a totally lawless government. When the government forces the country into unaffordable healthcare complete with death panels (IPAB) designed to prematurely kill off the old and the handicapped young, rigs its elections with electronic voting machines, the TSA molests the flying public without probable cause, kills its dissenting journalists, steals from the people to give to Wall Street and when the price of food, oil, home utilities and prescription medication soars out of reach of the average person, the globalists will be well on their way to their agenda to deindustrialize, depopulate, and destroy the cultural and moral fabric of the country.

    America is on the verge of tax protests, the prevalence of ghost malls, protests over having our bank accounts ravaged, food shortages, food riots, the dramatic rise of homeless villages which will be called Obamavilles, uprisings from the unemployed, greatly increased organized gang activities with kidnappings and mass shootings. This is no longer America, it is Beirut and Baghdad.

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  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    Our school system is a travesty. Over 30% of our children don’t graduate from high school, in some places like Detroit, 60% don’t graduate. We take what is supposed to be a state run education system, federalize it and continue to destroy the system with flawed programs such as No Child Left Behind and the current program of Common Core without one shred of research that demonstrates that the programs work. Under a decade plus of No Child Left Behind, SAT scores fell almost 30% in reading comprehension. The US has the most expensive education system in the world and the average student has a $25,000 predatory student loan debt.

    There are secret no fly lists and political enemies lists constructed and enforced in the same manner as the KGB, the Stasi and the SS. Information continues to indicate that when martial law comes, over a million Americans, who have been branded a dissenter, will be rounded up.

    The government doesn’t want violence to break out. However, they have prepared for massive civil unrest as DHS has accumulated 2700 armored personnel carriers and two billion rounds of ammunition. The President has all the martial law powers he needs in the NDAA, Executive Order 13603, the Patriot Act, the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, REX 84 and on and on it goes. Clearly, the globalists want the people to just lay down and take their beating by surrendering their guns and their civil liberties. Foreign troops are being trained to take our guns and when the shooting starts in the streets, there will be nowhere that is safe.

    I am just getting started on America’s State of the Union……

    Amazingly, nobody does anything about it. Nobody gets mad and protests. We protest the death of Trayvon Martin with the goal of setting our previously improved race relations back 60 years, but nobody protests our Wall Street gutted economy.

    We get the government we deserve. Our apathy, lack of moral integrity, lack of courage, our laziness, and our collective national ignorance are why this country is probably done. I seriously doubt if the 10% can successfully resuscitate the 90%. Facts mean nothing to the 90%. And when you confront them with the truth regarding the takeover of this country by the banksters, their eyes glaze over and they revert back to their programmed response and call you a conspiracy theorist.

    The illusion of normalcy is almost in the rear view mirror with regard to our previous way of life in the United States. Even those who have the most virulent cases of normalcy bias, will soon be beyond their self-deluded ability to deny what has happened to our once great country.

    Congratulations to those that have awakened, see the hopelessness of our collective situation, and I want to extend my best wishes to the smart ones who are leaving our lawless country in record numbers.

    If you are thinking about leaving the country, you should know that the new immigration bill even has an “Iron Curtain” provision which tries to make it very difficult for the disenfranchised, the exploited middle class and the liberty lovers from exiting the country. Even my friends in foreign countries cannot believe that we have not already revolted against this tyrannical and out of control government. The fact is, we will never revolt against the tyranny which permeates our nation until life-threatening hunger and thirst force the issue. Hollywood, instead of making movies about Zombies should focus on the real zombies and that would be the 90% of the American people who are dead from the neck up. However, Hollywood does get it right with movies such as the Hunger Games, Elysium and World War Z are conditioning the sheep on how life going to be.

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