Do you know how WISD is spending YOUR money?


When it comes to paying property taxes:

  1. Who looks out for your interest?
  2. What percent of your property taxes go to your school district?
  3. What percent of the students in your school district are children of parents who pay property taxes?
  4. Are you satisfied with the manner in which we support our school districts financially?
  5. Do you think there is a more equitable way to support our schools?
  6. Should only property tax payers be allowed to vote on issues having to do solely with the spending of property taxes?

Changing how we financially support schools in Texas is a difficult problem to solve in a fair and balanced way. Until that problem is solved, I believe our best course of action is to stay vigilant! Closely monitor spending habits of our local school administrators.  Hold Board of Trustee members accountable for out of control annual budgets, review check registers for frivolous spending and demand answers from administrators when reckless spending is observed.

Here are some useful links for those who may be interested in how WISD is spending your property tax dollars:

WISD home page –

WISD budgets (past and present) –

WISD check registers –

These and other links may be seen near the bottom of this page under “Parker County Schools”.

Let us know if you observe wasteful spend by any of our school districts. We will shine all the light we possibly can on inappropriate spending of your property taxes!

One response

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Great ideas here Lenny. I will give this more thought.

    We need the same watchdog apparatus on the Commisioners Court, and for those in the city, of your city councils.

    Since “voting the rascals out” rarely works, we need to be observant and shame some out

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