How States Should Prepare for the Collapse of Obamacare, by June 11, 2013 – Obamacare is in a very precarious position. Heritage Foundation health care expert Nina Owcharenko suggests that states prepare ahead of the “likely collapse” of Obamacare.

Even before Obamacare’s full implementation, its vulnerabilities are becoming ever more obvious. Owcharenko explains:

The dismissiveness of the Administration, the lack of confidence in Congress, and the continued lack of public support and understanding of the law itself all add to the unavoidable structural challenges facing the law.

These cracks in the structural foundation of Obamacare contribute to the likelihood of its collapse. And if it does, what will states do?

Implementation issues have already created a series of problems that will continue to snowball in the near future. Americans can expect to see higher taxes, new penalties, and skyrocketing premiums. Furthermore, millions will be displaced from their current coverage, and millions will remain without health insurance.

In order to avoid this, states should act now. Owcharenko suggests states should be ready to act on the inevitable collapse of Obamacare and its full repeal by “advanc[ing] their own patient-centered, market-based solutions that stimulate more affordable coverage, better access, and superior quality and innovation.”

Click here to read Owcharenko’s full list of recommendations.

Do you think states should inoculate themselves against Obamacare’s adverse effects?

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