Who is going to Jail?

from Forbes.com

from Forbes.com

by Frank Williford –

The present administration has become so indifferent to the obligation it has to protect the rights of American citizens the time has come to ask, ask and ask again who is going to jail. It makes no difference if the apparent indifference of this administration is the result of conscious acts or conscious inaction, or if it is the result of ineptitude, it is doing such great harm to the character of this country that it must be taken to task by example. Who is going to jail?

An American veteran was allowed to languish unfairly in a Mexican jail with absolutely no concern shown by the State Department until conservative talk radio and Fox News raised such a ruckus the Mexican Authorities were moved to take the proper action and release him. No thanks to our own government.  Four Americans are murdered in Benghazi, a story well known to most concerned Americans. Yet months later the present administration continues to postpone any coherent explanation of what really happened. We the people do not need a litany of excuses about why no action was taken at the appropriate time to help those under attack. We know four Americans were left to die while our government at the highest levels did absolutely nothing to help them. What we need to know now is who is going to jail? Until the present administration it has been unheard of that Americans under attack are offered no aid by a government with more than adequate resources to offer aid.  Who is going to jail?

American citizens have been subjected by the IRS to harassment and unreasonable delays in conducting their legitimate business. The IRS has been used as a political weapon to obstruct citizens who might disagree with the actions of an arrogant and unscrupulous government. This is wanton disregard, of the highest order, towards the rights of citizens. We the people want to know and know immediately who is going to jail?

The free press has been intimidated and surreptitiously attacked by a government that totally disregards the first amendment rights of a free people. This is beyond the pale. Who is going to jail? The Justice Department actually lied and totally fabricated false information in order to have a Federal Judge issue an order permitting the DOJ to illegally gather personal information from a news reporter. Who is going to jail?

It has now become clear the present administration considers the average citizen expendable if that person should not demonstrate complete agreement or at least subservience to the will of the government. The President has even had the audacity to order the DOJ to investigate itself in this manner. Give me a break! Every concerned citizen should relentlessly ask the question “Who is going to Jail?”

The time is now for the appropriate members of the present administration to go to jail, and if no immediate action is taken to establish innocence or guilt of the involved persons then the ineptitude of all elected national representatives will be exposed for all to see and an aroused populace will demand complete reordering of congress at the next election cycle.

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  1. Frank Williford


    Concerned Americans are all too well aware of the concept that “When the people are afraid of government it is tyranny and when the government is afraid of the people that is liberty.” Government tyranny has progressed to the point the people must make the government afraid of THEM or the final vestages of liberty will be lost in this country. Armed insurrection or anarchy is not the answer. The answer is a relentless press from the people to have all elected officials who betray their oath of office be required to pay a price. A price that out of necessity is tried in a court of law and not merely in the couirt of public opinion. This is the most effective way to have the government fear the people. The thought of actual time in jail is a powerful deterrence when applied to those persons of weak moral values.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Frank………since we will never “vote the rascals out”, what exactly do you see as a way to hold oathbreakers accountable ?

      Specifics would be great. Theories and philosophical high ground will never change things, and you say physical armed revolution is no solution.

      Criminals in Austin spend taxpayer $$ and bury the next generations in mountains of debt, with fealty to CINTRA more than Texas… ( but they all love Jesus). The Congress in DC is ceremonial, but raid the Treasury, and show obedience to Monsanto, Jp morgan and GoldmanSachs.

      Really – what does the average voter-citizen do? In parker county we cannot even vote out a pathetic commissioners court and judge………..or a school board? And what happens? – we vow to ” get ’em next time “…….riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      We are just about “out of TIME” to have corrected things through a ballot box, or a grand jury with indictments. I would love to know some viable alternatives….real “where the rubber meets the road” hands-on options.

      “When more of the people’s sustenance is exacted through the form of taxation than
      is necessary to meet the just obligations of government and expenses of its economical
      administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the
      fundamental principles of a free government.”
      – Grover Cleveland

      “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people,
      or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state
      of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience and are
      left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence.”
      ~ John Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government.

  2. Frank Williford

    I wish I had an easy answer to your question. It is the same question we all have. I agree it is extremely difficult to raise the consciousness of the average voter (or non-voter) to a level of understanding that will cause them to vote for the right reasons. It is especially hard when the administration in power panders to the citizens to keep doing the wrong thing and rewards them for doing so.

    We must find a way for the citizens to put fear back into the heart of government by every legal means available. If we can’t do that then the Republic will out of necessity change to a different form of government, one none of us is likely to enjoy. One in which the citizens will largely become submissive to any government action. At that point it will be impossible to return the status of the country to a rational and moral cultural basis.

    I wish I knew the answer to your question, but if we believe what we say, the only legal pathway open to us is to work within the system to make it better. Much much better. I for one have long ago thrown political correctness out of the window. Tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they will. If they fall on me so be it!

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    We certainly agree that “raising the consciousness” of the average voter, will just never happen. I went to a “breakfast” club meeting and listened to some self-important old fat cretin talk about how she was offended by delegates being “angry” and just not wanting to follow the mannerly country club protocol………and how Ted Cruz delegates hooted down “Mr Quisling” aka Rick Perry at the state convention, as being just tacky and rude. I bet she even refolded her napkin after breakfast – bully for her.

    You folks have NO IDEA how angry some people are, because they are informed to varying degrees, as to how liberty has been stolen, sold, and then thrown in your face with “public-private partnerships”, CDAs’ and other euphemistic terminology for stealing our infrastructure, or as Matt Bracken calls it ” fascism with a smiley face”.

    And we are saddled with the burden that we have no viable recall process nor do we have term limits. But the “usual suspects” show up at RE-election time, talking about Jesus, family, and their CON-servative ratings from some organization formed in a bar on 6th Street in Austin, after hours.

    Top that off with the chicanery of “black box” electronic voting and the documented crimes nationally therein, for 2 decades, and our election process is an amusing charade.

    Kay Granger is a sad pathetic joke, as was Kay baby cheerleader, and as is Cornyn – pathetic rubber stamps for their corporate sponsors and RNC globalist masters. Perry & Dewhurst are goose-stepping the party line, and next level down, we have Craig Estes and King huckstering our infrastructure to 3Ps, and acting dumb when questioned about anything meaningful. Cruz is getting a tentative pass up to this point. I wont even comment on our commissioners court, school board etc – just look at the bottom line. Dusty Renfro may be the only commissioner that truly represents the people.

    I only hope that when inevitable disaster strikes the normalcy bias in middle class America, they may then, finally respond with some anger, and menaingful corrections.

    even if they dont refold their napkin after a meal.

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