Weatherford’s “gang of 8”

weatherford-high-school-11From WIKIPEDIA – Trustees are generally held to a “prudent person” standard in regard to meeting their fiduciary responsibilities, though investment, legal, and other professionals can be held to a higher standard commensurate with their higher expertise.

QUESTION – Whose interest should a “prudent person” on the WISD Board of Trustees be protecting, the tax payers or the superintendent?

The US Senate has its “gang of 8” made up of cronies from both major political parties. In Weatherford we now have our own “gang of 8” – otherwise known as the WISD Board of Trustees that is made up of seven Board of Trustee members and the Superintendent.

Was there not even one prudent person on the Board of Trustees who had the courage to oppose the bloated bond proposal?

It seems that reckless spending is not confined to the DC beltway. We have our own gang of 8 who practice their own cronyism right here at home.

Don’t know about you, but I intend to vote for new leadership on the WISD Board of Trustees! Why should we expect spending habits to change if we cannot find the strength and the resolve to clean house on the Board of Trustees?
I’m not suggesting that the current members of the board are incompetent, but I do believe the incestuous relationship between the Superintendent and the WISD Board of Trustee members has contaminated the system of checks and balance that is necessary to ensure decisions are routinely made that a “prudent person” would make.

I believe the choice is clear; tolerate reckless spending by the ‘good ole boy’ gang of 8, or replace them with independent thinking prudent trustees whose focus is on achieving excellence in EDUCATION while demanding reasonable spending with strict accountibility.

I believe a good way to start the reformation of a broken trustee system is by electing Dr. Joshua Tarbay and Philip Newkirk to the WISD Board of Trustees.

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  1. Do you personally even know one single individual that serves on the board? I myself know one very well, and they are, without a doubt, one of the most financially prudent individuals I know. I seriously doubt you ever stopped to think for a moment that perhaps the reason none of them voted against this bond proposal is because it is actually a well thought out idea that had the support of numerous community and business leaders. I am also completely exhausted by all the personal attacks against our Superintendent. Have you even taken the time to go and talk to him about this bond proposal? Or put in one ounce of effort to understand what the long term vision is for WISD? No, I didn’t think so. Instead, you stick to the same tired argument of “too much taxes”, “crony capitalism” and “good ole boy network” to justify your uninspiring “vote no” campaign, which consists of about 30 people who have nothing better to do than put up signs and post misleading information about the district. Maybe those labels apply in D.C., but not in Weatherford, and certainly not with this board or this superintendent. I cast my vote on Monday and said YES to my children’s future. I have no doubt the majority of other responsible citizens will do the same.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Jeff – if you were truly concerned about ” your childrens future “,, you would not want to burden them with yet another oppressive debt obligation. And for a lot of “window dressing” instead of substantive improvements to the 3 Rs.

      And it is rather nervy of you to accuse Lenny of using “tired arguments”, when you default to the cheapest of all cliches – the old ” for the children… childrens future ” drivel.

      “The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding,
      is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” –Thomas Jefferson

      “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” Albert Camus

      1. Who are you? All I ever see from you on this website is strange quotes that have nothing to do with this bond. Obviously, you are one that prefers to keep a dollar in your pocket, rather than invest in educating the next generation. If you were concerned about anyones future other than your own, you would realize that this bond addresses serious needs that need to be addressed immediately. I seriously doubt you have any kids in the school system either. The “my childrens future” argument actually applies in my case, and I certainly don’t mind paying an extra $300 per year to give them what they need.

        The only “tired argument” I see is the one you make about oppressive debt. Our federal government is the one with oppressive debt, not our local school system, who is simply trying to keep up with the county’s population growth at a time when per pupil funding from the state is at the lowest level in years.

      2. Bluto you and I helped raise these guys, we allowed this thought process at home and took away personal responsiblity from their vocabulary. The generation that you are talking to here is the one who can no longer decipher the difference between need and want, not once have I seen a better gynasium or football field or any of the facility improvements increase the ability of child to learn.There are many nice things to be had for the parents, in most cases the kids don’t really care, again I will say that it is the parents responsibility to instill the desire to learn and accomplish, And if it makes them feel better to send them off to a nice pretty building then they will have a harder time blaming it on someone else that Johnny didn’t make it. There are many ways to increase education quality without increasing the budget, but as always that starts at home.

      3. You didn’t raise me, and you certainly didn’t take away personal responsibility from my vocabulary. Maybe you failed at instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in your kids, but my parents were successful at both. Furthermore, it’s obvious your definition of need vs. want is different than mine. However, I have an up close view of what the needs are for this district, whereas you make assumptions from a distance and pass them off as fact. You know why buildings make a difference? For one, they allow classroom instruction to actually happen in a CLASSROOM. Two, they provide settings for any number of extracurricular activities to take place. Three, they help keep classroom size at a manageable level, thereby allowing teachers to have more one on one time with students. To say kids don’t really care is to assume you know how kids think and behave today. They certainly do care, which would be easy to ascertain if you just asked them. Yes, there are many ways to improve education without increasing the budget. Just not in this case. Each generation is going to be different than the previous one, however, I do feel it is up to my wife and I to ensure our kids understand the importance of responsibility and accountability, so that these principles become their foundation as adults. I’m sure many of the folks who frequent this website are TEA party members, which by definition means “not another dime out of my pocket”. I’m taxed enough as well, just not when it comes to something as important as educating the next generation.

  2. talk about entitlement mentality, where does this come from? there is an obligation to provide basic education. An education that can be built on by those who have the desire, our greatest advances in America have come from the desire to progress by individuals and that progress was not always from the most educated by the public but by self education andthe desire to push knowledge forward. My next statement is not meant to incense but to question the understanding of parents, what makes you think that little susie or johnny is capable of more? do you really believe that what they do not pursue is someone elses fault? Do you really believe that money and facilities can and will make a difference, it never did at my school those that came to learn did those that came to play did as well.

    1. What are you talking about entitlement mentality? Nothing in my post implies entitlement. I have never assumed I deserve something or that I am owed something. All that I have achieved in life was due in large part to hard work, along with the support of many different people, namely my family and the long list of educators I had over a 16 year period of time. I think that settling for “basic” education is a recipe for disaster. What ever happened to setting high standards and goals and challenging the students to achieve something they believed was impossible. You are exactly the type of person I would not want as a teacher. You would assume every class has those that are going to be successful, and those that will fail, and no matter what amount of effort you put into helping the bottom half, they are simply a lost cause. Of course, there are always going kids who make bad decisions and fall by the wayside. However, I think one of the main responsibilities of a teacher is to assume every kid is capable of something more. Have the attitude that I will try to find a solution for every kids situation. This is what makes teaching such a difficult job. They have to deal with kids, who don’t always make the best of decisions. There’s probably not enough room here to list all the bad decisions we made as kids. Do I think that money and facilities make a difference? Absolutely I do, up to a certain point. This bond addresses real needs, both now and in the future, which is why I voted YES.

  3. Well Jeff I believe that the quest for knowledge and the desire for such begins at home. As I’m sure you have noticed since you are so closely associated with teaching and education, that I also stated that those who want to do good in school will and those who don’t will do poorly. Also I stated that ,maybe not clearly, the parents are the first line of education, that doesn’t mean they have to be educated only that they understand and demand that educ. is important. Another incense coming? the teachers spend 80% of there time with those who cannot or will not, and after that they lower the standards so the 80% don’t get their feelings hurt. O by the way I didn’t say you didn’t work, nor did I say that you were not smart all I said was what entitles children to more than is required for basic education if the desire and need is in them they will excel at whatever they choose to do, be it productive for society or not.

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