Is WISD Administrative Oversight An Issue?


From, 04/22/13 –

Administrative oversight is a must for any organization to run efficiently. A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) brings to light some very troubling inadequacies in the Weatherford Independent School District administration’s record keeping. According to the document provided in response to the FOIA request, WISD does not keep documentation on administrative expenditures or Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees approved maintenance bonds.

These types of documents are essential for any true reporting and auditing of a private or public entity. To not have documents that reflect expenditures of administration and particular information on maintenance bonds, is not only disorganized, but highly suspect for a taxpaying body such as the WISD. They state in the FOIA, “Please be advised that the District does not have documents responsive to request numbers 2 (administrative expenses), 11 (information on WISD maintenance bonds for 2007-2013), and 12 (all Civics classes offered throughout the School District).

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The WISD administration would like us to believe that they do not maintain records of what their administrators expend nor do they have any information regarding maintenance bonds that DO NOT HAVE TO BE VOTED ON BY THE PUBLIC. These maintenance bonds can incur millions of dollars in debt and only have to be approved by, in this case, the Weatherford Independent School District Board of Trustees. Not to mention that they do not have documents responsive to all Civics classes being offered throughout the school district. Do they not teach Civics anymore?

We find it very hard to believe that neither administrative expense reports nor maintenance bond data is kept by the District. It is evident by viewing any financial report provided on the WISD website that maintenance bond debt is recorded and maintained. In addition, we can see by the document WISD Credit Card Transactions available in our downloads section that administrators do expend taxpayer money. Therefore, why does the WISD administration not provide these documents that should be freely available to the public through any Freedom of Information Act request? Would it not be better for them to simply say we will not provide you these documents rather than we do not have them?

It is obvious by the lack of cooperation from the district that administrative oversight is either lacking or they do not want to provide this documentation for other reasons. It is legal and a citizen’s right to request this documentation and be provided these two particular items. These types of issues must be addressed before any more money should be handed over to the WISD in the form of bonds.

Demand accountability of administrative oversight and conservative money management.

Vote NO and AGAINST the proposed WISD bond on May 11.

Early voting is April 29 – May 7. Election date is May 11. For polling places near you, click here to view our polling places page.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Why would the Board or the Administration not want transparency on all their transactions??? Financial or otherwise???

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