….a plan that would actually make a difference in the education of children

VOTE NO! FOR THE $107,320,000.00 WISD BOND!

VOTE YES! Joshua Tarbay & Philip Newkirk for WISD Board of Trustees!

After posting “Why VOTE NO on the WISD BOND”, I received the following response:
I deleted his/her name for the obvious reasons and added all emphases. – Dawn King, Parker County TEA Party


“As a teacher in the district, I feel that the focus of the bond is all in the wrong areas.
Don’t get me wrong, I think that 9th grade should move to the high school , and that 5th/ 6th grades shouldn’t be on the same campus as the much younger children.

But all the other things are ridiculous. They are upgrading the barns and ag dept. So the pigs and cows have a better facility, yet no change for student / teacher ratio. We will still cram 25-30 kids in a classroom with less staff and higher expectations, who is being treated like cattle? That’s right…the kids. Teachers are told that “how successful a child is in 2nd grade ultimately determines high school and graduation success”. The early years are the foundation!!! But all of the $$$ is going mainly to athletics, buildings, and not much else.

The elementaries will get better WiFi, air conditioning, a smart board, but there is no real definition for exactly what the kids will get. We need computers , ipads, books, science and math supplies, more teachers, labs, smaller class sizes, safer entrances (not just key codes) , etc…

This bond needs to be restructured and divided into separate sections. I think that there is a misconception that class sizes will be smaller, and I specifically asked that question at the meeting. The answer was, “There are not enough funds for that, we will continue to write wavers”.

Dr. Jeffrey Hanks, WISD Superintendent

Dr. Jeffrey Hanks, WISD Superintendent

Also, all of the wonderful technical and career classes that the highschool would have are already courses currently offered! He is making it sound like these are all new. He just wants big bucks facilities.

Anyway that is my soap box. I just spend 12 hours a day at school and continue to work when I get home like most of my coworkers.

I would like to see a plan that would actually make a difference in the education of children!”

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  1. Perhaps you need to research the barns / Agriculture expenditures a bit closer but otherwise I agree with your assessment and will be voting against this Bond.

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