Parker-Weatherford voters have the usual case of “normalcy bias”

By Senator Blutarsky

Ref: Frank Williford’s post – Taxpayers will not be on the hook for ONLY 107 million –

Weatherford-High-School-1Frank – excellent analysis. I concur. But Parker-Weatherford voters have the usual case of “normalcy bias”. They refuse to think that things – society, finance, life in general – might be anything but normal, with an occasional thundercloud, but “normal”. So they set themselves up to be deceived by  (take your pick- the school board, city council, county commissioners court, State Rep or Senator), who advocate unscrupulous spending and financing schemes.

This boondoggle in particular is being peddled with the usual sad, weak emotional appeal of ” its for the children “………….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight………. The same “children” who might grow up and inherit a colossal , oppressive debt ?

This is a time of worldwide economic problems of immense magnitude. And the only solution our “owners”, the privately-held Federal Reserve system offer, is to print more and more and more useless currency.

That is not “wealth”. Bond market ? Maybe if the school board and a few voters want to read about the looming disaster in the bond market, they would cancel this vote and tighten the hatches.

Bond Market Collapse is Imminent – Market Force Analysis resources/ Published-Articles/ Bond-Market-Collapse-is-Imminent.pdf

A Bond Market Collapse Is Imminent As Junk-bond ETF Short … a-bond-market-collapse-is-imminent-as-junk-bond-etf-short-interest-so ars-and-mutual-fund-giants-began-turning-down-people-hoping-to-invest -in-funds-that-buy-junk-bonds/

How to Survive the Mother of All Bubble Burstings: A Collapse of the … insider/ 81288/ how-survive-mother-all-bubble-burstings-collapse-bond-market

We are on the brink of a bond market collapse – MoneyWeek investments/ bonds/ on-the-brink-of-a-bond-collapse-62706

“The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects,  forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys.” –Thomas Jefferson

Note to WISD – have a bake sale, a car wash, have the kids panhandling on the street corners and storefronts for donations – NO NEW TAXES – not ONE CENT.

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  1. Senator Blutarsky- I agree a tax increase in any form would have a significant impact on our local economy. Here’s my thoughts I posted on facebook earlier on the matter…

    “Attention City of Weatherford Voters: There is a $107.32 million bond on the May 2,2013 ballot for you to approve or disapprove. I agree that there is a need to look at overcrowding, safety, and security. However, there are questions that need to be asked before rushing to approve a bond package that will effect your pocket book and the pocket book of buiness property owners in Weatherford. One question that comes to mind when I read the article is Superintendent Hanks mentions, “68 percent of the money would be used to address safety, security, and capacity issues”, but it fails to mention how the other 32 percent of the money [$34.3 million] would be used. Another question that comes to mind that is not mentioned in the article is what impact the tax increase would have on business property owners. It is being painted as only a $15 per month increase for the average homeowner in Weatherford. That sounds minimal until you peel back the onion and really look at how it impacts the Weatherford economy. How about all those business property owners in Weatherford or those who own real estate in Weatherford? A tax increase like this could be the determining factor on whether they contiue operating their businesses in Weatherford. This also has a ripple effect on the real estate market in Weatherford both for those who own real estate property and those who are real estate brokers. These type of business owners represent a large piece of the tax pie in Weatherford. If we lose them then who makes up the difference for the lost tax revenue? The answer is we the homeowners do. My recommendation would be we focus on paying for safety and security needs out of the current budget and we forgo approving the $107.32 million bond package until economic conditions improve” – (Eric Matthews, Facebook, 2013)

    I think we need to step back and take a deep breath here before asking the tax payer to pony up to the bar with some more of his/her hard earned dollars.

  2. Correct Mr. Matthews, the district could pay for safety and security with existing funds, See general fund ballance in most recent audit. However, it would not allow for the grandiose plan to build a 78,000 sq ft complex at the high school. While looking at the most current district audit, patrons should note the expenditures for past bonded expenditures and what it cost the district per year, an excess of $7 million. I do not yet know what the other 32% would be used for buy I intend to find out. Want to see where your taxes are spent? See the Superintendent’s budget and expenditures for the past year. Also see what school leadership costs and compare it to teaching staff. I am very familiar with school audits and what patrons do not see and what board members do not understand. For all our sakes folks do not vote for another bond issue. Hold your leaders accountable for the job they do or do not do.

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