U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: Dead on arrival

Ted_CruzFrom TribLive.com, By Tribune-Review, 04/03/13 (Updated  11  hours ago) – Contemptible as it is convoluted, the  Arms Trade Treaty that sailed through the United Nations on Tuesday — and with  considerable U.S. support — deserves swift rejection by the U.S. Senate as a fitting rebuke to the Obama administration for foisting this nonsense on the American people.

Hailed by naive supporters and gun-grabbers alike, the treaty is supposed to stem the flow of conventional weapons to terrorists and other thugs. How?

By guilting the world’s bad actors who supply the weapons into abiding by the treaty’s stipulations. The treaty itself has no enforcement mechanism, The New York Times reports.

John_KerryWhy would the U.S. be a party to this “historic” U.N. “accomplishment” when, in fact, America already employs some of  the toughest policies on the export of arms? As Heritage Foundation security policy expert Ted Bromund points out, “Negotiating treaties that the other side won’t respect is a fool’s errand. Unfortunately, we’re continuing to play the fool.”

You see, the U.S. didn’t simply support the  treaty. Team Obama was “hugely constructive” in shoving the pact through Turtle Bay, according to a U.N. official. This, after the Obama re-election machine last year beat a hasty retreat from the treaty’s negotiations.

Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms  has been tortured enough by “gun-control” lawmakers and their half-cocked assumptions. Now the Senate is supposed to ratify a treaty that would defer to the unaccountable arrogance of the United Nations? Absolutely not!

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    This may be of interest also-

    Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), the same congressman that blasted Barack Obama back in February for using fake Twitter message to fight gun control, announced in a press release that he will automatically kill the Senate Democrats sweeping new anti-gun bill using a House “blue slip.” This comes as three senators band together to filibuster the legislation.

    So what is this “blue slip” you ask? According to the press release:

    Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/rep-steve-stockman-moves-to-kill-senate-gun-ban-in-house/#ixzz2PWgLsFR9

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