Tarbay Announces Candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 5

Candidate Press Release for Immediate Publication

Joshua_TarbayDr. Joshua Tarbay Announces his Candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 5

My name is Dr. Joshua J. Tarbay and it is with great pleasure, that I announce my candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustees Place 5.

A little about me:

  • Loving husband and father of 2 WISD sweethearts
  • Volunteer coach of my daughter’s soccer team
  • Volunteer as a “Watchdog” at Mary Martin Elementary
  • Active member of St. Stephens church
  • Earned Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Chairman of the Health and Physical Education Department at Tarrant County College NW campus

As the chair of my department, I have the opportunity to understand the educational experience on many different levels. I oversee and manage our budget, supervise full-time faculty members and adjunct instructors, not to mention the courses I currently teach. Education is my life!

I am immersed daily in education-related discussions. How we deal with enrollments or what creative ways we can come up with to improve student success. How do we balance the needs of the community, with the direct needs of the students? How will the decisions in Austin affect our budget, maintenance requirements, textbook costs, student fees, and technological upgrades?

There are currently no WISD board members with an underlying expertise in education. I believe school boards need to be a cross section of the community, compiled of business men and woman, parents, community leaders, volunteers, financial stake holders and informed citizens. We need someone with a thorough understanding of the educational process and can recognize issues that affect teachers, staff, administration and the community.

I debate and discuss these topics each and every day. I listen to teachers who question C-SCOPE, I would have questioned it myself. The way C-SCOPE time’s and script’s our teachers is an embarrassment! Not to mention the anti-American sentiment running through it.

Lastly, I feel it is important to state that although I am a father of two, coach of many, and a school teacher to all…I am NOT in favor of the size, the scope, nor the “All or Nothing” strategy being used to pass the proposed WISD 2013 Bond. “You can only go to the well, so many times”. Bonds are for Emergencies, and in a couple years…we may be faced with REAL capacity issues and may need to ask for another building…or even more? But if this bond passes…that’s it! THAT’S IT! Tax payers, no matter how much they want to support schools, just cannot afford to pass another one every couple of years. Is THIS the bond we want…is this WHEN we want it?

I believe I can provide an educational understanding and level of expertise that would be more than welcome on the WISD School Board. It is with pleasure that I announce my candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 5.


*** Please Vote: Sat. May 11th 7am – 7pm @ Courthouse Annex ***

Joshua J. Tarbay, Ed.D.

Candidate for Weatherford School Board of Trustee’s Place 5

2 responses

  1. This is great! Time for new blood!

  2. Thank you Janelle, we need more dedicated community members, such as yourself, stepping up and supporting the “right” candidate, rather than the “usual” candidate.

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