Transportation secretary: Americans want to ‘get out of their cars’

Ray LaHood

Ray LaHood

From The Daily Caller, by Nicholas Ballasy, 03/12/13 – WASHINGTON – Making a case for high-speed rail in America, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said Americans want to “get off the 95 corridor,” “get out of their cars” and use a more “convenient” form of transportation.

“Ridership is at an all-time high on Amtrak on the northeast corridor. Amtrak  is making money on the northeast corridor. Why? Because the people are ahead of the politicians  on this,” LaHood told the American Public Transportation Association’s  legislative conference on Monday.

“People want to get off the 95 coordinator, get out of their cars [and] have  a convenient way to travel. This is where America is moving, and in every budget  proposal the president has put forth, he’s included high-speed rail. We will not  be dissuaded by detractors.”

LaHood, who has announced his retirement, said he visited eighteen countries “looking at high-speed rail only” in his “first two years” as transportation secretary.

“High-speed rail is coming to America, and it’s coming because of the  president’s investment,” said LaHood.

“It’s going to happen. There’s no stopping it.”

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3 responses

  1. Everyone in Parker County needs to be aware that there is a luncheon being put on by Judge Mark Riley on April 5th to address expanding a commuter rail into Parker County…with money from the NCTCOG. We need to show up in force and let him know in no way do we want a commuter rail service that no one will ride and that will end up being subsidized by our sales tax, like in Dallas and Ft. Worth.

    1. Damon Stedifor

      Folks, if we don’t fight this tooth and nail, they WILL shove it down our throats AND make us pay for it! I offer as evidence the words of LaHood-lum.

      1. Senator_Blutarsky

        Correct, Damon

        Parker County should also withdraw, entirely, from NCTCOG – another extra-governmental policy body, out of the reach of the voting public !

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