Looks like Florida has a Sheriff like Arizona has….

Polk County Florida Sheriff – “You kill a policeman – it means no arrest…no Miranda rights… no negotiations… nothing but as many bullets as we can shoot into you… PERIOD.”

Sheriff Grady Judd

Sheriff Grady Judd


An illegal alien, in Polk County , Florida , who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop, ended up “executing” the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state-wide manhunt ensued.

The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area. As soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him. They hit the guy 68 times.

Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor, undocumented immigrant 68 times.

Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: “Because that’s all the ammunition we had.”
Now, is that just about the all-time greatest answer or what!

The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes. When asked by a reporter how that could be, since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied: (BEST QUOTE ever) . . . “When you are shot 68 times you are naturally gonna die.”

I received this unconfirmed report from a retired County Sheriff in Washington – name witheld.

Sheriff Grady Judd would fit right in here in Texas… don’t you agree?

Lenny Leatherman

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    I see some issues here.

    1. “You kill a policeman – it means no arrest…no Miranda rights… no negotiations… nothing but as many bullets as we can shoot into you… PERIOD.”

    Okay sheriff…………how about when a kid is killed ?…………..or granny in her back yard ?…………or the homeless guy walking down the street ? I was raised to believe that this country had ” EQUAL PROTECTION ” under the law . Are cops more special than us mundanes and civilians?

    So does your statement mean that retribution allows you to set aside all rules, because the victim was a ” law enforcement ” officer ?

    2. “it means no arrest…no Miranda rights… no negotiations” – when we allow cops to become JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER we are really on a slippery slope.

    I believe all sworn officers take and affirm to an oath – something like ” to support and defend the Constitution…..” . Such as the entire Bill of Rights. Maybe the sheriff needs to go back to school on those troublesome stumbling blocks, which he swore to uphold…?

    3. No extra charge here – only 68 rounds of ammo by a SWAT team? You know that part of the story is bogus !

    I prefer Judd stay in Florida , and hire everyone in Texas that has that same mentality! ….I am afraid he WOULD fit in here.

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    SWAT team hitting a guy 60-something times……………now I remember !

    “For anyone not familiar with the horrific story of Jose Guerena, the former US Marine gunned down by the Pima County SWAT Team, here is a brief recap.

    Jose Guerena is a a decorated US Marine. He served two tours in Iraq and faced all kinds of dangers during both tours. After leaving the Marine Corps he got a job at a local mine near Tucson to support his wife and young family.

    Pima County SWAT raided his home for reasons that are still unclear.

    They were making a forced entry into his home to search for drugs, they claim. Why, nobody seems to be willing to say. The warrant the SWAT team was operating with was sealed by a judge, and was finally released to the public on June 2nd, 2011. It would seem a confidential informant gave police false and/or misleading information that was the basis for their botched drug raid.

    Jose Guerena, as I said, is a decorated Marine. He’s well trained. When his wife woke him up at 9:30am after he’d only just gotten to bed after his 12-hour shift at the ASARCO Mission mine, he was obviously tired.

    But fearing for the safety of his family, he did what any trained Marine would do. He grabbed his rifle and placed himself directly in Harms Way… between the perceived threat and his family.

    Just like any trained ex-military man would do.

    Pima County SWAT broke his door open and opened fire immediately, riddling Guerena with over 60 bullets.

    It comes as no shock that the SWAT team claimed Jose fired first and that their killing of him was justified. Unfortunately, and as happens far too often in cases like this, the SWAT version doesn’t hold up. They lied. Jose did NOT fire first. The safety of Jose’s firearm was ON after he was killed.

    That forced them to reveal that one of the SWAT team negligently discharged his weapon, leading other members to open fire in the mistake belief that Jose Guerena had fired on them.

    In what has become disgusting normal practice, the police refused to allow paramedics to attend to Jose until they could “secure the area”, whatever that means. They’d already murdered the only man outside of themselves with a firearm. Jose was still alive after the shooting. His wife begged police to get him to the hospital, but it was 1 hour and 14 minutes later that they finally allowed paramedics inside. In that time Jose Guerena had died, alone… murdered in his own home.

    Read the complete article at: http://christopherdiarmani.com/2465/common-sense/negligent-discharges/jose-guerena-murdered-by-pima-county-swat-team-honoured-by-oath-keepers-on-memorial-day/

  3. Senator_Blutarsky

    Or another former Marine Derrick Hale –

    Hale, a retired Marine Sergeant who served two tours in Iraq and was decorated before his combat-related medical discharge in January 2006, was murdered by a heavily armed 8—12-member undercover police team in Wilmington, Delaware last November 6. He had come to Wilmington from his home in Manassas, Virginia to participate in a Toys for Tots event.

    In addition to his honorable military service (albeit in a consummately dishonorable war), Derek’s personal background was antiseptically clean. He had a concealed carry permit in Virginia, which would not have been issued to him if he’d been convicted of a felony, a narcotics or domestic violence charge, or had any record of substance abuse or mental illness.

    The police vehicles screeched to a halt in front of the house shortly after 4:00 p.m. They ordered Lopez and her children away from Derek — who, predictably, had risen to his feet by this time — and then ordered him to remove his hands from his the pockets of his sweatshirt.

    Less than a second later — according to several eyewitnesses at the scene — Derek was hit with a taser blast that knocked him sideways and sent him into convulsions. His right hand involuntarily shot out of its pocket, clenching spasmodically.

    “Not in front of the kids,” Derek gasped, as he tried to force his body to cooperate. “Get the kids out of here.”

    The officers continued to order Derek to put up his hands; he was physically unable to comply.

    So they tased him again. This time he was driven to his side and vomited into a nearby flower bed.

    Howard Mixon, a contractor who had been working nearby, couldn’t abide the spectacle.

    “That’s not necessary!” he bellowed at the assailants. “That’s overkill! That’s overkill!”

    At this point, one of the heroes in blue (or, in this case, black) swaggered over to Mixon and snarled, “I’ll f*****g show you overkill!” Having heroically shut up an unarmed civilian, the officer turned his attention back to Derek — who was being tased yet again.

    “I’m trying to get my hands out,” Derek exclaimed, desperately trying to make his tortured and traumatized body obey his will. Horrified, his friend Sandra screamed at the officers: “He is trying to get his hands out, he cannot get his hands out!”

    Having established that Derek — an innocent man who had survived two tours of duty in Iraq — was defenseless, one of Wilmington’s Finest closed in for the kill.

    Lt. William Brown of the Wilmington Police Department, who was close enough to seize and handcuff the helpless victim, instead shot him in the chest at point-blank range, tearing apart his vitals with three .40-caliber rounds. He did this after Derek had said, repeatedly and explicitly, that he was trying to cooperate. He did this despite the fact that witnesses on the scene had confirmed that Derek was trying to cooperate. He did this in front of a traumatized mother and two horrified children.

    Why was this done?


    Cops, deputies and especially ” SWAT ” teams , seem to love to play Judge Jury & Executioner

  4. My son is in south county jail in Bartow,Fla. for larceny. My greatest fear comes from the inhumane way people are treated there. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Lawbreakers yes, but still human beings. Clean up your own corruption first. Polk county ,Fla. is not an island unto itself. Let the punishment fit the crime. I have never heard of such disgusting behavior from law enforcement officials. Being denied the right to talk to his attorney or to the sheriff because he could possibly blow the lid off of the proverbial can of corrupt worms is unconstitutional. So they try to keep him quiet, but he has, shall we say, enlightened me about certain things. Lets hope for their sake that nothing happens to my son. Oh yes, did i forget to mention that he hasn,t even gone before the judge yet?

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