Addressing Our Water Needs


Addressing Our Water Needs

Texas faces its third year of a drought and our reservoirs are only 65 percent full, the lowest levels since 1990.  The need for water is one of the highest concerns of the Legislature as our state is on track to experience the second worst drought on record.  To illustrate the problem, Texas’s population is projected to jump from 25 million to 46 million by 2060. Within that time water supplies are estimated to decline while the needs of our residential, industrial, and agricultural communities substantially increase.

That is why last week I signed on as a Joint Author to HB 11, which will fund our state water plan by withdrawing $2 billion from the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund (reserve fund). This bold legislation, lead authored by Representative Ritter of Nederland, will establish a permanent fund to assist regional entities in funding water projects, including both water infrastructure and reservoirs.  Properly structured and managed, its affect can be far reaching.

This investment is large even by Texas standards.  But it pales when compared to the $7.62 billion lost to the Texas economy from the 2011 drought alone.  For Texas to maintain a strong economy that will create jobs and economic opportunity, we must aggressively address our water needs.  This is a very serious problem and must be given thoughtful consideration, debate, and input.  Please let me know your thoughts and counsel at or on Facebook at

State Representative Phil King serves Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.  

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3 responses

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    I will look forward to reading and analyzing the entire bill.

    You told us how dire the need for road upgrades were a few years back, and ended up selling the taxpayers out to a private foreign-owned corporation, Cintra , with the “toll road ” schemes cooked up in Austin.

    When I hear “politicians” telling me how urgent or dire a problem is, I suspect a raid on the public treasury and usually to the personal benefit of a few individuals. So, King, your track record warrants special scrutiny on this issue.

    “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”
    Albert Camus

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    So………..we put 2 billion in the hands of the ” Texas Water Development Board ” – who just happen to be 6 APPOINTED gents, with no direct accountability to the taxpayers and voters.

    How quickly can you say PPP & CDA coming right down our throats ? This is much the same formula the Texas Legislature (including mssrs King & Estes), used to give us the TOLL ROAD schemes.

    Here is just one instance, by Michelle Malkin, exposing Perry & the PPP boondoggles Texas has gotten so cozy with – good read –

    or Tom Deweese destroying the “public private partnership ” scam so loved by phony “conservatives”like King, Estes, Perry, Dewhurst and the entire disingenuous bunch of hucksters in Austin –

    snip- (go read it all)

    Public/Private Partnerships = Government-Sanctioned Monopolies

    It is little understood by the general public how public/private partnerships can be used, not as a way to diminish the size of government, but in fact, to increase government’s power.

    That’s because no one ever comes forward and tells the general public the entire plan for something as vast as the Security and Prosperity Partnership. No one ever calls for a debate or a vote to implement the plan with public approval.

    Instead, it’s done incrementally, a piece at a time, in an easy to disguise program here – a suggestion there. There are few debates or discussions. Even elected officials rarely know the true agenda they are helping to put in place.

    Slowly, the whole comes together. By the time people realize the truth, it’s already in place. Policy is set.

    And Public/Private Partnerships are becoming the fastest growing process to impose such policy. State legislatures across the nation are passing legislation, which calls for the implementation of PPPs.

    Beware. These bonds between government and private international corporations are a double-edged sword. They come armed with government’s power to tax, the government’s power to enforce policy and the government’s power to enforce eminent domain.

    King – you are either a liar or a fool – which is it ?

  3. Senator…you can be blunt. That is fine with me, as we have so much mendacity in Austin.

    The financing schemes promoted from the globalists is to INCREASE government, not reduce it. King stands guilty as charged. He is a typical big government republican, who attended the Gingrich charm school and indoctrination training, unless I am confusing him with another RINO.

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