Americans for Prosperity to consider getting involved in GOP primaries

alex pappas-2Marco Rubio-2The DailyCaller, by Alex Pappas, 02/06/13 – WASHINGTON — As they begin planning for future campaigns, Americans for  Prosperity is considering getting involved in Republican nominating  contests.

In a wide-ranging interview at The Daily Caller’s newsroom in Washington, Tim  Phillips, the conservative grassroots organization’s president, admitted that  the pro-free market group will consider picking favorites in certain primary  contests in 2014 and 2016.

In the past, they have not gotten involved in GOP primaries, though they’ve  spent millions on issue advocacy, for example.

“Everything is on the table for us in ‘14 and ’16,” he said. “We are looking  at it.”

He said they would consider doing express advocacy in nominating contests for  congressional and senate races in 2014 and might even play in the presidential  nominating contest in 2016.

But conservative candidates wanting the organization’s support should not  start calling Phillips yet.

“I prefer not to do it,” he said, explaining that not doing express advocacy  lets the organization be “one step moved from the political process,” which can  be helpful.

As for the organization’s willingness to change if necessary, Phillips said: “I’m not speaking of issues, I’m speaking of the tactical approach you take and  the strategic approach you take.”

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